Good website for info about the attack on the Church through the HHS mandate

The Administration of “The First Gay President” is attacking the first liberties of all Americans by undermining the 1st Amendment.  Pres. Obama is, through the HHS mandate, attacking also the Catholic Church and all religious institutions in the USA.

I posted before about a good resource for this battle for our religious liberty from the Beckett Fund.  I see that CNA has a piece about their site.

Religious liberty group launches massive HHS mandate site
By Michelle Bauman

Washington D.C., May 30, 2012 / 02:11 am (CNA/EWTN News).- A legal group that aims to defend religious freedom has launched a new website offering a wealth of resources on the contraception mandate, and the various lawsuits that have been filed against it.

“There was a lot of misinformation out there on the mandate,” said Emily Hardman, attorney and communications director for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, a D.C.-based organization.

Hardman told CNA on May 29 that the Becket Fund “wanted to provide an accurate, concise and useful resource for reporters and the general public.”

She explained that when the information “is laid out clearly in one place,” it is evident that the mandate’s requirements violate the First Amendment’s protections of religious freedom.

On May 22, the Becket Fund launched a webpage to serve as a centralized resource for information surrounding the contraception mandate. The webpage tracks the lawsuits that have been filed against the mandate by plaintiffs ranging from EWTN to seven U.S. states to two private business owners.


Read the rest there.

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  1. pm125 says:

    I’m thankful that the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty website is honorably providing objective information in an orderly manner without the more common innuendo and inciteful propaganda.

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