ARCHBISHOP Sample is in Portland

Archbishop Viganò just read the letter of Pope Benedict XVI from last January to Archbishop Alexander Sample, now being installed in Portland.

There is a live stream.

Here is a great screen capture.

A mitre (a little odd), a cardinal’s biretta, a priest’s black biretta, a simple white mitre and an … eye-patch (which has no liturgical function that I know of… though I do know some who turn blind-eyes toward liturgical abuses… okay… I’m not saying that the bishop in the … oh darn… I’ll just stop….).  I don’t know who the bishop is with the eye-patch, bless him. [I knew the participants in the combox would supply the information: he is Bishop David Choby of Nashville.  I trust that whatever may be the trouble, it is temporary and brief.]

The first part of the ceremony was pretty chatty and the announcers on the stream talk way too much.  I am hoping that as this goes along we will get a sample of Sample’s style.  You may remember that now-Archbp. Sample gave an amazing sermon in Detroit, which I posted HERE.

I look forward to Archbp. Sample’s remarks.  He is now the shepherd of a city that is not known for its conservative Christian values.  (GREAT Chinese food, however.  I now have another reason to visit again!)


Archbp. Sample’s sermon was the real deal.  After he got some of the necessary warm-up boxes checked, he gave a strong homily.  Hopefully we can get the audio or video of that part posted here soon.

I especially enjoyed the moment in which Sample cited the Latin phrase, Nemo dat quod non habet, which in macaronic Latin is “Nemo dat quod non got”.  This was great because the late Msgr Schuler in St. Paul at St. Agnes parish, where Archbp. Sample lived as a university student, used to quote that all the time.  I can’t help but think that the Latin phrase was a tip of the mitre in monsignor’s direction.

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  1. acardnal says:

    I think the Cardinal is Levada, one of the former Archbishops.

  2. acardnal says:

    AB Sample will be dealing with a diocese which declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2003 due to clergy sex abuse claims; and Oregon is a state in which physician-assisted suicide is legal. His challenges abound.

  3. krisvog says:

    The bishop with the eye patch is Bishop David Choby of Nashville.

  4. Titus says:

    I believe, based on the video stream, that the bishop with the eye patch is . . . my own bishop, His Excellency David R. Choby. I know he’s there, and I don’t see anyone else who looks like him, but I was not aware that he had injured his eye.

  5. Phil_NL says:

    That mitre is not only odd, it’s heinous. But I hope and pray – and with the things we hear about Abp Sample, perhaps it isn’t too far out to expect it too – that will be the most serious gripe one would have with his reign in Portland.

  6. I am in one of his suffragan dioceses. I hope his influence will trickle down here.

  7. MangiaMamma says:

    The priest in the biretta is Fr. Ron Nelson of St. Mary’s in Eugene. The kids and I were really hoping to go but the stomach bug hit our house this morning! I am glad for the live stream (and totally agree with the comment about the announcers). My 20yo son was wondering if we’d hear any Latin & Archbishop Sample has used it a few times already. We are also excited as he will be coming to our parish, St. Joseph’s in Salem for a Mass. Our alter boys have even been learning how to serve a Tridentine Mass just in case (or rather, with hope)…

  8. frjim4321 says:

    Agree with Fr. Z. regarding the mitre/chasuble combo … maybe sometime of homemade job?

    Not attractive.

  9. Hank Igitur says:

    What is with the blue trim during the octave of Easter?

  10. disco says:

    That mitre is downright episcopalian. Why are they in an arena and not the cathedral?

  11. jhnewman says:

    All of a sudden our beloved papa’s choice of vestments seem positively Pius XIIesque!

  12. Deacon Bill says:

    The suffering bishop (with the eye patch) is an old and dear friend of mine from our days together in college seminary: Bishop David Choby of Nashville. Rather than mocking his affliction (“pirate bishop”, indeed) might I ask that we all keep him in prayer as he suffers from a variety of ills? It was remarkable that he was able to be in Portland for the installation.

    God bless,
    Deacon Bill Ditewig

  13. StJude says:

    Best of luck to AB Sample.

  14. Tim Ferguson says:

    The Archbishop of Portland is chairman of the board of Oregon Catholic Press. This now means that the Chairman of the Board of OCP, which provides music books and programs to 2/3 of all the parishes in the United States, began his studies of liturgy and sacred music under the tutelage of Msgr. Richard J. Schuler. That has profound consequences.

  15. TomG says:

    Tim Ferguson: we can only hope. As a convert from Protestantism, I can tell you that OCP’s relentless “bowdlerizing” of the great hymns of the Reformation has been a constant torment. Better no hymns at all. But that’s another story.

