Thanks to all you “lockstep sheep and papist throwbacks”!


Thanks to the many “mind-numbed robots” out there, incapable of  thinking for yourselves and merely longing for the past out of irrational nostalgia who have ordered “Lockstep Sheep and Papist Throwbacks” mugs, together with “Say The Black – Do The Red” items.  I have also seen a few “Deep In History” things [photos of the mug here] and papal items, such as “Pray for Pope Benedict” buttons and a couple “Brick by Brick” mugs.  And happily some of the “New Translation” edition “Say The Black” mugs are still moving along.

For all the stuff, click here.

Don’t forget the Universae Ecclesiae mugs… for those who are confused about why Pope Benedict gave us the provision found in Summorum Pontificum.  With this mug you can put the text of UE 8 – in Latin and English – directly into the hands of some doubter. It ain’t fancy, but its factual.

And don’t forget that you have to put something other than Scotch – that other great breakfast drink – in these mugs.

I had a note from “Br. Java” the other day, from one of the Carmelites in Wyoming who roast and ship this coffee and the different teas, etc.

Thank you for all of your support – it helps us a lot!

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  1. APX says:

    Unfortunately I’ve been having severe issues with my Christmas shopping this year. It appears no one sells stuff for Christmas anymore, just the holidays and Chaunakah (?!?!). Thus, I am forced to do ALL my Christmas shopping this year via the internets. Given the great success I had winning my parents over to Mystic Monk coffee, and the assumption the monks actually sell Christmas stuff, and the fact I can get free shipping to the US and have my brother bring it home with him at Christmas, I’ll be doing a mass order tomorrow.

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  3. AnAmericanMother says:

    My large size mug arrived today! It has already been scrubbed and is awaiting its first infusion of Earl Grey Tea . . . . not Mystic Monk Earl Grey, but that’s coming. We’re getting our Christmas order together now.

  4. Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda says:

    These mugs are Baaaaaaaa-d (in the good sense)!

  5. UncleBlobb says:

    A Papist throwback says thanks back to you Fr. Z.!

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