Pope Pius Clocks

I was thinking about what it might mean for owners of a “Pius Clock” were the next Bishop of Rome to take “Pius” upon his elevation to the See of Peter.

“But Father! But Father!”, some of newcomers are surely saying, “‘Pius clock’? What on earth is that?”

The official Fr. Z Blog photoshop expert, the great Vincenzo, put together a spiffy clock-face for different sized clocks and all the “numbers” are images of Popes Pius I-XII.

I had one on my office wall for a long time and I know that some of you readers have bought them too.

I encourage you to check out Vincenzo’s online Pope Pius Clock store and “give him the business”.

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  1. Andkaras says:

    They are just too cool. A great way to get accustomed to roman numerals. And if someone tells you , You are too pius, you can tell them that they have you confused with your clock.

  2. Dr. Edward Peters says:

    I saw one of these once, but I can’t remember where. It was, indeed, too too cool. :)

  3. aladextra says:

    Pope Pius XIII can be in the middle of version 2.0, with his arms being the arms of the clock, pointing to the other Pii.

  4. GOR says:

    I suspect Vincenzo might have to design a 24-hour Pius clock with inserts for XIII and following.

    It could be a marketing tool – the “eternal clock” – as no one is likely to live long enough to see a Pius XXIV….…:)

  5. New Sister says:

    I think Cardinal Ranjith would make a great Pius XIII!

  6. New Sister says:

    @ Aladextra, very cute, & a great idea!

  7. Random Friar says:

    I thought that the anti-pope that used to be up in Montana, Pius XIII, would make a great cuckoo!

    In charity, though, he was obviously not well. Say a little prayer for his soul.

  8. VexillaRegis says:

    Random Friar,
    an anti-pope in Montana? LOL! Would you please tell us Other-side-of-the-Ponders a little more about him? We all need some cheering-up these days. Praying, of course.

  9. William Tighe says:

    Let’s keep the clock “on time” by hoping for a Leo XIV; “… una cum papa nostro Leone …” has a certain profundity to it.

  10. wolfeken says:

    The only possible Pius XIII amongst the cardinals, I think, is Raymond Cardinal Burke, who is unfortunately American.

  11. Imrahil says:

    If I were betting I’d put some money on Leo XIV… and don’t suppose that would be too bad.

    I have some doubts that double-names can be taken, do not think it will be John Paul III… Leo XIV or Paul VII, that’s the choice. (Hey! I’ve gone among the prediction-makers…)

    Pius XIII, by very choice of name, would imply rupture… of the sort we would like, sure, but still…

  12. Imrahil says:

    double names can of course be taken. What I wanted to express and did not manage is that, I think, John Paul I and II are felt as names of certain Popes in singular situations…

  13. Gustave Dedronez says:

    I got this clock a couple Christmases back. It’s great except that when I’m groggy-eyed in the morning it takes me a couple of minutes to figure out what time it is!
    I shall be extremely disappointed if we end up with a Pius XIII who outdates the clock. Let’s have another Boniface or Gregory!

  14. eulogos says:

    I favor Gregory as a name for the new Pope.

  15. Suburbanbanshee says:

    I’m thinking Fulgentius or Chromatius. Or Valentine, that’s a good one.

  16. quid quaeritis says:

    These clocks look fantastic! I want one as a gift for a clerical relation. In fact, I just tried to purchase one, using the Amazon payment option, but when I submitted the order an error screen appeared. I filled out the form again a couple times with no luck.

    I don’t suppose anyone has any tips? The seller wouldn’t be out of stock, would he?

  17. Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda says:

    I finally caved and purchased one of these clocks last summer. It hangs proudly above my PC.

  18. Gustave Dedronez says:

    I am always pleasantly amused when I while away my time reading the names of all the Popes in history. Dionysius, Soter, Hyginus, Zosimus, Hilarius, Donus, Conon, Sisinnius, Valentine, Formosus, Agepetus, Gelasius…

  19. Shamrock says:

    @ Gustave….Hilarius? Truly there was a Pope Hilarius? Let’s resurrect him…I think given the
    times a Pope Hilarius II would be…what else?….hilarious!!! I will have to go check my list
    of past popes….missed this one somehow. Now before you all get twisted into knots telling me
    how I need to be more …what? gravitavistic? Just know I am only amused by Gustave’s list of
    names, none of which seem to fit the times…really!!! except maybe…Hilarius! Can you visualize
    the moment when the announcement is read….HABAMUS PAPAM….POPE HILARIUS II!!!!!
    Ah, those ancient Christians had a sense of humor!

  20. Shamrock says:

    Gustave…I checked my Catholic Dictionary listing of all the Popes. Alas! you are wrong!
    No Pope Hilarius…EVER! Too bad! I am sure my dictionary is correct and I have checked the
    listing twice against my own myopia. This dictionary has an imprimateur from the late Cardinal
    Francis Spellman and so I am confident it is error free. Sorry…but your list is wrong. And more
    is the pity! LOL The rest of the list seems to check out pretty much so I am left wondering….
    what was your source? Could you be talking about Pope Hilary from Sardinia who reigned
    in the mid 5th century? Maybe …those Latin endings can be tricky! Hic hice hoc huius huius
    huius…or something! Been over 60 years since I have done a declension…and even back then
    it was pretty much Greek to me!

  21. Random Friar says:

    @VexillaRegis: Wiki doesn’t have much, but it does have some good links. He had an interesting career as a Capuchin, then he claimed Vatican II to be “bogus.” He actually did live a fairly simple life, having little money or support. If I recall his “election,” his own mom, of all things, served as a “cardinal” elector, and there were even pictures on his site, complete with the smoke!


  22. Mamma B says:

    Here’s another deluded wanna-be pope with thirty (count ’em, thirty!) followers.


  23. Gustave Dedronez says:

    To Mr. Shamrock: Hilarius is indeed the proper Latin name for the Pope called in English Pope Hilary.

  24. VexillaRegis says:

    Random Friar: Thanks! A lucid powdermaker for cuckoo might work.

    I vote for Clement. Cyprian is a nice name too.

  25. Clinton R. says:

    If the next pope takes the name Pius XIII and is anything like St. Pope Pius X, the likes of the National Schismatic Reporter will throw a mother of a nutty.

  26. Shamrock says:

    Thanks Gustave…kind of thought so. As there has only be one!Pope Hilarius/Hilary perhaps
    the time is ripe for another…but as I said above…the Latin form is too much for the media
    not to take seriously. Only the Holy Spirit knows despite the multitudinous machinations
    going on….and He await the proper moment to reveal to us his intentions.

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