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I have an ongoing project which plagues me (see my wishlist) and, in the midst of my travails, a box I had saved from Cafepress which I thought was empty turned up. When I made the new version of the Save The Liturgy Save The World design I ordered for myself a mug to make sure that it okay before switching on the store. However, I had also ordered a car magnet.  I had forgotten about it!


Ah…. coffeeeeeeee.

In full sunlight against a black background so you can see the detail:


The printing is nice and sharp.  It should be easy to read.

I tried it out on the trunk of the car next to the other one.



Check out the Store!  Cafepress figures out which country you are in.

Also, I enjoy photos of these bits and pieces of swag “in the wild”!

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  1. Kathleen10 says:

    Right now my car has a Jesus fish, in which the silver exterior of the fish fell off (immediately), but left a pretty fish outline, which I rather like.
    I also have a new bumper sticker that I fear to attach, because I have had stickers that I don’t think I could have nuked off, and now I have “sticker fear”. But it says:
    “Gun control means use two hands”.

    But, may I be a fly in the ointment, just for a moment? [Nope! o{]:¬) ]

    I would suggest a more clear bumper sticker. I would not know what the Latin means, I admit ignorance. So that would fly over even my head, and I consider myself a Catholic who loves her church. So the Latin would only be understood by insiders. Perhaps, preaching to the choir.
    Save the Liturgy could mean alot of things. Again, I would have no idea on which side of the fence the driver is, radically change it in a “liberal” direction? I wouldn’t know.
    It’s real hard to make a point on a bumper sticker, so little space, so much to say. How to condense it to a pithy point that others can see and comprehend while hurtling around in a 2000 pound vehicle at speeds up to 80 mph. But most of them probably get read at stop lights. Still, if you’re going to have one, make it count. My favorite used to be “Visualize Whirled Peas” on the old “Visualize World Peace” bumper sticker theme.
    Communication is my field, for what it’s worth.

  2. NoraLee9 says:

    Most of the 600+ folks in my iPhone directory know that I am fluent in Latin. I get emails, texts and calls quite often: “Do you know what -Tempus Fugit-, -Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam-, Beati Qui Ambulant-….” etc. etc. I KNOW I am not the only Latin-Head around. The Latin makes folks curious. This is good. It can inspire teaching moments. This is great! Homines mysterium amant. Keep that Latin coming!

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