A curious and annoying blog glitch on the side bar

A curious glitch.

I have noticed that some widgets on my right sidebar appear on Chrome and IE but not on Firefox.

For example, I have a couple amazon.com widgets, search boxes and so forth, which don’t appear.  Strange.  Nooooo… idea what this is all about.

Here is a screen shot of what you are not seeing if you use Firefox.  I use Firefox most of the time and I have noticed this.  But now it annoys me.

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  1. Murciano says:

    I use Firefox and I actually see these widgets.

  2. Jerry says:

    I see them as well (and the gerbil is animated). FF 6.0.2/Windoze Vista SP 2

  3. Rose in NE says:

    I use Firefox as well, and I also see the widgets.

  4. muchtall says:

    I’m guessing you use AdBlock Plus. Those two widgets are objects served by Amazon, therefore are treated as ads.

    You can disable AdBlock on wdtprs.com individually if you prefer to see them.

  5. JohnE says:

    I use Firefox 6.0.2. I use Google Reader and visit the site when it’s obvious there’s an image. I often have to refresh the page in order to see the image — minor annoyance. I use the NoScript plugin in Firefox, but nearly everything is enabled except for nrelate.com. Just now I temporarily allowed nrelate.com and now I also see something I didn’t see before — text that says “You may also like” and a picture/link to “registration note”.

    IE shows broken images in Google Reader and the full images on the first try, including the “registration note” picture and link.

  6. AdBlock… right. You people are so smart.

  7. Melody says:

    I concur that it’s probably Adblock. I don’t see them either. I’ll see if I can enable ads for this site.

    BTW, Adblock is a wonderful program if you don’t have it already.

  8. Josephus Muris Saliensis says:

    Fine in Firefox for me in England.

  9. PomeroyonthePalouse says:

    Yup… It was adblock blocking the not-ads. I hadn’tnod it because I usually order stuff from Amazon on my downstairs/work computer, where I used the widget just today.

    Amazon wasn’t showing up when I read this post, i disabled adblock for wdtprs as per muchtall’s recommendation and voila, there it is!

    On behalf of Fr. Z (If I may be so bold) Thanks Muchtall.


  10. my kidz mom says:

    I see the widgets in Firefox waaaaaaaay down on the page.

    BTW I had to switch from IE to Firefox in order to see WDTPRS comments. For some reason IE let me see your posts, but then started throwing an error when I’d click to open the comments – not sure why.

  11. akp1 says:

    I get them in Firefox – in fact I use the Amazon search quite often!

  12. Anne C. says:

    I use Firefox, and the little mouse does appear, but way at the bottom, just above the coat of arms for the military archdiocese.

    I also use Adblock Plus, which I would hate to have to disable, but I’ll see if I can do it just for this site . . . If anyone can explain to me how to do this, I really didn’t understand Adblock’s instructions.

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