AIYEEEE! Pyjamahadeen! AIYEEEE!

I saw this on the blog of my friend, His Hermeneuticalness himself, Fr. Tim Finigan (whom I hope to be seeing again after Christmas! … London blognic anyone?).  Check it out!

The latest sensation on the Catholic blogosphere is the rapidly expanding collection of trad Catholic protest songs by Laurence England (That the Bones You Have Crushed May Thrill.) At Blackfen we were delighted to welcome Laurence last Saturday for a gig (see his report) in between the Missa Cantata and solemn Vespers. After a late breakfast of sausages, eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans and fried bread, accompanied by a pint or twain of Late Red, the company were treated to various compositions, including a premiere of Pyjamahadeen, a derogatory term, recently applied to traddy Catholic bloggers, which Laurence had fun with.

Editing the video, I added effects to give a retro look with scratches. Lyrics for the song are supplied in the info box at the YouTube page for the video. Mulier Fortis has Ecclesia Dei and I referred before to Summorum Pontificum which was the finale song on Saturday.


Check out the rest of the post over there, with the proper links (hard for me to include them all because I am posting from my phone at the mo) and be sure to watch the video!

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  1. makreitzer says:

    Just had to say how much I like your blog, Father. I agree with Abbey Roads who calls it one of the best on the net. And such a source of encouragement to those of us trying to be good soldiers in the church militant. Thank you so much! Tell your mom I love her Christmas cards. What little works of art. I would save them.

  2. pm125 says:

    The printed lyrics ? How do we find them on YouTube? Listened and watched. Thought how this fun is a way to stand up for the Church. The critics have no healthy humor to bring on a smile.

  3. Tom Esteban says:

    Do let us know if you’ll be around for a Blognic, Father! I’m in England now for the next few months before heading off to the Orkneys so it would be nice to get your spiritual autograph [i.e. a Mass celebrated by you, or a blessing]. Hopefully you got my voicemail which I recorded perhaps a week ago expressing such a wish.

  4. tecumseh says:

    Must all Blognics be in London..?? what about us…. oop t’ north….???

    When will you be crossing the pond Father..??….come up North some time.

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