A Defense of Marriage Minute: Minnesota Style

In Minnesota an amendment to the state constitution has been proposed which would define and defend proper and true marriage.  When the weather warms up again watch for St. Paul, Minnesota to become ground zero for this issue just as Madison, Wisconsin was for the labor/union dispute was last spring.  Activists from around the country will start showing up in Minnesota to create havoc and muddy the waters of the debate and promote the defeat of the amendment.

The Catholic bishops of the Minnesota Catholic Conference have rightly offered strong support of the amendment.  They have also begun an effort to promote grassroots support for this amendment.   Watch for the bishops to be vilified in the press and then betrayed by those who should be their allies.

Take a moment and watch this video from Minnesota For Marriage:


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  1. Faith says:

    As good as this video is, I’m afraid it won’t be effective. It doesn’t aim for the heart. I’m from MA and I remember our ads like this were hit with quick sound bites. Snappy slogans were on bumpers. Catchy rhymes were broadcast over radio waves. The killer was a nice teenager, dressed in suit and tie and short hair. He gave us his name and his accomplishments, i.e., academic, sports, etc. Then he said his parents were a homosexual couple and how wonderful they were.
    Lecture style explanations don’t win over hearts, and that’s what’s needed.

  2. Andrew says:

    May God grant the wisdom to all participants of this initiative to use the right words: for the language we use is of great importance here. For example this commentator speaks of a “traditional marriage”. I hope that is not a misfortunate term inasmuch as that it might suggest that some other kind of marriage might actually be possible. Perhaps it is better to speak simply of “marriage”.

  3. wanda says:

    Our fantastic catholic (small c) Gov. Martin O’Malley is bound and determined to get same-sex marriage passed into law again this year. Wherever it says Minnesota in the video, you can substitute MD. But, the people and thankfully Churches, many denominations, were able to put enough pressure on our reps last year that it never came out of committee. But they are at it again to be sure.

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