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A portentous day

Late in the day, but on this day in ancient history: 72 A.D. — martyrdom of Bartholomew at Albanopolis 79 A.D. — Vesuvius erupts, burying Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabiae 410 A.D. — Alaric sacks Rome Quite a portentous day, isn’t … Read More

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What Rome’s CDW says about altar boys, girl altar boys, and lay service at the altar in general

I have been getting some… interesting, I think could be the word … email since I posted my praise and defense of Fr. Lankeit, Rector of the Cathedral in Phoenix where the excellent Bp. Olmsted presides. For those of you … Read More

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Antonio Gramsci, the destruction of Catholic identity, and you.

At the Catholic Thing there is a must read article by George Marlin about the uber-anti-Catholic and founder of Italian Communism, the brilliant but twisted Antonio Gramsci. Understanding Gramsci and the Italian version of Communism is verrrrrry important for faithful … Read More

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Can you spell CYLON? NASA wakes up Robonaut 2!

For your Just TOO Cool! file, comes thos from CBC and NASA. Robot astronaut wakes up in space NASA’s humanoid robot has finally awoken in space. Ground controllers turned Robonaut 2 on Monday for the first time since it was … Read More

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More on the decision about altar boys at the Cathedral in Phoenix

In the diocesan newpaper of Phoenix, The Catholic Sun, there is a follow up article about the decision of the rector of the cathedral to have only altar boys serving.  Read here and here for more. You can read it … Read More

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On the light side

In another entry the question was raised about how many wymyn’s ordination groups it takes to change a light bulb.   The flip side could be this. How many religious and diocesan priests does it take to change a fuse? From … Read More

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More reactions to the East Coast Earthquake

Under another entry some people have shared their experiences of the East Coast Earthquake yesterday.  Another set of reactions is provided by the website of the National Zoo, here. I especially liked these: About three seconds before the quake, Mandara … Read More

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In my pursuit of fraternal charity, I may now have a new prayer in my arsenal.

A priest friend, Fr. GR, sent my the link to this story in The Guardian, which I had to share. Tuscan friars ask God to deliver diarrhoea for basilica bible thief Franciscans of San Salvatore al Monte pin up prayer … Read More

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The cost of WYD

In Spain, before and during the World Youth Day gathering in Madrid, the secularist critics and enemies of God and His Church and – by most accounts- good taste, claimed that the cost of WYD was extravagant and wasteful and … Read More

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The Extent of Fraternal Charity

From my reading, my daily portion, after Mass today: If charity were based on our neighbor’s qualities, on his merits or his worth, if it were based on the consolation and benefits we receive from him, it would be impossible … Read More

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St. Bartholomew, Apostle and a menu suggestion

I have an affection for today’s saint not only for the way in which he died (a way of being treated familiar to many priests of more traditional leaning) but also because my first ecclesiastical office was as rector of … Read More

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