Planned Parenthood, tasteless death merchants, thanks Pres. Obama

While there is nothing obscene about this on the surface, it is nevertheless both disgusting and revealing.

Planned Parenthood – originally formed to kill black people – made this video to celebrate the Obama Administration’s attack on the 1st Amendment, Pres. Obama’s attempt to force Catholics, against their consciences, to pay for contraceptives (abortifacients).

What that means, of course, is more money for Planned Parenthood.  They make their money from “contraception” failure.  They make their money from promiscuity.  They make their money from murder.  Therefore, they are overjoyed at what Pres. Obama is doing.

So, here is Planned Parenthood’s happy dance, alla Bollywood.  I am not making this up.  Here is the caption:

In August 2011, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) ruled that birth control is basic preventive health care and should be made available to millions of women in the United States without a co-pay. That ruling was a giant leap forward for women’s health.

In January 2012, President Obama rejected incredible pressure from anti-women’s health groups and their allies in Congress to cut off access to birth control for millions of women simply because they work at religiously affiliated hospital or attend religiously affiliated universities. Thank President Obama for protecting access to birth control …. […] ©2011 Planned Parenthood® Federation of America


Remember that Pres. Obama, in Illinois, voted to ensure that babies who survived abortions would die.  He is consistent.  And any Catholic who didn’t understand from the start what he was going to do is just plain stupid.

November 2012… November 2012…November 2012…November 2012…November 2012…

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  1. Supertradmum says:

    Nothing is new or surprising about this stand for PP, which is in the health bill, sections of which I bothered to read. POTUS has been consistent since I lived in Illinois and looked at his abysmal record there. The self-deceit of Catholics who voted for him caused great anxiety and frustration in my diocese, when persons working in the chancery office were taking out of the back of the churches leaflets from pro-life groups showing his record. I was there. I saw this happening. The members of the Church, both high and low, refused to be real about this man’s anti-life and anti-Catholic stands on issues. There were arguments in 2008 which went unheeded, including eloquent pleas from LifeSiteNews and local pro-life groups in Iowa and Illinois.

    There are still Catholics who refuse to vote anything but Democrat, despite the party platform, which since 1999, has solidly held a pro-Roe v. Wade position and become more radical in time. I shall quote it once again here:
    “The Democratic Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to choose a safe and legal abortion, regardless of ability to pay, and we oppose any and all efforts to weaken or undermine that right.
    The Democratic Party also strongly supports access to affordable family planning services and comprehensive age-appropriate sex education which empowers people to make informed choices and live healthy lives. We also recognize that such health care and education help reduce the number of unintended pregnancies and thereby also reduce the need for abortions.”

    The Bishops should do what Bishop Finn did in 2004 and warn people. From the 2008 article listed below: ” The Catholic bishop Kansas City, Robert Finn, urged Catholics not to vote for Barack Obama in a radio interview today — warning they put their souls at risk by supporting Obama’s “fanatical” stance on abortion rights.

    “You make yourself a participant in the act of abortion and you mustn”t do it because your eternal salvation is tied up with that important choice,” Bishop Finn said.

    I hope the present just outrage is large at the grass roots and not too little too late.

  2. EucharistLove says:

    “Revealing” is the perfect word, Fr. Z. My stomach actually turned watching such a stupid video. I loved the promiscuity suggestion with her two “suitors”. It screams out, “Hey, everybody, get on the pill and have all sorts of sex with a ton of people and BE HAPPY. And if you are unfortunate enough to conceive, just kill the baby.” May God have mercy on their souls (I struggle to really mean this, but I don’t always…I need to confess that).

  3. irishgirl says:

    I’m not going to watch the video because I know I’m going to get really angry and really frustrated (I had a very scary experience on coming home yesterday evening-it involves my two sisters-and the thought of it still unnerves me).
    Yes, Father Z, this is the mantra: November 2012….November 2012…..November 2012….
    And you are spot on when you said that ‘Any CATHOLIC (don’t know how to do italics) who didn’t understand from the start what he [Obama] was going to do is just plain STUPID’!

  4. NoTambourines says:

    Ugh. Messing with Bollywood is just adding insult to injury.

