Pres. Obama’s pro-abortion record chronicled

This is useful.

LifeNews did a compilation of Pres. Obama’s promotion of abortion.  HERE.

As one of my correspondents quipped to me, the list is “longer than a menu at a Chinese restaurant”.

Pres. Obama’s record concerning the promotion of abortion is frightening.  And the LifeNews compilation doesn’t include what he did as a state senator in Illinois to ensure that babies who survive abortions should die uncared for.

Pres. Obama: What a guy.

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  1. catholicmidwest says:

    He got the message loud and clear. And that’s one of the big reasons why we have the HHS mandate. He recognized something he could exploit politically at our expense. Obama didn’t know much about Catholics when he started as you could tell by his remarks, but now he knows more. He knows about our wishy-washiness and division now because we demonstrated it to him in living color. He also knows about our past complicity in the very issues the mandate addresses.

  2. Sandy says:

    That, I assume, is the picture from Notre Dame? I almost lost my lunch. Hope those people will do penance for that “honor” they gave BO and offer it up for the even worse mess we’re in now, and the way they helped his agenda.

  3. ConnerW says:

    The picture is haunting. I will never see Notre Dame the same way after that incident.

  4. The Sicilian Woman says:

    If I look at that photo Ash Wednesday morning, I’ll be too nauseous to eat. That’s my plan at the moment. (Looking at will work just as well.)

  5. BarefootPilgrim says:

    Meanwhile, a priest and a pastor – along with other faithful – are arrested and hauled away in front of the White House for peacefully praying against the HHS diktat. Peacefully praying, not occupying.

    Keep it moving… Nothing to see here…

  6. EXCHIEF says:

    With his track record if Christians (not just Catholics) had well formed consciences and voted their conscience Barry Sotero would be toast in Nov 2012. Just wait to find out how much he despises Catholics if Santorum gets the GOP nomination. The vitriol that will be directed at Orthodox Catholic teaching will be almost unimaginable. The embarassment we should feel when he points out the percentage of catholics who do not adhere to Church teaching will be substantial.

  7. frjim4321 says:

    I understand all the vitriol directed at President Obama but the fact is elections are not held between perfect individuals. [“Tu enim dixisti.”] It looks like we are going to have a choice between a secularist and a theocrat, that is if Santorum wins the nomination as it currently appears. [Apparently you are drinking Koolaid of the MSM.]

    I hear some make the point that two of the nominees are “Catholic,” but what kind of Catholic? I would not be at all surprised if the born-again-Catholicism of the disgraced former speaker is all about P/R; and the senator’s brand of Catholicism is ultra-right and very dissimilar to the Catholicism practiced by most U.S. Catholics. [YOU… YOU are bringing that in.]

    So to me it makes little sense to continuously bash [You split the infinitive.] one of the candidates [“one of the candidates”… you mean the guy with this record here?] since there are more than one issue at stake in this election and no perfect candidates. [Thus Spake Drinan.]

  8. AishwaryaBhatia says:

    I think that many Catholic and/or so called “christian” websites tend to concentrate on all the bad they see in President Obama, and never acknowledge the good. I believe he is wrong regard to abortion, contraception, same-sex unions etc. But with regards foreign policy and economic issues, he had heightened the respect the world has for USA foreign endeavours and efforts for peace. And he economy is improving. Something to cheer about, right?! [Hard to imagine you aren’t joking.]
    Granted, much of what President Obama does regarding moral issues might be much too permissive and progressive, but he is not all bad. I feel sorry for him the way he is so unrelentingly trashed by some more emotional/undereducated groups on TV and in some blogs (not this one, where everyone is very fair minded and writes without vitriolic comments).
    I say, it is right to bring up his faults regarding abortion etc., but give the good man a chance regarding other things. : ) [EVERYONE: Keep in mind that this is a rabbit hole.]

  9. acardnal says:

    I like your thinking “Sicilian Woman”. Great idea!

  10. EXCHIEF says:

    Troll post? You gotta be kidding. I’ll take a conservative, traditional Catholic any time over a pro abort Marxist.

