QUAERITUR: What to do about bad homilies?

A reader writes asking about “bad homilies”:

Every once in a while, you get a real clunker, one that isn’t just theologically weak, but turns what should be a feast into over microwaved junk. What is the proper response?

You want to know what to do?

Get down on your knees and pray for the priest who gave it.


Do penance for his intention.

Be happy you have a priest when many – many – don’t.

That is what you do.

And if there is some occasion to offer him positive encouragement, feedback, do so, with a cordial aspect and kindness.

And consider kissing the hand of the priest who consecrates the Eucharist, forgives your sins, and with anointing imparts even remission of temporal punishment due to sin when you are about to die.

After that, you want to know what to do?

Get down on your knees and pray for more priests. Pray for all priests and bishops and seminarians too. Pray for young men to answer a vocation to the priesthood.

Fast more.

Do more penance for these men and for vocations.

And remember how happy you are to have a priest when many – many – don’t.

That’s what you do.

UPDATE 10 Jan 0015 GMT:

Thanks to Fr. Blake for the kind words.  He makes a good point: Only Christ is Christ.

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