UK: Religious ed issues and Bonus Pastor Catholic College

Priest friends I trust and lay acquaintances have asked me to jump into this and I think it is worth our time and attention.  I has been suggested that this be labelled also  “EXPLICIT MATERIAL”  or perhaps “NOT SAFE FOR WORK”:

We are currently encouraging Bonus Pastor Catholic College not to use the following material in their RE lessons to 14 year olds:

It would also probably interest you to have a look at the results of our efforts to inform other parents at the school what was being shown to their children:

If you could propagate this in your circle it would be greatly appreciated

Consider it propagated!


See Fr. Finigan on this.  He is much better informed than I am in this matter.

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  1. rogue63 says:


    You may want to tag this link as “EXPLICIT MATERIAL” or perhaps “NOT SAFE FOR WORK”, in order to mitigate some of the shocking images. I was rather suprised by the nudity!

  2. Long-Skirts says:

    Well….as long as they’re in “full communion”!

  3. Joan M says:

    They are showing this stuff to 14 year olds? May God have mercy on them! I did not look at the sex one – I would not watch any thing with explicit sex anyway. The other two are not suitable for me to watch and I am 68 years old!!

  4. Matthew says:

    They have to be kidding. Is someone putting hallucinogens in the drinking water at the staff meetings?

    I wouldn’t show that garbage to adult students in a University.

  5. AvantiBev says:

    The same media that is SHOCKED over Penn State pedophile/ephebophile abusive behavior and ready to string up anyone accused of not protecting the children sans trial, will turn around and portray any parent who tries to REALLY protect their children from this Pervert Propaganda masquerading as health & sex “education”, as homophobe, prudish Neanderthals!

    It is not just the UK. Look at what NYC sex ed programs are indoctrinating the kids with. Critics were dismissed by the NY Times as “very religious” parents as if that were a worse disease than STDs.

    Check out what California history textbooks are now mandated to teach about LBGT contributions to history to children as young as kindergarten. Again, anyone opposing that juggernaut was derided and mocked. Yet, we wonder were the endless crop of victims come from? Heck, I wouldn’t blame an 8 or 10 year old boy of being so confused that he feared being labeled an “intolerant homophobe” if he put up a fight.

  6. LaudemGloriae says:

    Wow. This triggered a repressed memory for me … 6th grade, catholic school, English class, the novel we are reading is “The Man Without a Face”. Not high school, 6th grade … we were too innocent to understand the horrible ending of the book even when someone’s older brother “explained” it to us … Looking back at it I cannot comprehend how the school allowed it or how the parent’s never caught wind of it. And that’s the real lesson. Parents assume the materials are appropriate. It was pulling teeth to get our school to let me so much as look at the text books. We home school now.

  7. thereseb says:

    I know something directly of this case. This has all the hallmarks of nastiness of a “liberal Catholic” vendetta based on sound Alinsky principles – just swingin’ into action
    1. The head appears to have ignored the polite letters in March from the parents,yet when the parents turned up in November the school acted surprised (ignore,deny, -choose your battlefield)
    2. The Chair of governors admits “it may have been her fault” that the meeting the parents were invited to started early, to wrongfoot the parents, and to ensure the governors and head could get their story straight first (caucus). the letter sent to parents is a carefully worded brush-off, which contains material inaccuracies about the necessity of showing the specific offending material – let me tell you that the movies are NOT specified in Units 3 and 10 of the Edexcel GCSE – as can be read from the exam board website, in the public domain. (only tell them what you want them to know)
    3. The school posted the ridiculous allegation that the parents’ website would “compromise” the reader’s email account .IT teachers there – I hope they are hanging their heads in shame, (deal in misinformation)
    4. Mysterious calls to local priest to complain that another member of the family should lose his job as catechist, because of the family connection. This happened within 24 hours of the incident – so how likely is it to have been a member of the parish unconnected with the school management? (dirty tricks)
    5. Allegations of violence which were not retracted after the police rubbished them (dirty tricks)
    6. At least one neutral parent told directly that it was down to “fanatics”(label your enemy)
    7. One parent banned both from the school site and from an evening presentation where his kids were due to receive an award for their outstanding contribution to the school based on their conduct and performance the previous year (you just couldn’t make it up).