  11. Johnno says:

    That photo always reminds me of that famous painting of Napoleon, taking the crown for himself to place upon his own head rather than receiving his title traditionally from the Pope, thus a move to usurp power rather than rightfully receive it. Does it strike anyone else that way? Of course here, Obama isn’t doing that, Notre Dame is simply giving it to him.

    @ frjim4321
    There are many issues to be sure. But abortion and the murder of millions and the attack on Catholic religious liberties trumps them all. You’d then sound like someone trying to tell us not to pay attention to Hitler’s eugenics and intolerant policies when his opposition is working to keep the good German people down whom Hitler is trying to raise. Some issues are simply more important. And when a country runs on a broken democratic polarized 2 party system, that’s how it’s going to be.

  12. acardnal says:

    frjim4321: When as an elected official, you foster, engender, cultivate, advance, promote, nourish, write legislation, sign legislation, sign Executive Orders, appoint pro-abort Cabinet Secretaries and federal judges, then YOU are responsible for the deaths of millions of babies around the globe! There is NO more important issue before us. God help us.

  13. acardnal says:

    Oh…..and I forgot “fund” abortions.

  14. mvhcpa says:

    Every time I see that picture of BO at Notre Dame, I have to ask myself…Did anything actually happen to Notre Dame for this outrage? Or did Fr. Jenkins and ND get away with it, which is what I fear?

    Michael Val
    (who thinks we currently have a small margin to avert a chastising calamity, but will have NO CHANCE to avoid it after four more years of this White House occupant!)

  15. BarefootPilgrim says:

    frjim4321 –
    …it makes little sense to continuously bash one of the candidates since there are more than one issue at stake in this election and no perfect candidates…


    Pay no attention to the ENORMOUS PILE OF DEAD BABIES over in the corner. They are only “one of many issues at stake.” But their innocent blood cries up to heaven, does it not?

  16. Legisperitus says:

    With all due respect to frjim4321, “what kind of Catholic” brands a man who (by all indications) simply believes and lives according to the teachings of the Church as an “ultra-right” “theocrat”?

  17. Uncledan says:

    Too much complaining! Someone needs to organize an online prayer/rosary rally and start using the weapons Catholics were given. Easy to do – just make the announcement and tell everyone. Example, Saturday at noon. If you wanted to make a separate post where people could log in to say they were going to be on board, you could get some idea of how many people will be taking part in the rally. Make the rally for X intention(s). See what the history of rosary/prayer rallies has accomplished. The bible has passages where God’s avenging hand was stayed because of prayer/fasting rallies.

    Just an idea. But accomplishes far more than complaining on a board. Time for deeds, not words!

  18. Denise says:

    Uncle Dan, is beginning a novena for religious liberty on Ash Wednesday
    If you have never used this site, it is really wonderful. You sign up and get the Novena prayers in your email every day as a ready reminder to say the novena. It also offers the online community support of the many others who are praying the same novena.

  19. Maltese says:

    Would the Catholic Santorum be crowned at Notre Dame if he were President? Or, was this pathetic pandering

  20. Uncledan says:

    Thank you for the link, Denise!

  21. One of those TNCs says:

    Point well-taken, EXCHIEF: “The embarassment we should feel when he points out the percentage of catholics who do not adhere to Church teaching will be substantial.”

    How humiliating it is to have enemies of the Church throw in our faces the fact – and it is a fact, though the numbers may not be accurate – that so many professed Catholics contracept, divorce and remarry, have abortions, are pro-choice, and so on. It is a weapon the enemies of the Church gleefully use: “See those hypocritical, sinning Catholics! They do not even believe what their own Church teaches! Why don’t they just admit the failure of their tenets, give up, and join the rest of us?”

    We have squandered our moral authority with the wreckage of the last half-century and perhaps are only just lately realizing the depth and breadth of the damage that silence, complicity, weakness, laziness, and fear have wrought.

    Am I wrong to be glad that the recent HHS mandate debacle has occurred? After all, some good has come out of it: Our Bishops finally have been united and spoken out in defense of Church teaching! And that defense has forced them actually to TEACH what the Church teaches on these matters. Praise God for that, at least!

  22. Cathy says:

    What horrified me more when this happened, is that the university had people arrested for protesting this shame!

