“The rights of man come not from the generosity of the state, but from the hand of God.”

From the Knights of Columbus.

Some good quotes in this video.


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  1. teomatteo says:

    Please pray for the Knights of Columbus and Carl Anderson our Supreme Knight. Thanks.

  2. TMKent says:

    Yes – please do pray for the Knights.
    At the behest of our Holy Father and our Bishops they have placed themselves at the very front of the current “culture war” and they will be taking the hit.

    It’s a shame Mr. Voris recently chose to target them at the very time they are needed and being called upon on so many fronts. The Knights are unique among Catholic lay organizations in that they have the strength and the reach to mobilize nationally and internationally as the “strong right arm” of the Church.

    Mr. Anderson is an intelligent leader who has taken many risks. He always acts in support of the Pope and in solidarity with our hierarchy. We are very blessed to have him working for our Faith.

  3. GregH says:

    Do you know Nancy Regan once said Pope John Paul II is the most virile man she had ever met?

  4. Miriam says:

    Wow, great video.

  5. Fabrizio says:

    Great video. You couldn’t make one like that with the leaders of any other modern western nation. And, for all his deep flaws, JFK could not run for dog-catcher in his own party today, while the RINO establishment would find him too “partisan” and unappealing to the precious “moderates”.

  6. Johnno says:

    I’ve been noticing a trend amongst atheists and secularists of attempts to revision history to proclaim that founding fathers never intended to have a religious country or anything built on Christian values. They also attempt to reinterpret statements from Presidents etc. to try and play them down, perhaps as simply attempts to play to the majority of voters with such language. So one wonders that with such attempts to jump through hoops to avoid the plain language of American documents and quotes, will in the end be that useful against a set of people so determined to ignore God, those who are willfully blinded and hard of heart.

    TMKent- Voris left the Knights particularly because the bureaucratic higher ups were doing the sort of things that were compromising the faith and openly supporting immoral activities and suppressing ‘traditionalists’ who tried to correct it… particularly with regards to insurance… things that lead to the very same problems that this video has been put out to indirectly address. What is going on is something many faithful Knights are seriously concerned about. Voris himself didn’t just leave them on a whim, but like others tried to bring change. When he felt that change wasn’t happening he left in order to make it public and thereby bring change through this manner. Others stayed and continued to fight from within. But leaving and publicly bringing knowledge to what was going on is another way of fighting the problem that should not be ignored. That said, I’m sure Voris and many of us hope the Knights will reform in places that need it and become fully committed to their mission from top to bottom. Yes, there is a larger war to fight, but we should also not ignore the smaller battles that could end up being weaknesses that play into the enemy’s hands… We need to patch up everything we can while also focusing on the larger goal.

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