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A look at Archbishop Conti’s pastoral letter which has stirred things up

Pursuant to the CNA article about the Glaswegian Archbishop Mario Conti’s exhortation to Catholics to stand for Holy Communion, there is now some considerable discussion out there in the blogosphere. Some are saying that Archbishop Conti has “decreed” in his … Read More

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War Dogs & Veloci-Chickens in Afghanistan

One blog I do not fail to check is Michael Yon’s Online Magazine in which he covers the lives and cares and work of the US And British Military in, for example, Iraq and Afghanistan. He is deeply involved. His … Read More

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“Generally the feedback has been very positive.”

On the site of the Bishops Conference of England and Wales, there is an audio/podcast with Msgr. Andrew Wadsworth, Executive Secretary of ICEL about the new, corrected translation. Podcast: Mgr Andrew Wadsworth of ICEL talks about the new translation of … Read More

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Abortion as the ultimate liberal sacrament

I don’t remember who said that abortion was the sacrament of of the hardcore feminist. CMR has this.  This is … hard. Many have long remarked that abortion is the Left’s one and only sacrament. Abby Johnson tells a story … Read More

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