  5. jhayes says:

    Apparently, Bishop Morlino’s diocese of Madion decided it was not sinful for it to provide insurance covering contraception.

    “A state law is forcing the Madison Catholic Diocese this month [August 2010] to begin offering its employees insurance coverage for contraception.

    However, a diocesan spokesman said employees will be warned against using the benefit and that open defiance of Catholic teaching on the issue could ultimately lead to termination….
    The diocese’s commercial insurance policy now will offer birth-control coverage, but employees will be expected to employ their consciences in not using it, King said. “If someone were to misuse that freedom in this regard, it could be grounds for termination,” he said.

    Such a step would be taken only if the employee, after being counseled, refused to get in line with Catholic teaching, King said. “It wouldn’t be the first thing we do,” he said…

    The Catholic Church teaches that contraception is immoral because it diminishes God’s role as the giver of life and interferes with the full giving of each spouse to the other.

    All diocesan employees sign a morals clause in their job offers saying they will abide by Catholic teaching, so the diocese expects them to follow the prohibition against prescription contraception, King said. He acknowledged that the diocese has no way to police the issue – an employee would have to offer it up, he said.”

    Read more:

    The threat to fire people who use contraceptives is bizarre, but the more interesting thing reported in the rest of the article is that the diocese could have avoided covering contraceptives by self-insuring but decided it would be more expensive to do that – so it decided to buy insurance that covered contraception.

  6. Rob Cartusciello says:

    Weirdest liturgical dance/liturgical movement EVAH!

  7. wmeyer says:

    For many years prior to my coming into the Church, I supported the now obviously absurd notion that abortion is a deeply personal choice. Although I never participated in an abortion, even to the extent of paying for one, I did support the use of contraceptives.

    I am not sure I will ever believe I have paid sufficient penance for being complicit in support of an intrinsic evil. I do know that I can never again consider such things to be other than evil.

    As to Obama, as Supertradmum points out, he has been consistent. I have said, (possibly in these pages) that he is principled. He does not waver, and like all progressives, takes and celebrates his victories, small and large. That his principles tend to evils, such as abortion, unbacked spending, and eventually, totalitarian control, does not make him less principled.

    Any self-identified Catholic who believe he can vote for this man is in need of deep spiritual counseling, from the most traditional source they can find. The CCC wold be a good beginning, though they are unlikely to be sufficiently disciplined for self examination. A very traditional and doctrinal priest would be better.

  8. Supertradmum says:

    By the way, concerning the awfully tacky video, have you ever noticed that only goodness and truth can create beauty, while evil and lies create ugliness?

  9. mrose says:

    This is Satanic. I did not watch the video, because I see little point. It is PP, what do you expect?

    Irony: PP claims to uphold and protect women, but in reality they (among lots of other things) erode the dignity of women. If PP is so woman-conscious, where are they out battling the pornography industry?

    Oh wait, it is really about ‘freedom’ (better known as license to do whatever the hell (pun intended) one wants).

  10. Dr. Eric says:

    Again, why should the Sixty Million Catholics in the United States of America try to overturn this law? Hey, free contraception, more Jersey Shore, more Soccermom SUVs, less useless feeders!

    This battle was lost in 1968.

    Kyrie eleison!

  11. digdigby says:

    Contraception was the greatest revolution of the Twentieth century. It freed women from their ‘biology’ so they could explore their sexuality. It freed men to explore their sexuality with the women who were exploring their sexuality. Both men and women have explored their sexuality. All these sexual ‘Magellans’ have found only ‘an expense of spirit in a waste of shame’ – but then Shakespeare could have told them that.

  12. tcreek says:

    We are at the endgame and the protests of the bishops are of no consequence. As a group, they abdicated their moral authority many years ago.

    (I gleaned this from somewhere, awhile back)
    “The bureaucracy is spent and tired,” Benedict says about the institutions of governance. “It is sad that there are what you might call professional Catholics who make a living on their Catholicism, but in whom the spring of faith flows only faintly, in a few scattered drops.”
    The great sadness of which the Holy Father speaks is that over several generations now so many lay Catholics — “professional Catholics” — are marked by a deep adopted clericalism themselves, comporting themselves as members of a privileged caste. It is the grey cardigan-wearing tick-a-box bureaucrat with what Paul Claudel called “a starved imagination” who is the biggest sociological obstacle to evangelization.