  16. Tim Ferguson says: The Archbishop of Portland is chairman of the board of Oregon Catholic Press.

    Is his archepiscopal motto “Playtime is over”?

  17. Mark of the Vine says:

    My apologies Deacon Bill. Fr Z, can you please remove my previous comment?

  18. VexillaRegis says:

    I don’t know very much about the diocese of Portland, but maybe AB Sample’s predecessor was a big head?

    And that blue collar ;-) looks to be more suitable for the Girls’ choir than for an AB at Mass, if you ask me.

  19. acricketchirps says:

    After reading the comments above. I was just thinking about how I’d feel if I had to wear an eyepatch and people made pirate jokes and air rifle jokes.

    I’m positive I’d love it, and I simply can’t understand anyone who wouldn’t.

  20. Liz says:

    God Bless Archbishop Sample. We all need to be praying for him.

    Deacon Bill, I will say a little prayer for your friend, Bishop Choby.

  21. frjim4321 says:

    Every worship aid / hymn anthology has a few clunkers. OCP is really no worse that most. There’s a lot of great stuff in there.

  22. MangiaMamma says:

    Ahhh- I figured it might be okay to whine here just a mite. The announcers are driving me crazy. They were just talking about the importance of needing extraordinary ministers in all of our churches (no after the size), and then about how a person can receive in the hand or on the tongue… My prayers are going up for everything Archbishop Sample will have to deal with here in Oregon.
    On another note, I am praying for Bishop Choby. My kids and I thought it was so cool that he is able to be there!
    Thanks, I feel much better and can probably watch the rest of the Mass without being too whiny!

  23. amsjj1002 says:

    Yes, those EMHC and communion-blessing comments made me go . But oh well I am trying to get all the good I can from this occasion. Overall I’ve found it very good!

    I was also impressed with who I saw come to the installation, the 30-something arch/bishops. I’m hoping there’ll be a list posted later.

  24. anna 6 says:

    Was Archbishop Vigano a nurse in a former life? :)

    The new bishop’s vestments remind me of a slightly more elegant version Pope Francis’. Ad multos annos.

  25. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Diving straight into the shallows, it must be said that a black eyepatch with white bishop’s vestments is really dashing! Reminds me of the character Archangel on Airwolf. And it helps that Bishop Choby has a good eyepatch face; he looks a bit like David Carradine or somebody like that.

  26. krisvog says:

    About Bishop Choby… We live in the diocese and had no idea he was undergoing some more health problems. When I first saw the picture here on the blog, I thought something must be blocking him in the picture. It didn’t occur to me that it was an eye patch. We’ll certainly pray for him. On a different note, he will be ordaining 5 men to transitional deacons soon (God willing.)

  27. gjp says:

    Even though I have never been to Oregon, I have an interesting family connection to both the Portland and Seattle Archdioceses.

    My 4th great-grandfather was a man named Joseph-Felix Blanchet, who was born in 1789. He had two younger brothers who both became priests. One of the younger brothers was +François Xavier Norbert Blanchet (b. 1795), who was ordained a bishop and was named Apostolic delegate to the Oregon Territory and was later named the 1st Archbishop of Portland.

    The other brother, +Augustin Magloire Alexandre Blanchet (b. 1797), was named the first Bishop of Seattle, which later became an Archdiocese. Both brothers left family and everything they knew back in Québec to minister to the Catholic population of the large and mostly unexplored Oregon country.

    +François Xavier Norbert Blanchet attended the 1st Vatican Council in Rome. The younger Bishop Blanchet was too ill to attend.

  28. gjp says:

    Is the deacon standing behind and to the left of the seated Archbishop Sample none other than Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers? Deacon Burke-Sivers, who has a website, Aurem Cordis, is a powerful orator whom I saw once give a homily during the regular daily Mass on EWTN. If you have ever seen him deliver a homily, you would not forget it.

  29. Joan A. says:

    That’s very interesting, I know a little bit of the history. Got out one of my books when I recognized the name in your post. Am looking at a photo of Francis Norbert Blanchet, D.D., right now. Archbishop of Oregon City (then named) 1846-1880.

    Very imposing, august and serious appearance and demeanor. Full regalia of his office including gloves. This was wild, uncivilized mission territory, but the men of the Church comported themselves with all the authority and dignity of their offices.

    Your relative is slightly mentioned in the Biography of Charles John Seghers (2nd archbishop) by Gerard G. Steckler, SJ, in case you’re interested. Fascinating history of that era.

