What is your good news?

Do you have good news for the readers?  Let us know.

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  1. pseudomodo says:

    We are Down Under! In Sydney!!

  2. StWinefride says:

    It’s my father’s birthday today and I managed to send a card this year instead of the usual e-card!

  3. I made a good confession on Saturday. Things are happening both re. my situation with spiritual direction and another, very special matter. The Lord is good!

  4. kbf says:

    My eldest daughter made her first holy communion yesterday. The mass was a bit “meeeh”, but it didn’t detract from her first encounter with Our Lord.

  5. HolyPhoenix says:

    My first son, Ignatius James, was born on Thursday. Through these first several days God is definitely teaching me and my wife what real patience is.

  6. mamajen says:

    We finally have our baby’s baptism sorted out, and his grandparents from England will be here to see it (two weeks!). He will have wonderful godparents who were so excited to be chosen.

    We also made the difficult decision to switch parishes. I’m sad knowing that some feelings will probably be hurt, and in some ways I feel like I gave up, but it’s good news for our family–a reverent ad orientem NO, traditional hymns, communion on the tongue at the altar rail, etc. I’m happy that my boys will experience that, and I think it will help my husband and I grow in our faith as well. We’re fortunate to have this option.

  7. iPadre says:

    This coming Sunday, we have the 100th Anniversary Celebration of my parish. Bishop Tobin will celebrate and preach at the Mass and there is a dinner celebration that afternoon.

  8. rachmaninov says:

    I received a letter from the Vatican on behalf of His Holiness Benedict XVI, thanking me for my book “Heralds of the Second Coming” and assuring me of his prayers. Fr Tim Finigan was also kind enough to write a review of it here several weeks ago http://the-hermeneutic-of-continuity.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/heralds-of-second-coming-by-stephen.html

  9. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    I am not sure this falls in the particular scope of “good news” as used here, but it seems to be very ‘good news’ in a general sense – a common statement on marriage co-drafted by Deacon Keith Fournier and signed by (among others) Fr. Schenck, Fr. Pavone, and Bill Donohue :


    (with link to full document) –

    if this is too far ‘off topic’, please delete (but also consider attending to it elsewhere).

  10. Southern Baron says:

    I got married!

  11. JamieMc4525 says:

    Starting off a week at Notre Dame

  12. Rose in NE says:

    Bittersweet good news: Our new asst. pastor (FSSP) was ordained this past Saturday in Rome, but it means we will be losing our current, very much beloved, asst. pastor, who is being reassigned to a parish in TX. He will be greatly missed. Of course, that is good news for Texas, as they will be getting a very holy priest.

  13. Sue says:

    We have a monthly holy hour to pray for life, marriage and religious freedom. Usually less than 5 of us show up but yesterday there were 19! We have a holy priest who has been trying so hard to wake his flock up. We’re starting to listen.

  14. gloriainexcelsis says:

    On Saturday, June 22, our pastor came to bless our home, surrounding property and livestock (chickens), and to enthrone the Sacred Heart of Jesus, with our family’s consecration to the Sacred Heart. Three couples from our parish, St. Joseph the Worker, in Tyler, Texas, who have become extended family, shared in the event. All stayed for a buffet afterwards and good visit with Father Scott Allen, FSSP. At the same time that we celebrated this special occasion, we were sadly aware that Father is leaving us in July. He has been assigned to teach at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary in Santa Paula, CA. Having been his parishioner for almost three years, I can see why his talents call for this transfer. Lucky seminarians. We will be ready to welcome our new pastor, Father Charles Ryan, to our small but growing parish.

  15. Benedict says:

    Friars recently evangelized through some Bluegrass in Washington Square Park in NYC.

     Fr. Austin OP, the asst. chaplain at NYU on the mandolin in the video, will celebrate a Dominican Rite Mass at the Dominican church of St. Patrick in Columbus on August 4.

  16. Jeannie_C says:

    We did not have to evacuate, our home was not flooded. We live in Alberta, devastation all around us from last week’s flood. Please keep those who have lost everything – and no flood insurance in Canada (!!!). There were several deaths associated with this catastrophe. Thank you, your prayers greatly appreciated.