    Pope Benedict XVI – has long been critical of the professional ecclesial bureaucrat as a sociological type. He has stated that “what the Church needs to respond to the needs of man of every age is holiness, not management.” The Pope has frequently criticized the growth of the output of studies, reports and meetings. Asked once whether the Vatican would operate better in Germany, he responded, “What a disaster! The Church would be too organized. The saints were people of creativity, not bureaucratic functionaries of apparatuses,” he added.

  13. It is clear who their God is – The God of “The Pill” – one who will dance and spread open the arms of allowing women to further hurt themselves by putting barriers between them and any Sexual partner especially their husbands

    Sowing distrust and suspicion between them, by allowing women to think their bodies are empowered they have become slaves to the pharmaceutical companies and worst of all unto their own image that have made their own God – not the other way around. There is no fulfillment, only pain and suffering in store.

  14. anilwang says:

    “cut off access to birth control for millions of women ”

    This is an outright lie and tries to reframe Obama’s actions as an aggressive action by Catholics. If PP succeeds, then all is lost, save good judgment by the supreme court.

    The reason I say this is simple.

    Anti-Catholicism has been at the heart of the “maternal health” push in the Philippines and in many other countries and has been used to push Protestants and CINO Catholic against Catholics.

    Also, it’s framed in terms of some special interest group trying to take away something people already have. “Don’t impose your morality on me” is the battle cry of this generation.

    Finally, it’s framed in terms of contraception (which people think is “harmless” condoms) rather than abortion. While contraception does lead to abortion and is often out right abortive for most versions of the pill, most Protestants and ill informed Catholics don’t see the connection and might think contraception actually prevents abortions.

    This attempt a reframing must be called out. Let them do their liturgical dance to Moloch, but do not let anyone turn a blind eye to this blatant attempt at manipulating them.

  15. pjthom81 says:

    I don’t feel defeatist on this. Its clarifying….and we can and should win this battle.

    It needs to be kept in mind that this decision forces all religious organizations to pay for abortion in the form of RU-486 and other such pills. This fact allows us to gather a broad coalition of constitutionalists, evangelicals, Catholics, and other religious. They are all threatened by Obama’s shunning of the first amendment. I do not care how the administration may try to frame this issue. Through the pulpit, the Papacy and through advocacy groups the Catholic Church has a far bigger microphone than Obama ever will have. If we make our stance public, Obama will lose. The complexity is in managing a coherent and articulate response.

    The bishops have already, correctly, framed this as an issue of religious liberty. Now all that is needed is to raise awareness. Civil disobedience is just as well, but lawsuits and elections are better. Town halls work. We should pool together money and buy air time to raise this concern in every GOP primary state. Make the ads strictly on religious liberty, and preserve tax-free status. Make the candidates talk about it….and the debates and conventions will have to follow suit.

    Obama is not a Tudor king. He does not have unquestioned control in this country. We can and should make this issue a factor in an election year.

  16. marytoo says:

    Their parents must be so proud.

    Isn’t India one of the countries that prefers baby boys to baby girls? And is aborting many more girls than boys through sex selection? The irony takes ones breath away. A women’s right to choose, indeed.

  17. jflare says:

    That’s a rather dark point of view.
    There’ll be a severe death toll to pay in the process, but I guess that’s OK, so long as they have the opportunity to, er, screw around. Did you notice the insinuations of hook-ups near the end of the commercial? Two guys spot women from behind trees, then dance with the birth control box. Looking for easy prey to satisfy their lusts, perhaps?

    On the brighter side, at least these folks will contracept or abort themselves out of existence within a century or so. They need prayers, that they may be saved from the darkness of their own “reason”.

  18. JP Borberg says:

    My liberal agnostic girlfriend (who still wonders what the Church has against contraceptives) saw this and said “that is one of the most obscene victory dances I’ve ever seen”.

    She’s brilliant.

