READER FEEDBACK: Going to confession and first Traditional Latin Mass

From a reader down-under:

Thank you for the work you do as I have learnt much from your blog. I have been to Confession twice recently, having put it off until the constant encouragement from you helped me to go.

Tonight I attended an EF mass for the first time, something else that you and your readers have helped me with. It was probably the largest number of people in their 20s, my age group, that I have seen at a mass outside of ‘youth events’. [Sounds right.]

I came across the following in an article in our local Catholic paper and I hope it will make you smile. The article discussed the large numbers of people attending Holy Week and Easter services this year.

“Wynnum parish priest Capuchin Father John Spiteri was “absolutely delighted” by the parish response to Easter, particularly as regards Confession.

“As many as 50 people attended Mass every day during Holy Week and this kept building, plus myself and another priest were flat out hearing Confessions especially on Holy Saturday morning from 10 till 12.30pm,” he said. “

If you hear them they will come.

This isn’t rocket science, friends.

Fathers!  Hear confessions!

Getting into the box could be the most powerful contribution you can make to promote the New Evangelization.

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  1. marylise says:

    Father Gabriele Amorth, chief exorcist of Rome, teaches that for many people, including victims of evil activities, a good confession is the best exorcism. He writes, “It is the most direct means to fight Satan because it is the sacrament that tears souls from the demon’s grasp, strengthens against sin, unites us more closely to God, and helps to conform our souls increasingly to the divine will.” Source: Amorth, G. An Exorcist More Stories. [Translated by Nicoletta V. MacKenzie.] Ignatius Press, San Francisco, 2002, p. 195.

  2. wolfeken says:

    There we go again with “traditional Latin Mass” and “have been to confession” and “young people” all in the same post again. What is with that constant connection….?

    To the priests who hear confessions often: THANK YOU! I imagine many worked overtime during Lent. Know that just as many of us would like to see more scheduled times for confession (including before and during Holy Mass by other priests in a confessional) we also pray for the priests hearing the confessions. Sometimes priests don’t hear that enough — know that it is true.

  3. mimiwnc says:

    Our priest spent extra time in the confessional during Holy Week. He discusses the sacrament and the usual difficulties we have in going several times each year. I am grateful for his good work and Fr. Z’s encouragement. I went after too many months and the good effects touch every part of your life.

  4. “There we go again with “traditional Latin Mass” and “have been to confession” and “young people” all in the same post again. What is with that constant connection….?”

    To me, sounds like the restoration and future of the Church, when the spirit of Vatican II crowd has received its eternal reward.

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