  30. Massachusetts Catholic says:

    @Deacon Bill,
    Are you the same Bill Ditewig who coauthored a book with Phyllis Zagano on the ordination of women deacons? You have traveled to this website from a far and distant place… Will offer prayers for Bishop Choby.

  31. sunbreak says:

    Since I’m in the area, I went to the installation mass. It was a beautiful mass – a bit on the long side around 3 hours long. I couldn’t see very distinctly since I was up on the second level bleachers near the top. There were 2 screens hanging up to show close ups of what was happening but they were kind of faded looking because of the bright lights. A

  32. Emilio says:

    What’s wrong with the Archbishop’s vestments? The miter matches the chasuble and the deacons’ dalmatics, it appears to be of white damask as the chasuble is.. the fabric having images of the Crucifixion on it. The blue stripe seems to be velvet. White damask and blue velvet… sounds pretty worthy to me as far as materials go… not exactly the designer Slabbinck found at the LA Cathedral’s sacristy. The Archbishop wears an amice, and an alb adorned with lace. I hear chant and polypony, see a beautifully-sculpted wooden crozier, seven candles arranged in the “Benedictine” manner, which many of us feared would quickly disappear just a couple of weeks ago, but hasn’t. Archbishop-emeritus Vlazny is among the last disciples of Cardinal Bernardin, may he have a happy and blessed retirement! Indeed, if these vestments are the only thing we are able to criticize Archbishop Sample on, then Portland has a bright future! Let us pray for His Excellency, he will have his work cut out for him in Portland.

  33. Archbishop Sample’s Installation Mass held at Chiles Center
    small video overview

  34. mariadevotee says:

    All the faithful of the Diocese of Nashville are praying for our beloved Bishop Choby’s health. We just love him. Under his care, we now have 35ish seminarians from a diocese of 77K Catholics–3.5% of the population. There is about to be an explosion of Catholicism in Tennessee as our seminarians are young, happy, orthodox, manly men. We join Bishop Choby in praying for Archbishop Sample and his people.

  35. Liz says:

    gjp, that’s amazing!

  36. Will Elliott says:

    Emilio – I don’t think anyone is complaining about Archbishop Sample’s vestments; it’s the blue-trimmed chasuble and mitre that the nuncio and at least one-other bishop are wearing that appear to be the subject of derision.

  37. JohnE says:

    That looks like Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers to the the left of the bishop in that second picture.

  38. Random Friar says:

    I had assumed the eyepatch bishop was the bishop of Pittsburgh, in honor of the the lowly Pirates.

    I’m glad to hear otherwise.

  39. jameeka says:

    I was not able to attend because working, but here is a link to Archbishop Sample’s homily ( top box)

  40. BLB Oregon says:

    The Mass was at the Chiles Center, the basketball arena at the University of Portland, because St. Mary’s Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception would not have been nearly big enough. Even the Chiles Center itself was packed.

    My only quibble with the Mass was that it could have used more restraint with regards to how many things were included. The prayers of the faithful, for instance, did not really need to have “Lord, hear our prayer” sung in four different languages for every single intention, not when people arriving an hour early could not have found parking anywhere on campus. The choir was really wonderful, though.

    Western Oregon has another archbishop with a Polish mother–and this one brought his with him!–and a love of Latin and Our Lady, fidelity to the Church, and what seems to be a genuine affection for his fellow man. Like Archbishop Vlazny, Archbishop Sample is easy to like, as well, without having a false kind of charm. This one, too, knows the Church was not sent into the world to be, as our Holy Father put it, another NGO. Considering that it would have been immoral to clone Archbishop Vlazny or to keep him in the harness for another five or ten years, our only sadness with this choice is that it is unlikely that we will see him serve here until he retires. I would not want to trade him for any other, even so. He is just right.

    Archbishop Sample is not just Archbishop of the Portland Metropolitan area, but also all of Oregon that lies west of the Cascade mountains. The Portland area is politically very “blue”, but the rural parishes and counties are something quite different. Even in Portland, you’ll find the whole spectrum.

  41. Deacon Bill says:

    Dear Mass. Catholic,

    I have written a number of books on lay ministry and the diaconate. Yes, one recent book looking at the questions related to women deacons included a chapter by Dr. Gary Macy, another by Dr. Phyllis Zagano, and one by me. It’s not such a tortuous trip as you might suppose!

