The world is going to hell in a handbasket, so, let’s watch a funny video!

The economy is a disaster, the Obama Administration is eroding our civil liberty, the world seems to be going to hell.

So, let’s have  a video.

Who can forget the spectacular commercial with the little kid dressed as Darth Vader?

Again from VW and again with the Star Wars theme:


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  1. APX says:

    Careful, some liturgical committee might see this and get ideas for a new music ministry choir, after all, I didn’t read anything directly prohibiting the use of dogs as musical instruments during Mass. Wait! This gives me an idea!

  2. Supertradmum says:

    My all time favorite SuperB ad—

  3. irishgirl says:

    Yes indeed, Father Z!
    I loved it-well, I am a dog lover!
    Very clever-that greyhound with whatever it was on its back was a hoot….or should I say, a ‘HOWL’!
    So cool that they can get dogs to do something like this on cue!

  4. momoften says:

    My kids liked this one, but really loved the grad who got a gift from his parents…it is a FUN commercial:

  5. Supertradmum says:

    Sorry trying again, as the link is not working for my fav ad

  6. Peruvian says:

    We don’t have a pet but we would if Wookie-Dogs were real.

  7. JohnE says:

    Speaking of Star Wars, don’t forget the new response if you happen to be watching and they say “May the Force be with you.” If you’re on the dark side you don’t have to worry about it — they never say it.

  8. Liz says:

    Our piano teacher got my son some Star Wars music. God bless her. He is inspired to practice again. In the future I hope for LOTR. It’s all pretty music so I don’t mind!

  9. Mariana says:

    Great! Dogs AND Star Wars!

  10. jaykay says:

    Clever… the black labrador with the Darth Vader control-pad thingie on his chest!!

    Peruvian: Wookie-dogs

    Hmmm… I wonder if Chewbacca moulted?

  11. Peruvian says:

    Those are all very cute dogs…#13 especially. But do they sound like Chewy? That is the key. Thanks much for the link!

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