Comment Registration, Blank Pages, Banning, Thanks, and You

In order to comment here, readers must register and I must approve the registration.

This is for two reasons.

First, were I not to place this restriction, the combox would be a demonically crazy place.  My traffic here would go to the stars, but that’s not worth the trouble and the evil result.

I had anonymous posting here for a while. It attracted evil blatteroons and the reason-challenged, low-information types who contribute so much to the internet.

Second, the blog is under constant attack by spammers (may they roast in the deep cinders of hell, as Dr. Maturin would say).

The registration form includes a place where I ask people to write about themselves.  That is an important tool for me. I use it to sort out the well-meaning from nefarious ne’er-do-wells.

This morning I sorted through a couple dozen registrations and rejected a half dozen or so as obvious vile spammers and a few as too vague for me to be comfortable with at a quick glance.

It may be that some well-meaning people don’t get that that part of the registration is important.  Thus, they might write something like “not much to say”, or “I like peanut butter”.  If that is the sum total of what is included, I do not approve the registration. I do not send a note saying that it was rejected.

Just as you, I have only so much time and energy and no one is helping me with this.  Therefore, I have to place limits and I sometimes have to be a bit draconian.

Many of you veterans here know all this, but there are a lot of new readers.

One more thing.

It may be that some of you have checked into the blog and found only a blank page.

I installed a new plugin which helps cut down spam attacks by checking incoming IPs against lists of known spamming slubberdegullions.  It really helps me and I can’t imagine doing without it now.

It may be that your IP falls in a range similar to those of known spammers.  I can “white list” your IP if you have problems.

I also occasionally ban people by IP address. These are usually blasphemous, profane, sacrilegious jerks, the irremediably stupid, people who seem determined to create lots of work for me, or the simply annoying for whom I as a sinner lack the charity and patience to deal with.  I’m just sayin’. I have my bad days too.

Seriously bashing Pope Francis will get you banned here too.

If you have a problem getting to the blog from one location or computer, but not from your mobile phone or from another place, drop me a line. If you know yourself to be innocent of the aforementioned unwelcome chicanery, I might be able to white list your IP address and get you back to the fold.

And now that that is out of the way.

Please do the following.

  • Buy some Mystic Monk coffee right now.  You’ll be glad you did.
  • Use my amazon search box whenever you shop online.
  • Send a donation. I’ll be grateful.
  • Look at Your Urgent Prayer Requests (top menu).
  • Click on the WCC ad and look at the CNS feed.
  • Follow me on Twitter.

Speaking of donations, many thanks to…

JB, RMcE, SDeS, SS, DD, ET, JPG, MK, RC, MC, NS, CD, ML, FH, RA, MF, GSM, CMB, AN, MP-P, BY, JB, MS, SA, BB, MK, C’OC, RD, DN, EL, JMJ, SM, SP, SV, SD, JV, CS, CG, JL, KS, AC, JV, BC, FW, AW, FV, AN, DK, JB, CM, JB, ER, PG, RA, SZ, SN, JL, ER, JW, MR, LS, KA, MD, LW, VS, Fr. RH, VW, JE, NA, MZ, GMcI, JN, DM, JN, AMcC, WH, CD, MR, CG, SS, BA, HS, DS, RM, MS, DW, MM, CP, TE, MCB, KL, GMcI, FN, KL, KL, NM, LC, AM, PAP, DP, AJG, LH, SS, CO’C, LS, MF, ZA, M-MC, SC, SS, RMcE, JB, PL UPDATE: EP (Rome), CS (Rome), BY (Rome), TMcG (Rome), EC, MK, FH (Rome), CH (Rome), AD (Rome), NA (monthly), MB (Rome), LM (Rome), MH (Rome), CG, AE (Rome), JK (Rome), CWvZ, MR (Rome), TE (Rome), WMR (Rome), LA (Rome), MG (Rome), LG (Rome), CEF, unknown, NW (Rome),

Also, thanks to the person who sent the amazon gift card, which came to today.  There was no packing slip, so I don’t know who you are.  And thanks to CEF for the DVD of Babette’s Feast!  I’m looking forward to it.

I periodically say Mass for the intention of my benefactors (which always also includes DY, GS, and KA).  I will do so again on Wednesday 10 April, in the morning.

Also, thanks to you who have sent Kindle books or things from my amazon wishlist.  For example, I received a great new pad for when I clean my Glock, having a diagram of all the parts.  I haven’t actually taken it completely apart yet, but I suppose I’ll have to do so some day.  Moreover, occasionally it seems as if something was ordered from my wish list, but it wasn’t sent to me.  I don’t know how that works, exactly, but it is a bit tedious.  That is why sometimes I put things back on the list.  Again, I just sayin’.

I’m planning to go back to Rome at the end of June for a very important conference on matters traditional. It is described as: “Sacra Liturgia 2013: Rome, 25-28 June 2013 – An international conference to study, promote and renew the appreciation of liturgical formation and celebration and its foundation for the mission of the Church.”

I think it is important to participate in these conferences, especially at the dawn of this new pontificate, if you get my drift.  We need to close ranks and roll up the sleeves.  Thus, I will be depending on your donations so that I can go. By myself, I can’t do it. With your help I can. The little waving Vatican flag is a donation link, earmarked for Rome expenses.

In any event, thanks to everyone.  I am grateful and I remember you in prayer.  Many of you were especially good to me when I was having my computer disaster in Rome around the time of the conclave. That experience was both supremely frustrating and also truly consoling.

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