Zuhlsdorf’s Law and the blog

If you are reading this today, we are both lucky. I actually got it posted and you brought up the page!

Today we have a great example of Zuhlsdorf’s Law in full force.

Zuhlsdorf’s Law

Murphy was an optimst. Therefore…

When you need your technology to work, that is when it will fail.
The extent of the failure is proportioned to the urgency of the need.
When you want to show someone the great gizmo or program you have, that is when it won’t work.

The traffic generated by the news of Pope Benedict’s resignation is bringing the server down.

And, for the love of all that’s good, true and beautiful, do NOT send me email telling me that the Pope resigned.

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  1. Supertradmum says:

    Maybe the Pope’s decision to go into a monastery and pray for the Church is a hint to all of us to stop wasting time working on projects which do not bear fruit.

    Stop and look at what one is doing. Do only that which brings one to holiness and bears fruit.

    The Pope has done what he could while physically able. We should do what we can but only in those orthodox areas and not in half-way activities.

    Well, we all have a goal for fasting and prayers this Lent, do we not?

    The Tablet list of possible popes is scary

    As to your server, Father Z, twitter is also having trouble and I have lost three long articles this morning.

  2. wolfeken says:

    “And, for the love of all that’s good, true and beautiful, do NOT send me email telling me that the Pope resigned.”

    Ha! I would add this is an excellent day for people to learn how to use an Inter Web page called “Google” for answers to 99% of their questions before asking them publicly.

  3. MAJ Tony says:

    Hey Fr. Z, did you know the Pope resigned? I guess that explains why I was having all those problems trying to post superflous drivel on here.

  4. off2 says:

    Is there a related Law to govern the situation in which one has signed on in order to send an urgent email, and every program on the machine suddenly has to install updates which in turn require reboots?

  5. The Masked Chicken says:

    Hmmmm…lightening hits St. Peter’s, Fr. Z’s servers on the fritz…coincidence?

    The Chicken

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