Blog problem today. Coincidence?

The blog was down in a strange way today.  It would not load.  Perhaps one of the web processes had a problem.  Server reboot.  Fixed.

However, both Free Republic and Drudge were down today too.

And now that the blog is loading again, the podcasts (LENTCAzTs) won’t play.


Okay… that got sorted out.

I understand that the Catholic Herald in the UK had problems yesterday as did Drudge and a few other sources.


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  1. Stumbler but trying says:

    I am glad you noticed Fr. Z as I wanted to listen to the latest Lentcast and could not. I wondered if someone had tried to hijack your site…welcome back. ^^

  2. mamajen says:

    I’m glad it was easily fixed! I saw that earlier and was afraid something catastrophic had happened. That’s interesting that Drudge was down as well–I have never seen that happen.

  3. acardnal says:

    First, lightning strikes Saint Peter’s Basilica on the day Pope Benedict resigns; then the earth is “attacked” by an asteroid and a meteor; then NASA loses its command and control circuit to the Space Station; and now this. It’s going to be an interesting Lent. TEOTWAWKI?

  4. APX says:

    I’ve been having problems all week with the blog not working properly.

  5. Supertradmum says:

    Thanks for explaining. I thought it was because I am in the wilds of Kent…

  6. OrthodoxChick says:

    I checked in several times today and while it loaded more slowly than usual at least twice, I had no major problems getting on.

  7. Therese says:

    Google Mail also slow these last few days, with poor connectivity. Your blog header and a few side bars were loading, but no content, Father. Good to see you back up.

  8. Darren says:

    It has been loading pretty slowly for me for about a week, at least.

  9. Austin Catholics says:

    Do you really want to imply you have something in common with Free Republic and Drudge ? I doubt it ;)

  10. inexcels says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me if it was the work of some sorry hackers with too much time on their hands.

    If your best argument is to silence the opposition, it doesn’t say much for your position, does it?… Oops, did I just take down all progressivism?

  11. APX says:

    It’s been slow for me too, and usually it comes up “Safari cannot open blah blah blah”. It’s been doing this since the pope announced his resignation. Maybe it’s a conspiracy by all the liberal newsies against you trying to block visitors from your blog.

  12. SKAY says:

    I also had problems earlier today–similar to Therese.

  13. wmeyer says:

    I learned yesterday that although Chinese hacks are the #1 scourge of the Internet these days, Chicago is now #2. It appears that some Chinese hackers have considered that it is relatively easy to block ranges of IP addresses to reduce the attacks, they have taken to hijacking servers in Chicago which then become agents of further attacks. Since few would wish to simply block Chicago, the challenge is greater.

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