Here are some recent posts, as they scroll along. Some of these entries have been significant.

Thanks are due to: HE, KA, LS, AR, JA, LR, MH, MG, LL, JB, JP, and also to MM and JPR for books and stuff. I hope I didn’t miss anyone. And thanks to those of you who sent the socks!

Also, I have had some notes from people who have bought some Z-Stuff, presumably for their own use and to give to people. I am always happy when people get, for example, little Pray for the Pope buttons/pins. Moreover, I am sure that when people get coffee mugs (one fellow wrote to say he ordered several mugs and asked if I get a percentage. I do. One reader ordered stuff and put photos on her blog of extracting the goodies from the box. She bought pins for her students.

And have I mentioned buying Mystic Monk Coffee and Tea lately?

These days I have been using their Dark Sumatra of which I ordered 5 lbs.  They also have things like insulated glasses for your cold drinks.  It looks like they still have their August selection up as their Coffee of the Month: El Salvador La Florida.  Perhaps they haven’t updated their pages yet.  I’ll drop the monks a line and update here when I get a response.  And here is their general Tea Page.  From what I can tell, some of the more popular things for WDTPRS readers have been the 4 Pack Sampler (free shipping!), the black coffee grinder, Earl Gray Tea,

This is what your coffee and tea purchases are building.  HERE.


I had a note back from “Brother Java” of the Wyoming Carmel where that swell Mystic Monk Coffee is produced.  I asked him about the Coffee of the Month still being on August.  “Brother Java” wrote:

The Coffee of the Month is released on the 18th of each month.
September’s coffee will be available starting from the 18th and we will change the page sometime on the 17th to show the new coffee.
Until then, we will still have the El Salvador available.

And now we know.

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