  19. jflare says:

    “…Democrat, despite the party platform, which since 1999, has solidly held a pro-Roe v. Wade position…”
    OK, Supertradmum, I’m going to be SUPER picky here: Democrats have been pretty openly in favor of abortion and Roe v Wade since before 1999. As I recall, a friend of mine showed me the party platforms for both Democrats AND Republicans during the election cycle in 1996. Even then, reading both, one could readily discern that the Democrats had every intent to propose abortion and all that goes with it. Even if the Republicans weren’t going hard after abortion to eliminate it, they still only reluctantly tolerated the practice.
    This was precisely the reason for my having changed my official party affiliation from Democrat to Republican.
    It’d be nice if the Republicans would’ve been more vigorous in proposing the cause of life.
    ….’Course it also would be nice if most of the bishops had been more vigorous in that vein for the last few decades……

  20. tcreek says:

    For 40 years, hardly a word from the bishops about the grave mortal evil of contraception. Now, that 90% of Catholics (including Catholic school teachers and diocesan and parish staff?) are preemptively denying life to half of their probable offspring, the bishops are left to embracing constitutional issues to combat the evil. What a joke!

    In those 40 years I, nor any of my Catholic friends, have heard ONE single word from a priest, deacon, teacher, bishop or our diocesan newspaper about contraception, other than that contraception was a personal, not a moral, decision.

  21. jhayes says:

    Pjthom81, RU-486 isn’t included in the HHS regulation.

  22. JohnE says:

    “And any Catholic who didn’t understand from the start what he was going to do is just plain stupid.”

    Unfortunately I think the greater problem is Catholics who did or did not understand what was going to happen and didn’t care.

  23. Miss Jo says:

    Everything you say may well be true — but it seems to me that what the Church needs right now isn’t complaint about the failure of our leaders in the past, so much as a commitment to doing the right thing in the present.

    So the Bishops, and many priests, have fallen down on the job in the past. I’m not excusing that. I’m just saying, you know, we can’t change the past. It’s still possible, by the grace of God and with His help, to do something about the future. But complaining about things we can’t change won’t accomplish that. We can only accomplish that by getting out there and doing it right this time.

    I speak as a young person and as a staff member at a parish. It’s my job to assist our priests in teaching the Faith. Not just to the children, but to their parents as well, the generation that was failed in the last decades. And sometimes, sure, I want to sit down and complain that my generation, as well as my parent’s, has been screwed over. But giving in to that desire isn’t going to help save any souls, it’s not going to bring the Faith back to those who have lost it. Getting out there and living it and teaching it — that’s what we need to do. And part of that means standing up in support of our Bishops and our pastors. Yes, they’ve failed in the past. But they seem to be doing the right thing now. And to that I say, Deo gratias!

  24. Scott W. says:

    Well, I’ll say this for the video–at least it’s honest in its talismatic worship of contraceptives as a ward against evil.

  25. vmanning says:

    Isn’t it true that before Christianity, Romans and Greeks would expose unwanted infants to the elements, by the side of the road, to ensure their death? Isn’t that the sort of thing the Infant born alive protection acts were trying to stop, which Obama opposed. Doesn’t that make Obama sort of “pre-Christian” as in “pagan”? Could I get a ruling from Professor Kmiec?”Sister”Keegan? Hello? Anyone there?Father Reese? Hello?

  26. MissOH says:

    At first I thought you were joking with the Bollywood PP comment (forgive me, I should know by now 1) you don’t joke about some things and 2)the radical pro-abortion left seems to be immune to their own evil. What clued me in is I noticed the lead dancer seemed to have a contraceptive pill costume on.
    Because we all know that pregnancy is an illness that needs to be “cured” because women’s bodies were not made for childbirth…… Moloch lives …. in PP.
    I pretty much avoid politics with my “Democrat no questions” protestant and Jewish relatives but I have to do more to let them know.

  27. I understand that the Indian government might push “population control,” but I don’t think there’d be a Bollywood number like this. Remember how Hollywood used to be concerned with making sure both kids and Grandma could watch a movie, and that neither the conservative nor liberal audience were turned off? Bollywood still is, and they also have to make sure Hindus, Muslims, Christians, and Sikhs all stay happy. There’s very strict self-regulation of sexual content, even stuff like kissing and hugging. (Thus all the dance numbers and ballads instead.)

