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From Astronomy Pic of the Day:

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  1. Supertradmum says:

    How can anyone not believe in a Creator?

  2. ljc says:

    Thank you, my problems seem much smaller after meditating on this picture for a while!

  3. NoTambourines says:

    There’s an old Bloom County cartoon where Oliver, the studious young computer enthusiast, allows himself an annual moment of weakness in his atheism, and shouts something to the effect that it’s all just a little too orderly and beautiful to all be an accident. Yes, indeed.

  4. bishedwin says:

    But how small the USA is compared with Canada!

  5. teomatteo says:

    Scientists tell us that there are tens of thousands of these “blue” planets in our galaxy. The odds just tell us so. I still dont believe it. I guess i’m just an earthcentric.

  6. Finarfin says:


  7. MargaretC says:

    teomatteo: Ah, but what if there are tens of thousands of these “blue” planets…populated by species that never experienced the Fall? (Cf. C.S. Lewis’s Space Trilogy)

  8. Rob in Maine says:

    I can see my house from here!

  9. irishgirl says:

    ljc-Amen to that!
    Wow, this is beautiful!

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