“The People’s Gasoline”

A friend sent me a link to this clip from Volunteers:


Mind you, I am not deeply versed in or devoted to the films of John Candy, but there was something about this which sounded resonated with me.  There was something familiar in the tone, the substance, especially that bit about running out of “the People’s Gasoline”.

What was it again?  It was in the news recently… a lot.

Oh yes, now I have it.

“Take off your bedroom slippers. Put on your marching shoes. Shake it off. Stop complainin’. Stop grumblin’. Stop cryin’. We are going to press on. We have work to do.”

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  1. tealady24 says:

    Comrade Obama is only trying to connect with his black caucus base, who accuse him of pandering to the right!
    He is a classic marxist, who wants to incite class warfare, because that it what Marxists do!
    “Stop complainin’. Stop grumblin'” THIS from a man who’s never held a job in his LIFE! Who wouldn’t know what it is to pay the bills each month.
    Go golfing, BO, you’re a joke.

  2. albinus1 says:

    I’d completely forgotten that one of my favorite character actors, Clyde Kusatsu, was in Volunteers! Mind you, it’s a pretty dreadful movie. John Candy’s performance was one of the few highlights. With this as the follow-up to The Man With One Red Shoe, Tom Hanks’ movie career seemed like it was going to stall out almost before it started. But I suppose one big thing he got out Volunteers is that, if I recall correctly, Tom Hanks and his current wife, Rita Wilson, met while working on this movie together.

    I consumed *WAY* too much junk pop culture in the 80s.

  3. lucy says:

    Sounds like Hitler to me…

  4. jarhead462 says:

    I miss John Candy!
    BTW- I think it very amusing that the whole leftist/elitist, Socialist/Communist crowd fail to understand that all of the money that the Federal Government uses to re-distribute the wealth is the “people’s money”

    Semper Fi!

  5. buffaloknit says:

    I had been certain that you were a John Candy fan, Fr. Z., but alas, no! De gustibus and all that, so I will not berate you for this fact!

    Fortunately for everyone, I don’t have time to list the best John Candy films-in order- and so will only present you some highlights!

    Uncle Buck was and remains a classic with a wholesome message tucked in there. I am a particularly lucky individual, as my brother and I actually have an Uncle Buck-in real life. John Candy’s genius was in crafting characters that tended to be people one might be related to-or occasionally deal with in life.

    Similarly, John Candy’s brief appearance in “Home Alone” is more or less representative of his ouvre. Don’t waste time with “Find the Lady,” “Planes Trains and Automobiles” and many others others-he went through some unfortunate lean years and produced some trash. “Wagons East”, his final film, isn’t bad for cheesy/80’s style movies, similarly, “Armed and Dangerous” which has cute union message as well; “Volunteers” is alright; “Canadian Bacon” is quality; “Delirious” was somewhat weird as was “Only the Lonely”-which had an unfortunate anti-religious plot-element which I tried to block out-as I recall. Actually, “Only the Lonely” in many ways, is a remake of the film “Marty” which actually is a classic and worth viewing.

    Suffice it so say, the world lost a gifted artist, too soon, in John Candy.

  6. buffaloknit says:

    I want to clarify an unintended implication present in my previous post: all cheesy/80’s films are inherently dreadful, as someone else said-and comprise ‘pop/junk.’ To say that one film is less bad than another-as I did- is not a recommendation. Caveat emptor!

  7. albinus1 says:

    Re: Only the Lonely: whatever its flaws, it two great things going for it, aside from John Candy: Maureen O’Hara and Anthony Quinn!

  8. Jacob says:

    Trains, Planes and Automobiles is not trash. It happens to be one of the few movies that truly captured the tragedy of the man.

  9. Of course, one cannot mention John Candy without mentioning his fine work in SCTV. As for the clip, I wish someone could brainwash Obama and the Democrats. The Democratic Party must be converted somehow; the Republicans have clearly failed trying to fix things whenever they had the opportunity.

  10. PomeroyonthePalouse says:

    This is not the best Tom Tuttle clip from the movie. The best is where after Tuttle has been “brainwashed” and he is leading the group of people back and they are all singing the WSU song. Alas, I can’t find that clip on Youtube, just multiple posting of the clip that Fr. Z posted.



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