1st Friday of September

Remember: Today is Friday… the 1st Friday of September.

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  1. Patti Day says:

    Will remember your intentions today at Mass and Holy Hour.

  2. APX says:

    I thought today was Thursday. Thanks for posting this. I have to go out of town to school today to look after some mandatory admin stuff. I would have missed it otherwise.

    I’m also going to start my first ever first Friday/Sarurday devotions this week too. Prayers please. I tend to start things and not see them through.

  3. xavier217 says:

    I work every third weekend, but looked at the calendar and can see I have the next five first Saturdays off. Sweet!

  4. ladykathryn says:

    As I do every First Friday, I will read the meditations in a lovely little book, “First Fridays with the Sacred Heart”. This book, published in 1937, has been my First Friday companion for nearly 20 years.

  5. lucy says:

    I wish I had read this in enough time to shower and get there with my five childern ! I didn’t realize it was first Friday.

  6. Young Canadian RC Male says:

    Sadly I have evening training shift at work, else I would go. At least I did 11 straight from June 2010 to April this year so no worry about starting again. on the bright side if all goes well I’ll be attending a Missa Cantata TLM for Sunday mass in a couple days!!!

  7. StabatMater says:

    We prayed for you & your intentions at our first First Friday Mass of the academic year for our Catholic home school association. It was followed by our annual “Blessing of the Home Schools.” My 7 yo son has quite a fervent devotion to The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus! My family has coordianted these Masses for our group for 4 years and can attest to the fruit of the promises granted to this devotion.

  8. inara says:

    I remembered you at Mass this morning also, Father. It was a Mass of the Sacred Heart (the priest explained that on First Fridays when there is no other official feast, this can be done ~ it’s the only one this year), so he wore his beautiful white Roman chasuble. There was all-day adoration afterward. He gave a lovely homily explaining to the children (it was a school Mass) how we shouldn’t think of adoration as “taking Jesus out” of the tabernacle, but that when He is exposed, the walls of the church become the tabernacle, so He is really “inviting us in.” :o)

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