  28. Joe in Canada says:

    regarding keeping Hindus happy, despite what the Indian government does, Gandhi said

    It is dinned into one’s ears that gratification of the sex urge is a solemn obligation like the obligation of discharging debts lawfully incurred, and that not to do so would involve the penalty of intellectual decay. This sexes urge has been isolated from the desire for progeny and it is said by the protagonists of the use of contraceptives that conception is an accident to be prevented except when the parties desire to have children. I venture to suggest that this is a most dangerous doctrine to preach.

  29. DisturbedMary says:

    Best sign seen at the March for Life: Life begins at conception and ends at Planned Parenthood.

  30. AvantiBev says:

    I just found out today from our 23 year old office clerk that she is going to have a baby in a few months. Out of college one year, living at home, loans and debt out the whazoo. But good news, the boyfriend is going to “help” and she can leave the baby with her parents during the day; afterall her mother is only caring for her invalid grandma, she’ll have plenty of time for the infant. But again, the boyfriend aka “sire” – none dare call him “father” in my presence– is going to “help”.

    You probably think she is a child of the ghetto, black or Latino right? WRONG. Suburban, church going, close knit family, college educated. No stereotypes. You see the Sexual Revolution began its havoc in the lower classes but now ALL have EQUAL ACCESS to its license and lunacy.

    Stop thinking small my fellow Catholics. It is not enough to say “Well at least she is not having an abortion.” Come work for my lawyer boss and see the other results of SEXUAL REVOLUTION. See the kids who know Dad as a guy who sends a monthly check, who sees them 2 weeks in the summer and a week at winter break and whom Mom says is a “B*st*rd”. Come see the women who need paternity tests to see which boy toy to pursue for child support.

    Stop thinking small my fellow Catholics. You aim too low seeking only an end to abortion. The whole DAMN Sexual Revolt needs to be met with resolute counter-revolution! Another baby will be born with no FATHER this May. His sire says he will “help”. 40% illegitimacy rate and rising. This is foundational stuff. I give Santorum credit for trying to draw voters’ attention to that. The other pols and candidates are painting the siding and putting a few shingles on the roof but our foundation is flooded with fatherlessness so they labor to build the house in vain.

  31. DisturbedMary says:

    Looks like it was filmed in Central Park with a bunch of New Yorkers. I recognize one of the women as an abortion mill escort.

  32. Elizabeth D says:

    jhayes, I have been upset for a while over what happened here in Madison with the diocese and parishes (etc) forced by state law to buy contraception insurance and telling employees not to use it (diocesan employees already signed a contract stating they would follow Catholic teaching). They were given no viable option though, they say that the cost of self-insuring would be prohibitive. It can’t have pleased Bp Morlino one little bit, he is SO strong on bioethics and life and family issues. I have to believe nobody knows better than him and other bishops in that position (Abp Dolan too, who was Abp of Milwaukee at the time) how urgent it is now to rally people nationally and to stand together and strong. Other bishops really, really will not want this to happen to them and their dioceses.

  33. American Crusader says:

    theres no month like November 2012,… theres no month like November 2012,…. theres no month like November 2012,…. theres no month like November 2012,…… theres no month like November 2012, …..


    Click… Click….. Click…..


  35. James Joseph says:

    You know what grinds my gears Father?

    Here’s what grinds my gears. Americans are so lazy that they demand to not pay for things that are entirely elective. Americans are so filled with a sense of entitlement that they demand to be gifted things they do not merit. Indeed, no body ever merit immorality.

    What really, really grinds my gears is best put in a particularly crass way, “Why in the world should I have to pay a tax just so some other bloke can go out and bend my sister or brother over?” Aren’t Americans supposed to be against such regressive tax-systems? That is to say, aren’t Americans against the idea of a ‘priveledged few’ who gather all the pretty boys pretty girls to themselves for their own private consumption allthewhile the lowly man breaks his back to make it out of his economic pit?

    The masses exist for the sake of the few. I thought the Gospel was about the One existing for the sake of the masses. Furious over this I am.

  36. kittenchan says:

    Please sign this petition to rescind the HHS mandate. So far it has about 1,000 signatures and it needs 25,000 by February 27th. I’m sure with the far reach of this blog, you all could make a significant dent towards that goal.

