Good new TV spot defending Catholic religious liberty!

Sometimes while working I stream a TV news channel (or ball game) via my Sling Box (blessed are they who invented it) to one of my several monitors connected to the mothership. The audio is usually turned down, because TV is usually more annoying than helpful. But a shot of inside a Catholic church caught my periferal vision. I fired up the volume, pushed the feed back a few seconds and saw this TV spot, which I hunted down at The Catholic Association.


Mind you, I don’t think the best argument against what Pres. Obama is trying to do to us should be founded on the fact that we do nice things for people. We have a right to practice our faith. That is what the TV spot winds up with. Be careful to get your points in a row when talking with people. And… talk to people!

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  1. Fr. Andrew says:

    I do like the line that says: “That right does not start when we enter our Churches and that right does not end when we leave our pews.” A nice way to express freedom of religion from the nefarious freedom of worship.

  2. Traductora says:

    Another very good one. Nor is it shy about pointing out the enemy (well, his current visible representative, at least). The picture of Obama striking a dictatorial stance and looking contemptuously down his nose sums it up.

  3. onearmsteve says: “As for man’s “liberty”, mankind has been endowed with free will, but only to use for good – that which corresponds with Truth (i.e., Christ and His Church) – but not to do evil. Or as the Catechism asks: “Why did God create you?” Thus error never has any rights. However, the secularistic and anti-Catholic principle of religious liberty denies this reality and instead, makes error equal to Truth.”

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