  23. Jim Ryon says:

    “what kind of Catholic” brands a man who (by all indications) simply believes and lives according to the teachings of the Church as an “ultra-right” “theocrat”?
    That is how all apostate, self-loathing catholics decribe faithful Catholics. And DNFTT.

  24. Kerry says:

    In retrospect, looking at the U. of Notre Dame (sic.?) photo, either Obama, or more fittingly, those draping the cloth onto his shoulders ought to have been wearing black hoods.

  25. PA mom says:

    Frankly, I don’t see any good that he has done. His strongest trait is that he is a entertainer: looks polished, makes sounds people want to hear, keep his fans fed a steady diet of himself for their daily sustenance.
    @ Fr Jim, please reconsider your support for him. My children have to live in this country that he is tearing to shreds. I have been afraid of supporting Santorum because of his over eager sounding war stance, but isn’t the risk better than this premeditated dismantling of everything of virtue happening now?

  26. AnAmericanMother says:

    “what kind of Catholic” brands a man who (by all indications) simply believes and lives according to the teachings of the Church as an “ultra-right” “theocrat”?

    An Episcopalian. The evidence is accumulating.

  27. ncstevem says:

    presider Jim, as I mentioned in a previous post, voters who knowingly vote for proabortion politicians are culpable for those abortions that occur when those politicians are elected.

    Catholics who knowingly vote this way will be held to a higher standard when they are judged.

  28. TomD says:

    “The embarrassment we should feel when he points out the percentage of Catholics who do not adhere to Church teaching will be substantial.”

    Perhaps that is one reason why so many who substantially oppose Church teaching stay in the Church. To embarrass us. There is no more destructive critic, than the critic who claims to be one of our own. It is often most effective to attack from within, rather than to attack from outside, as with the Trojan Horse. And once you have fawned over someone (as at Notre Dame), it is much, much harder to claim that they have bad intent. It makes you look like a fool. I think . . . in a phrase . . . they got played.

    And that someone who believes and lives the teachings of the Church, as reflected in the Catechism, would be labeled an “ultra-right” extremist is indeed a curious thing. Modernism has had a powerful effect on the modern mind, even for some within the Church.

  29. tealady24 says:

    Thank you for posting that picture Father, it reminds me what my Lent will be about.

    Rick Santorum is the PERFECT candidate for this country; and he is a Catholic as I understand a Catholic is meant to be; not one of those phony, “I believe one way in public and another way in private” (which is total bs anyway). He speaks a truth which a lot of people haven’t heard in so long that they are running scared. And of course the media is right there every 5 minutes to say horrific things about him (ala that good-for-nothing alan colmes). Anything and everything that BO had to confront in ’08 was passed over royally as no big deal. Suddenly, for a conservative, CATHOLIC candidate, these things now really matter!
    What hypocrisy!

    Just keep hammering away at that devil in the WH Rick, and come november we can take our country back!

  30. Peggy R says:

    AishwaryaBhatia—You must be joking, right? Our international stature is improved? Really? By spitting on allies? Helping radical Islamists take over many middle eastern nations? The one dictator who probably should have been oustered still stands–Syria’s. He turned his back on Iranians and Hondurans who sought democratic rule. And don’t get me started on his socialist economic agenda at home. I am a professional economist, not just a sensible liberty-loving American. But, what’s a few million dead babies, eh?

    The list didn’t even get into his pro-death agenda in the IL General Assembly or his brief US Senate career. Folks, in the 2008 campaign, in answer to a question about what Senate vote he regretted the most, he said the vote to save Terri Schiavo. Of all the votes to regret. That is just weird & sick. The one time he claims to care about the constitution. He did not want to prevent the death of a useless being. He has no regard for human life and liberty.

    He is President Death. I’ve called him that from day one. He lives up to it constantly.

  31. wmeyer says:

    Looking at the various issues in the campaign in the context of Church teaching, I cannot find any which could trump the issues of abortion and contraception. In the U.S. alone, over 54 million abortions since Roe v. Wade. Nine times the estimated number of Jews killed in the Holocaust.

    I know it’s not a popular book with American Catholics, frjim, but read the Catechism, paragraphs 2271-2273, at least.