    Vileness and evil, in my opinion.

  8. thereseb says:

    NB On a lighter note, there was a minor scandal in my school, when a “6th form only” book was found not to be about religious life in 17th century France – it was The Devils of Loudon. Every sixth former (16-18 years old) who was recorded as having borrowed it was pulled in by the head nun to explain why they had not reported its contents. No-one thought to ask the angelic 3rd form assistant librarian, who had been reading it behind the bookshelves. For the record I found it rather sensationalist, repetitive and turgid.

  9. Johnno says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, you MUST FIGHT with all your might against this sexual indoctrination of young children. Because by doing this they are paving the road to LEGALIZE PEDOPHILIA!

    Already psychologists and other liberal sex minded folks are labeling pedophilia a ‘sexual orientation’ that is ‘unchangable.’ And on this note, they are correct. Pedophilia/pedaresty is as much an orientation on certain members of society who suffer from it as it is for homosexuality.

    There are liberal sexperts and psychologists joining hands with pro-pedophile groups to decriminalize pedophilia/pedaresty/ephebophilia as the ‘LAW’ protects discrimination based on sexual orientation.

    Homosexual rights activists want to indoctrinate young children into accepting and ambracing homosexuality and other immoral lifestyles. In order to do that and get children to understand what homosexuality is and what homosexual ‘culture’ is, they must therefore teach them about sex first in order to teach them about alternate sexual lifestyles. Sex education isn’t about teaching ‘safe sex’ and to ‘protect children’, they are counting on children gaining knowledge of sex to indoctrinate them into accepting homosexuality and therefore giving them KNOWLEDGE OF SEX IN ORDER TO CONSENT TO SEX with each other or with more ‘responsible’ adults (some sickos even recommend their parents engage in sexual stimulation with their own children!)

    Young children engaging in sex will enable activists to get children themselves to tell the government and others to allow them to enjoy their ‘right’ to enjoy sexual activity! This means getting parents out of the way and taking away the rights of parents to control their children’s education and lifestyles. Homosexual rights groups together with propedophile groups and Abortion giants like Planned Parenthood are actively lobbying the U.N. for the ‘Sexual Rights of People of All Ages’ and for the rights of ‘Minor Attracted Persons’ (New nice Orwellian word for Pedophiles). Planned Parenthood knows young pregnant girls can’t raise kids, they’ll need contraceptives and abortions, and the less parents can control their children from seeking abortions and sex-related services, the better!

    Already the U.N., elements within the Canadian Government and even the Obama Administration’s HHS are making it a point to refer to children as ‘sexual beings’ to begin ingraining in people’s minds to accept the coming age where pedophilia and cross-generational sex will be the next ‘freedom and rights’ movement!

    This is all occuring out in the open! The man who delivered the keynote at a pro-pedophile gathering was a top psychologist who was also responsible for advising Catholic Bishops not to report sexual abuse to the police and instead advised relocating abusive priests! IT IS UTTER MADNESS AND EVEYONE SHOULD BE MADE AWARE!

  10. inara says:

    How could anyone not possessed by a demon (or three) even manage to contrive a justification for showing this to anyone, much less children in a Catholic RE class?? What an onslaught of diabolical filth ~ that Patrick Swayze character is going to creep me out for days…

  11. MikeM says:

    The sexual video is completely unnecessary. There’s no discussion that could arise from that garbage that couldn’t come about in much more benign ways, even if such a discussion were desirable.

    I’m somewhat more disturbed by the euthanasia video, though. That’s such plainly evil propaganda! The sexual video is a work of our sinful flesh, but the euthanasia video must have come straight from the mind of a demon.

  12. Supertradmum says:

    Agree 100% that some governments want to legalize pedophilia. There are powerful movements in Great Britain, other European countries and the US which are pushing for this. Such sexual education is part of the plan to soften up society and generations of children to expect certain sexual behavior as normal. NAMBLA is one of the groups, but most, and I repeat, most lgtb groups support legalizing pedophilia. Check out all the sites online and wake up and do something…

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