  37. jeffreyquick says:

    I’d be interested in responses to this piece:
    Denninger is proposing something like the Madison “solution”, but that’s not what I find interesting, but rather his claim that the HHS mandate is liberal Catholic socialists’ chickens coming home to roost. People have been paying for all kinds of illicit for a long time, and performing “charity” at the point of a gun.

  38. EXCHIEF says:

    Houston we have a problem. Given an almost 100% lack of attention by the Church in this country to the whole issue of contraception for a period of at least 40 years our “leaders” (aka Bishops) will have few Catholic followers in their battle against Sotero and his minions. As other posters have stated, this battle was lost long ago when the U S Catholic Church stopped preaching the 10 commandments, stopped addressing immorality, and focused almost exclusively on the feel good social justice stuff.

    The majority of U S Catholics are, in my opinion, little different from the “it’s all about me” typical U S citizen. It would take conviction and effort to mobilize against the HHS edict and most Catholics have little of either to motivate them. Thus, the Bishops sole recourse will be through the Courts which may or may not side with them… indeed the Courts may or may not make the right decision on the whole Obamacare fiasco.

    I would hope and pray that however this goes the Bishops learn from it…but I’m not holding my breath. Unless and until they re-learn the importance of respect for authority (the Pontiff) and get over their selfish desire to be “popular” no real teaching will come from their mouths or those of the Priests who mimic them. There are of course some exceptions and it is there the future rests.

  39. EXCHIEF says:

    I meant to add in the above post that if you want a really fine analysis of this issue visit my better half’s blog She’s the academic one in the family :)

  40. kiwitrad says:

    Here in NZ if any priest stood in his pulpit and preached against contraception his church would be empty the following week, apart from a few elderly folk who, as children, had been taught what the church actually teaches. I guess he might also be hearing stern words from his Bishop. We only talk about social justice here.

  41. NoTambourines says:

    AvantiBev– so true. Abortion is just the full fruition of the contraceptive culture.

    I’m trying to “be the change” I want to see in the world. I have never dated much simply because I don’t want to deal with the potential moral compromises other people have come to expect of another person. Still holding out for a Catholic husband who will come to Mass with me on Sundays and holy days, and won’t expect me to use birth control (and who could actually put up with me in any number of other ways — did I mention I like garlic?).

    It is interesting to imagine how radically it would change our society if more people planned their lives intending to marry for life and without planning to use contraception. They would be careful about getting into risky situations. They would stay in school longer. They would accumulate less debt. They would live within their means. They would not marry lightly. More people would be single and celibate, and open to considering religious vocations. Culture would change as celibate people find it counterproductive (and needlessly stressful) to fill their minds with the garbage on tv, and married people demand a child-friendly culture. And on, and on.

    The solution to our social problems depends on the fundamental conversion of society, on the level of each individual conscience. And as Fr. Z so often stresses, our ability to cooperate with God in bringing about those conversions depends on the strength and substance of our liturgies.

  42. philologus says:

    Above all what we need now is a penitent and holy faithful who in the face of clear and immediate assault dutifully entrust their hopes and prayers to Christ.

  43. LisaP. says:

    We buy our own insurance, paying the premiums ourselves.
    My five year old has had diabetes for over three years. My copays on insulin and other supplies are 40 to 60% (no generics on this stuff). Our out of pocket for her is hundreds every month.
    Good to know our federal government is looking out for me, though, and insisting my insurance pay in full for the birth control pill. Sick country.

  44. Tina in Ashburn says:

    OOOOOH!!! Gaily dance around and jump for joy! The Satanic plot to exterminate the human race continues!

    I agree with pjthom81 that this battle is clarifying.
    One big result will be that many Catholics are going to learn that contraception is a sin! The story of this political battle is all over the media now. Too bad the majority of hierarchy and parish priests haven’t been explaining the Culture of Death vehemently and clearly all along.

    That the Obama-gang is trying get away with this anti-Catholic tactic, is testament to the Saul Alinsky link with our American hierarchy. Check out the hard facts in the 2010 CIA videos on RealCatholicTV such as “CCHD & Alinsky” and “Obama’s Counterfeit Catholics”.

    Some things are only driven out with prayer and fasting. Let’s get going! What are you going to offer up today?

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