  17. Skeinster says:

    We’re losing our third priest, and getting a new one so he might be coming to us- if that’s him, we are so excited and will give him a big Lone Star State welcome.

    On Saturday we had a wonderful Nuptial Mass- the bride grew up in our EF community. What a holy, joyful and awesome (in the strictest sense) occasion. The visiting celebrant had a beautiful voice and gave a thoughtful, orthodox homily. It lifts our hearts to see some of our young people growing up, entering Matrimony and beginning new families of their own.

  18. Cavaliere says:

    The Fraternity of St. Peter has a new apostolate in Minneapols and St. Paul.


  19. wbloomfield says:

    My brother was married on Friday. It was an Ordinary Form Nuptial Mass, but we sang some of the Extraordinary Form chants. Here is the Gradual chant “Uxor Tua:” http://youtu.be/3th4MHiOD5U

    And here is the Introit “Deus Israel”: http://youtu.be/4CYQa2PwMqU

  20. pannw says:

    rachmaninov says:
    24 June 2013 at 7:38 am

    What a funny coincidence…I just ordered your book this morning! After reading the review you linked, I think it is good news that I ordered it.

    Congratulations, Southern Baron!! God bless you.

  21. Scott Woltze says:

    Tonight Fr. Vincent Kelber OP will offer a Dominican Missa Cantata at Holy Rosary parish in Portland, OR. He was recently named pastor of the parish–a first for the young priest. He said he was serene about the new assignment due to the parishes’ “profound adherence to tradition and to communion with the leaders of the Church.” Father maintains a website on the Dominican Rite with Fr. Augustine Thompson OP. Deo Gratias.

  22. rachmaninov says:

    Dear Pannw,
    Thanks very much for your kind comments. I hope you find it of interest.
    The latest review is here: http://unamsanctamcatholicam.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/review-heralds-of-second-coming.html
    And I was recently interviewed by Catholic News Service about the book here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Kft-XMDSbA
    God bless

  23. APX says:

    I attended the last Latin Mass (public at least) of a priest who is retiring now at the age of 88.

    Also, the flood waters have receded and continue to recede in Calgary and clean up is underway. However, I don’t think they’ll be singing “Joy is Like the Rain” or “Peace is Flowing Like a River” during Mass anytime soon.

  24. Therese says:

    Congratulations, HolyPhoenix, on the birth of your first child, and also to those who were married! Isn’t it wonderful to be alive? ;-)

  25. Nan says:

    Re: New FSSP parish, that’s one church-intensive neighborhood. Three Eastern Rite Catholic parishes, three Orthodox parishes that I know of, and loads of Latin Rite parishes.

    I think I mentioned my good news yesterday in another context; I was the 5th person including the priest to celebrate Vespers at my grandpa’s Byzantine Rite parish for St. John’s Day.

  26. pinoytraddie says:

    A newly ordained FSSP Priest (A Filipino)offered one of his first masses in his Country. The Solemn High Mass had an Oblate as a Deacon and an Augustinian Deacon as Subdeacon. The Pastor in that Church is the Spiritual Director of Una Voce Philippines. His Name is Fr Anthony Uy.

  27. Supertradmum says:

    Bittersweet good news, but good news nonetheless. God is calling me into great silence and I cannot refuse. I shall continue to write, but am ending the blog this week. I have nothing left to say at this time, and I have to enter into the great, mysterious darkness of the night of the purification of the senses and spirit. It is a call to listen, not to talk. I love blogging but I need to move into the great silence as much as I can to answer this call of the Bridegroom. This call is humbling. I shall write poems, plays and things but not on line. You all are called to this as well, which is really good news!

  28. Therese says:

    May God bless you, Supertradmum, and draw you ever closer to Himself. (Thanks, too, for all the posts.)

  29. VexillaRegis says:

    Dear Supertradmum: Bittersweet indeed! I have really enjoyed your posts on here, (and at St Etheldreda’s place), but when you get the call, you can’t refuse, of course. You are in my prayers, dear STM!

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