The Feeder Feed: Venetian Christological Goldfinch Edition

At the Met in NYC there is a nice exhibit of paintings and drawings of the Venetian school.

Here is a Madonna and Child Enthroned by Lorenzo Veneziano (+1372), obviously a Venetian painter.


There are touches of the byzantine in this portrayal.


Here we find a naturalistically rendered Christological goldfinch, by now an old friend of regular readers here. I do like to share the Christological goldfinches.


Very nice!

The Met was jammed to lunacy with people today.  I find those crowds oppressive.

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  1. Denita says:

    Lovely painting- and bird.

  2. Tom A. says:

    I find all crowds oppressive, Father.

  3. xsosdid says:

    I was just about to jump on the fact that that bird is not a goldfinch, and then I thought I had better check it more closely: sure enough, upon further research, it is a European goldfinch. [Imagine that!]

    Beautiful painting.

  4. irishgirl says:

    Yes, an absolutely lovely painting!
    And yeah, I don’t like oppressive crowds either, Father Z!
    Must have been pretty noisy, too, with all the kiddies off this week from school….

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