    God bless,

    Deacon Bill

  42. PatB says:

    I was at the installation Mass of our new Archbishop of Portland, and he is awesome! He gave a marvelous sermon full of joy, faith, and warmth. At the reception I stood on the side for a while, watching him interact with all who wanted to greet him. He is warm and personable, and doesn’t mind if people kiss his hand/ring.

    acardnal: Yes, the cardinal was Cardinal Levada.
    Monsignor Cihak was also here from Rome.

    gjp: That was, indeed, Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers.

    disco: The Mass was in the arena at the local Catholic “University of Portland” because the cathedral is not big enough to accommodate all the people who wanted to be there, including me.
    Last night they had an “invitation only” vespers, etc., at the Cathedral for all the clergy, religious, visitors from afar, etc. I’m so glad it was in the arena today so I was able to go.

  43. New Sister says:

    @ Disco — take one look at the Portland, OR Cathedral and you’d prefer the baskeball court, believe me!

  44. Jim of Bowie says:

    I wll pray for Bishop Choby. However I believe Fr. Joseph Breen is still going strong in Nashville.

  45. Mike says:

    The Archbishop was the main celebrant this year for Palm Sunday at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in DC this year: he struck me as a humble and quite prayerful man.

  46. iowapapist says:

    There is an article about Deacon Bill at the NC Reporter website.

    Don’t read the comments lest you go blind.

  47. “There is about to be an explosion of Catholicism in Tennessee as our seminarians are young, happy, orthodox, manly men.”

    Aside from not being “young” in body any more, these words about Bishop Choby’s seminarians describe this fine and faithful bishop himself. The last time I (in a diocese neighboring Nashville) saw him personally was at a memorial Mass for a saintly old priest who spent his final years resident in my home parish. Father Julius was very proud of Bishop Choby, having as his pastor then started him out as an altar boy way back when. I’ll never forget the moment when, at the end of the Mass, Bishop Choby rose to say a few words in memory of his mentor, and the difficulty with which he spoke, choking as tears visibly filled his eyes.

  48. PatB says:

    New Sister: Why don’t you like our cathedral?

  49. Andkaras says:

    Zagano alarm. It is my sincere hope that Bp. Sample dose not have to, at this time in the churches history, deal with the unfortunate subject of deaconesses. There has been little evidence that those who advocate for it are doing so for reasons other than a classic power grab. Now if all those women were in ministries dealing with “Theology of the Body” and Dignitates Mulieris” and other such subjects that protect the dignity of everyone, for some twenty years or more ,One could discern a more pure motive for such a title. Up to now we have seen a definite discention of church teaching in those circles

  50. PatB says:

    acardnal: We also have, here in Portland, a “gay pride parade” that some local parishes participate in…believe it or not. And we have the World Naked Bike Ride (meaning, buck naked with mixed dancing afterwards). Many bumpers sport the sticker “Keep Portland Weird.” I hope Ab. Sample will be a big influence to “Make Portland Holy.”

  51. BLB Oregon says:

    “@ Disco — take one look at the Portland, OR Cathedral and you’d prefer the basketball court, believe me!”

    You must mean that the Cathedral cannot possibly accommodate 3500 people. Otherwise, I have no idea what you mean by that.

  52. BLB Oregon says:

    –acardnal: We also have, here in Portland, a “gay pride parade” that some local parishes participate in…believe it or not. And we have the World Naked Bike Ride (meaning, buck naked with mixed dancing afterwards). Many bumpers sport the sticker “Keep Portland Weird.” I hope Ab. Sample will be a big influence to “Make Portland Holy.”–PatB

    By far the worse was the choice of some Catholics here to “boycott” Sunday Mass in favor of protests in the park, replete with liturgical dancers and who knows what else.

    If our Archbishop is wise, he’ll be intent on ensuring that his priests are persuaded that there is no injustice in a male-only priesthood. There are some who have been hit rather hard by these false guilt trips. When you are expecting a stormy season, look for cracks in the foundation. That is on-going maintenance that one cannot afford to neglect.

  53. Carrolju says:

    BLB Oregon-you should count yourself lucky that we only did 4 languages–we could have done all 30. . . .

  54. New Sister says:

    @ Disco, @ PatB, @ BLBOregon – I tried to post a reply to Pat but couldn’t earlier. I googled the Portland Cathedral about a month ago and found a twisted concrete modern ugly building – the WRONG Cathedral. I make a FULL retraction and DEEP apology! I checked again today and St Mary’s of the Immaculate Conception is lovely – a Byzantine/Romanesque style. Please forgive me.

