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Today a jocular friend texted me to suggest that perhaps Pope Benedict’s appointment of Archbp. O’Brien as Pro-Grand Master of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem – admittedly younger and with obviously greater military credentials than the … Read More

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Name day lunch

Xiao long bao… because they are the best I have had in the USA. And some spicy shrimp in garlic sauce… because they’ve had their heads hacked off. I hate platitude cookies. I expect a fortune. I detest, even more, … Read More

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Remember the ghastly statue of Bl. John Paul II?

You remember I am sure the horrid statue of John Paul II in front of the Roman main train station. This just in. Controversial John Paul statue looks set for makeover Artist ready to make some alterations 29 August, 16:02 … Read More

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QUAERITUR: plastic “catch” sheet on the altar

From a reader: Is it permissible to put a sheet of plastic on the epistle side of the altar at the TLM in order to catch wine and water spills? There has been some disagreement about this in our Latin … Read More

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POTUS and issues of human life

Here is part of a post at Life Site. You should read the whole thing there. Obama’s Pro-Abortion Record: The List Goes On and On.. Dear LifeNews.com Readers, Today, LifeNews.com updated our exclusive and extensive listing of the pro-abortion and … Read More

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Do you have some news?

Share some news… hopefully good news. Also, post, if you care too, some good point from the sermon you heard for Sunday.

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