Fortune Cookie Report: Completely Stunned Edition

I’m flabbergasted! It’s actually a fortune and not a platitude!


For the rest, the Xiao Long Bao attained a 5, and Chongqing Ji a 7. Nice service, however. Not at all the usual surly indifference you deal with in most places.

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  1. Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda says:

    I had good Chinese food & service today as well. Alas, my dessert was another platitude cookie.

  2. Tim Ferguson says:

    the editorial staves of the Tablet and the National Catholic Distorter, the faculties of certain Catholic educational institutions, several bishops and certain chancery officials are all making a collective gasp in seeing this…

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  3. Legisperitus says:


  4. Jael says:

    I am not familiar with “the usual surly indifference you deal with in most places.” The service in Thai and Chinese restaurants, in my experience, is invariably cheerful and efficient. Sometimes it goes way beyond that. A few weeks ago a friend and I had a great conversation with some Chinese waitresses about Confucius. A couple days ago they invited me to an after hours party for Chinese New Year.

  5. Andy Lucy says:

    Strangely, the last couple of times that we have gone out to eat Chinese, we have all gotten fortunes and not platitudes. Interesting…

  6. MisericordiasDomini says:

    Father, I try to think of the typical “surly indifference” as a quintessential part of the whole Chinese/Asian restaurant experience. It wouldn’t be the same without it! *{|;-) There was a Japanese hibachi-style fast food joint joint I used to frequent at a mall, and the lady at the register had the most incomprehensible English, made even more incomprehensible by the din of the food court. When her “You wah vezhiburr?” was met with a blank stare or a “Pardon me?” she would scream, “YOU. WAAAH. VE-ZHI-BURR?” and slam a little sign on the counter that read, “Add Vegetables, 99 cents.”
    And before all the ACLU P.C. Police start rolling their eyes (I doubt there are many on this blog), I am entitled to say all this because I am half-Asian :)

  7. irishgirl says:

    I went to a Chinese restaurant which had a buffet on Christmas, after Mass at our TLM chapel. The organist and her husband invited me to come, otherwise I would have spent the rest of the day alone.
    I thought it was pretty good-I had rice, different kinds of chicken, ditto shrimp, salad and dessert.
    When the young waiter took our drink orders, he was a little hard to understand. But other than that, I was glad I went there!
    Oh, and I got THREE fortune cookies! The other two didn’t want theirs, so I took them, put them in my purse, and munched them once I got home!
    But I couldn’t help recalling the last scene in the movie ‘A Christmas Story’, when young Ralphie and his family ended up eating Christmas dinner in a Japanese food joint after their own dinner was attacked and wolfed down by their neighbors the Bumpuses’ two dogs….at least the place I ate at was much nicer!

  8. cdnpriest says:

    If that fortune is accurate, it looks like, pretty soon, all our brother priests will be Saying the Black and Doing the Red! Yay!

  9. … is this one of those “self-fulfilling” prophecies? (perhaps not; cdnpriest makes a compelling case)

  10. Jael says:

    Theory: Perhaps the surly waiters come from Communist China (where you don’t get fired if you are surly and don’t get paid more if you’re efficient and friendly), and maybe the cheerful efficient ones come from free Taiwan (the ones I know do). Maybe more of the Taiwanese settled here on the west coast, and the surly guys on your side of the country.

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