    No one who votes for a pro-abortion candidate–or incumbent–is Catholic. They are no better than Pelosi.

  32. JKnott says:

    @ frjim4321 It has never been clearer before that this is not just a race between between two imperfect individuals, (or a secularist and a theocrat?) It is a war between Good and evil. Nothing has ever been so well defined in our country before.
    It is my understanding that our Church teaches that we grow in grace under various conditions and Rick Santorum seems to qualify based on his excellent manly moral courage. God gives wisdom to men such as these, and sadly he blinds others, especially those within the faith who betray Christian principles.
    So we need to pray very much for Rick Santorum who is fighting for the Kingdom of Christ.
    Theocrat? No ! – considering the almost certain vulture attacks he can expect from those inside and outside the Church, if he perseveres, he will be well on the way to heroic virtue. How refreshing.

  33. Supertradmum says:

    Bishop Finn has been vindicated but late. Those of us who watched POTUS in Illinois as early as 2004, saw the evil. We tried to warn people in 2008. Greed and the blind loyalty to the Dems elected this man. All this information was available and being presented by pro-lifers. If any Catholic votes for him now, there is no excuses for the abdication of their Faith.

  34. catholicmidwest says:

    The Democratic party does NOT engage in charity for Christian reasons. It engages in the manipulation of sub-populations within the American population for power, ie. votes. It buys them off. Christian charity on the other hand, does not manipulate to serve. It serves because its recipients are the image of God, as Teresa of Calcutta so eloquently demonstrated in front of all of us.

    We cannot align ourselves with a political party without thinking about these things. The Catholic church ALONE tells the whole truth. Political parties are to be used by the Church for the good of society, not the other way around. The goal of political parties is power.

  35. catholicmidwest says:

    If you think the Notre Dame thing was a big clue to Obama about what our internal problems are and what we might stand for, there was a bigger one at Georgetown. Before Obama spoke there, Georgetown was told by the president’s advance crew that they had to remove all religious signage and symbols from the auditorium before Obama would appear. And they did, without much argument at all. A large sign saying IHS, which signifies the name of Christ, and is the symbol of the Jesuit order, was covered in black wood for the duration of the president’s appearance in that place. If this isn’t subordinating religion to government, I don’t know what is.

  36. StJude says:


    a good man? A good man would never advocate the murder of millions of children. Let alone see nothing wrong with letting babies who dared to survive an abortion die in a trash can.

  37. ocalatrad says:

    That list is positively nauseating to read. And to think of how many fellow “Catholic” college students of mine eagerly defended their vote for him in spite of our earnest efforts to dissuade them. To be pro-abortion is one wicked thing, but Obama’s record goes beyond the pale in its extremism.

  38. Augustin57 says:


    Adolph Hitler accomplished many fine things for Germany. He got the economy going. He created jobs. He built infrastructure. He improved the school system. He did lots of good things for Germany.

    But NONE of that, even added together, trumps what he did to the Jews in Germany!

    Similarly, if Obama has done anything good in this county (I honestly can’t think of one.), none of it, all added together, could trump legalized abortion, of which he is an adamant proponent and supporter! Hitler was an instrument to the slaughter of over 6 million Jews. Abortion in this country has slaughtered over 54 million defenseless babies, in the place in the universe where they should have been the safest – their mother’s womb! Which was worse, I ask you?

  39. catholicmidwest says:

    You are correct, Augustin. The proof is in this: When you say the words “Adolph Hitler” who thinks of how much better the grade school children learned to spell or read or do their arithmetic? No one. They immediately think of the concentration camps. Everything Hitler did was overshadowed by this, his one signature program, the concentration camps.

  40. bookworm says:

    While a state senator, Obama belonged to the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules, a bipartisan committee which reviews rules proposed by state agencies. Many states have similar bodies that review rules. In some, including Illinois, the body has the authority to prevent rules from taking effect if they are found to lack statutory authority or pose a threat to the public interest, while in others the body is advisory only. The irony is that if such a body existed at the Congressional/federal level, it might have provided the public with some recourse against the HHS mandate and other federal regulations that as it stands now, cannot be stopped without a lengthy court battle.

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