Remember Those Lead Codices?

From rogueclassicism comes this, with a great video.


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  1. Patruus says:

    An interesting precedent is provided by the Grenadan Lead Books fraud, described by Ludovico Marracci in the Praefatio ad Lectorem of his Refutatio Alcorani of 1698 in the following terms –

    . . . Ex altero vero; cum in Augustissimo Romanae Inquisitionis Senatu ab eodem Innocentio, librorum quorundam examini deputatus sum, qui in plumbeis laminis, vetustissimo, ut apparebat, charactere arabico incisi, intra cujusdam montis cavas in Hispania Baetica reperti sunt.

    Cum enim hujusmodi libri, seu laminae plumbeae, sancto Apostolo, ejusque discipulis tribuerentur, & non pauca Catholicae Fidei, atque Orthodoxae doctrinae consona continerent, multorum studia in sui favorem trahebant, & a viris etiam doctrina & pietate conspicuis propugnabantur.

    Hic vero mihi, cujus, utpote Fiscalis, commemoratos libros oppugnare partes erant; summopere profuit ex Alcorano, & Mahumetanorum codicibus stultitiam, erroresque didicisse: nam illos ita hujusmodi erroribus ac stultitia respersos inveni (aliis etiam arabicae linguae peritis mecum convenientibus) ut manifestissime universi Patres agnoverint, illud non S. Jacobi, ejusque Discipulorum genuinum opus, sed Mahumetanorum, qui in ea regione, Christianos se esse simulantes latitabant, imposturam esse, qua Christianae Religioni illudere, minusque cautos decipere tentaverant.

    Quamobrem tam enormi perfidorum hominum fraude detecta, Innocentius Undecimus Pontifex Maximus libros illos gravissimo decreto proscripsit, perpetuoque damnavit.

  2. theophilus says:

    @Patruus ,

    No doubt it will happen in the future again too.

  3. KevinSymonds says:

    This is why I continue to frequent your blog, Father Z. You have excellent information and you inform us of various stories and developments that are important to the faithful.

    Thank you very much for this post.
    -Kevin Symonds

  4. ghp95134 says:

    No kidding, Father …. I thought you wrote “codpieces!!!

    What a laugh!


  5. ContraMundum says:

    I wouldn’t be willing to buy these important historical codixes, but I would be willing to trade for them. I’ve got a Bigfoot carcass in my freezer which I deem to be of equal value.

  6. Joan A. says:

    Whew, this matter of the Codices has been keeping me up nights.

    What a relief to have it all settled.

  7. Maria says:

    Glad I don’t know this couple.
    I think their time, talent and money could be put to better use.

  8. jcr says:

    At the time the story first broke, these same folks already gave us good reasons to be suspicious. Like the Israeli Antiquities Authority expert who found that images on the codices were a “mixture of incompatible periods and styles…without any connection or logic.” An expert from the Sorbonne said that the writing made no sense.

    The real problem here is a journalistic culture that values getting the story first far more than getting the story right.

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