The Holy Father’s comments before his final general audience

The Holy Father’s comments before his general audience today:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As you know, I have decided [huge applause] – thank you for your kindness – to renounce the ministry which the Lord entrusted to me on 19 April 2005. I have done this in full freedom for the good of the Church, after much prayer and having examined my conscience before God, knowing full well the seriousness of this act, but also realizing that I am no longer able to carry out the Petrine ministry with the strength which it demands. I am strengthened and reassured by the certainty that the Church is Christ’s, who will never leave her without his guidance and care. I thank all of you for the love and for the prayers with which you have accompanied me. Thank you; in these days which have not been easy for me, I have felt almost physically the power of prayer – your prayers – which the love of the Church has given me. Continue to pray for me, for the Church and for the future Pope. The Lord will guide us.

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  1. Dr. Edward Peters says:

    When I think of B16, I will always think of an unswerving servant of the truth.

  2. Liz says:

    I’m so thankful for having had such a good and holy pope to lead us in these times. This morning when Father announced that the mass would be for him I burst into tears. I’m sure going to miss him. We have been so very blessed by his papacy and his contribution to the church. May God reward him for his suffering and his goodness.

  3. Gratias says:

    Have attended General Audiences twice. Benedict XVI lights up when he is meeting individual people. Also had the privilege of kissing this great Pope’s ring twice. I must say that he looked better this last November than two years earlier. This is a great loss for the Church. Thank you for guiding us for eight years,

  4. Gus Barbarigo says:

    Thank you, Your Holiness! Your words have reassured me, if but for a few moments, as we brace ourselves for your absence. Thank you for all of your many sacrifices in answering God’s call to be a priest, bishop, and pope! Thank you for your many examples of faith, hope, and love.

  5. Jim of Bowie says:

    I just pray that the Benedict Renaissance will continue under the future Pope.

  6. catholicmidwest says:

    Geoffrey, thanks for posting the videos from Rome Reports. There are several there of Pope Benedict there, and I enjoyed them.

  7. Stumbler but trying says:

    I watched several videos of our Holy Father this morning and was so happy to see him again. I found his comments to be very reassuring and loving. He knows how much he is loved and respected and with great humility, he gives us his thanks. Ah, Papa Benito, how sad I am to know that the possibility exists we may not see you again after the 28th of February if many are to be believed, then again knowing you, dear Papa, that is something you will seek.
    May your loving guidance and prayer life be of benefit to the new pope to come and to the people of God the world over.

  8. 1catholicsalmon says:

    I am feeling lost with just the knowledge that the Church of Christ will not be navigated by our beloved, strong, brave and true German Shepherd- Papa Benedictus! Yes, Christ will not leave His Church rudderless, but in the secular culture we live in today, methinks even a week without a Captain at the helm is one week too many.
    Papa Bene’s had to negotiate ways through tumultuous storms, tidal waves and tsunamis. He has done so with the dignity and fortitude and love that only the Holy Spirit can instil.
    His comments above only serve to reinforce his humanity which in turn, tugs that bit more at the heartstrings .
    To be God’s representative on earth demands not only stupendous mental and physical energy but an impenetrable shield of Faith: both of which the Holy Father has had in abundance and more.
    I thank God for this wonderful Christian father and brother.

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