  55. PatB says:

    Carrolju: The Roman Church has a universal language for a reason. It would be reasonable to desist with this Babel and return to Latin for these big mixed Masses, with people using their Latin-vernacular missals for the translation. This element of Catholic culture is sorely missed by those of us who grew up in an era where we could go to Mass nearly anywhere in the world and understand the prayers.

    The two and a half hours it took to accommodate the show of disunity was exhausting. The show was also nonsensical in a way. For instance, why was there nobody in a kilt? Archbishop Sample’s paternal heritage is Scottish. Portland is absolutely stuffed with kilt-owning descendants of Irish Catholics who came here during the potato famine, and Portland is still a center for learning bagpipe and Irish dancing. The sort of ethnic parade we had at the installation Mass always leaves someone feeling left out. Let’s emphasize Catholic culture…it leads to unity. There is no such thing as a hyphenated Catholic, as in, “I’m a Tlingit-Catholic…I’m a Hottentot-Catholic…I’m a Danish-Catholic…” Either one is Catholic, or one is not.

  56. PatB says:

    New Sister: Apology accepted :-) Thanks.

  57. Carrolju says:

    PatB-we are a multi-cultural archdiocese. My comment to BLB Oregon was a light-hearted joke. I have no idea why you would put so much unneeded thought and time into a comment about it. Our response to the prayers in English, Latin, Spanish and Filipino took maybe an extra 15 sec per response.

    And there were some folks in kilts. I saw them. They were about 50 ft away from me. Cute guys too .. . The term Catholic means universal-that includes all the different cultures .. … I’m surprised that you call it disunity while I see it an including all the cultures-from Spanish to English to Latin to Vietnamese and more with all the readings and prayers. That’s what a diocesan event should be all about.

    Quite frankly- I’m confused—so you think “Catholic culture” should be only Latin or English? Seriously-what do you mean by “Catholic culture”?

    At any rate-I felt honored to be a part of such a wonderful event-an event that so many people gave so much thought and time to organizing. And when I was leaving-the wonderful dancing and music outside the Chiles Center filled me with joy. I think it’s really easy to over-analyze and critique events like these instead of letting go and filling your hearts and souls with the spirit of Christ. It’s just not about the “rules” or the color of trim on vestments . . .. .

  58. PatB says:

    Carrolju: Of course Catholic culture is not English. In the past it was Latin, with vernacular translations. (Vernacular means the mother tongue of the person attending the Mass). I already said this, above, and told my reason for it. I hope you will think about it.

    I did not see any kilts in the procession. I did see one at the reception. As I said, singling out a few cultures for show and ignoring others leaves people feeling left out. Saying my comment about the Irish feeling left out is unneeded is hardly inclusive. It makes me think even more that “our diocese is multicultural” is for some cultures but not others. For your culture, perhaps, but not for mine.

  59. PatB says:

    Carrollju: Also, it wasn’t just a few 15 second responses. It was quite a few long prayers, with no translations. The Oglalla Sioux woman with plastic elk teeth on her robe didn’t even sound like a native speaker. How many members of this midwestern, plains tribe do we even have in the diocese? I mean, really. Unity would have been prayer that everyone could understand.

  60. Carrolju says:

    I said the sung response added 15 sec to each prayer.

    And I understand your what you said before-I just don’t agree with it. The church is evolving (as it should) and I will evolve with it and embrace it. I see no need to complain and harp and the way it “used to be”. The way the Church used to be was certainly not perfect (in many ways). Nor is it now and probably never will be . .. .

    I find your complaints about the intercessions/procession quite silly-you’re sounding like someone who would find reason to complain so matter what had been done. If you’re so offended by the muticultural aspects of diocesan events-you might want to stay away from them then–readings/music/prayers have been incorporated in every service for at least the last 13 years. However-the new AB is quite a fan of the Latin Mass and so who knows? There may be a lot more opportunities to worship this way in our archdiocese in the future.

  61. PatB says:

    CarollJu: If you understood what I meant, why did you say, “Seriously, what do you mean by Catholic Culture?” This conversation is what is silly. You do not follow the logical thread. Also, you accuse me of attitudes and ideas I do not have. It is quite offensive. Trying to reason with you is not working. Goodbye.

  62. amsjj1002 says:

    Re: Abp. Sample’s installation on EWTN: According to the Archdiocese of Portland web site, EWTN will re-broadcast the Mass of Installation on Monday, April 8, 2013 11:00 am Pacific —

    Here’s the info from EWTN:
    Cathedrals Across America: The Mass Of Installation Of The Most Reverend Alexander K. Sample As The 11th Archbishop Of Portland
    Mon. Apr. 8 at 2 PM ET
    From The University of Portland’s Chiles Center —

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