A teen talks about the Traditional Latin Mass – VIDEO

She is dead on about where the focus of the TLM is.  She also gets that true liturgical worship is hard.  Indirectly, she touches on the point I am constantly making about how Mass must bring about an encounter with mystery.

I suggest to her that, as she continues to attend the TLM, she hold in mind during Holy Mass that the true Actor is Christ the High Priest.

Youthful intensity!

PS: I don’t condone the use of “Latin Mass” for the Extraordinary Form or (pick your term). “Latin Mass” should also apply to the Novus Ordo.

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  1. Matt R says:

    I am tremendously proud to call Renée Catherine (which is where she gets her Youtube handle, Reborn Pure, BTW) my friend. She is an outstanding and lovely lady. I also recommend her video on why we as individual persons must become saints.

    My response to the video is here: http://suscipesanctepater.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-traditional-latin-mass-and-our.html

  2. I too am so super proud of Renee, a friend of mine and the originator of the group ‘New Catholic Generation,’ of which I am a member. Thanks a lot for sharing, Fr. Z!

    Please keep Renee in your prayers and her endeavors at NCG and elsewhere to spread the Catholic Faith and ignite a fire in teens for the truths of that most holy Religion.

  3. MariaKap says:

    “Don’t change the Mass. Let the Mass change you!” LOVE IT!

  4. “I don’t condone the use of “Latin Mass” for the Extraordinary Form or (pick your term). “Latin Mass” should also apply to the Novus Ordo.”

    But it does seem to be an unintended consequence of SP and MR3 in English that the Latin Novus Ordo is even rarer than before. I could attend a regular (at least monthly) Latin Novus Ordo before, but wouldn’t be able to find one now. And those parishes where at least the Kyrie (Gr.), Sanctus, and Agnus Dei were in Latin seem to have all-English ordinaries now. So the only way I myself can now experience Latin at an OF Mass is to follow the Latin column in my OF Latin-English hand missal with my eyes while my ears hear English.

    So perhaps the liberation of the TLM is turning out sadly, but in its effect, to mean the extinction of Latin in the Church’s normative liturgy? In which case, “Latin Mass” might not have meant only TLM before, it tends to now?

  5. Geoffrey says:

    “I don’t condone the use of ‘Latin Mass’ for the Extraordinary Form or (pick your term). ‘Latin Mass’ should also apply to the Novus Ordo.”

    Amen! I really wish we could get more Latin in the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite (I don’t like the term ‘Novus Ordo’, since it was promulgated before I was born, it’s never been “new” to me!).

    I seem to recall many years ago, Cardinal Arinze said that there was no reason that every parish in the Roman Rite should not have one Sunday Mass in Latin (readings in the vernacular, etc.). At this point, I would settle for one in every diocese! How can we get more OF Masses in Latin?!

  6. scholastica says:

    “Don’t change the Mass, let the Mass change you”, made me shout AMEN to the amusement of my children. A bumpersticker slogan perhaps! What heartfelt wisdom for a young woman.

  7. kpoterack says:

    She’s a cutie and makes some very good points! It gives me much hope for the younger generation.

  8. Vecchio di Londra says:

    Yes, Renée Catherine has very much the Right Idea. We need always to realize we are seeing through a glass darkly, and the Mass is a Mystery, and we can never fathom it.
    But there’s – eventually – a natural limit to the human ability to just be present, thinking humbly that we ought to understand the words – but don’t.
    We can learn. Without much trouble.
    Latin is our birthright, our heritage. The withdrawal of its general teaching in schools, and the refusal to teach the grammatical structure of English, is a cultural disgrace. (And the inability of contemporary Romance-language Italians, Spanish, French, Portuguese to relate to latin is a dispiriting proof that modernism has triumphed.)

    Suggestion: We need lay Latin-Liturgy missionaries to pour a lively understanding of Church-Latin and the basic use of the Missal into the ears and minds of those who want to learn. I see all around me faithful Catholics of younger years (or older) who are flummoxed by the Latin that is an integral component of our own English language: instinctive neophyte TLM-goers who need & want a helping hand. We (older and Latin-favoured) laypeople should find a structured but tactful way to give them the basics without being ‘knowing’ and ‘elder’, and without overly intruding on church space. I can’t so far think of the right approach for this but…
    Why should we have been taught, and they have not?! It’s not fair on them – as with so many current (eg financial) inequalities between age and youth.
    There used to be free classes in basic Church Latin (and of course the Liturgy) for altar boys, in the post-war period. Perhaps this is what we need now, but for all the curious faithful.
    And with the laity volunteering to teach. I certainly would.

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  10. Fr. Hamilton says:

    @Vecchio: Lay Latin-Liturgy Missionaries… I love it! Borrowing a charge and a sentiment oft expressed here: Take off the training wheels. Ride the bike. Brick by brick. Layman by layman. Parish by parish!

  11. Unwilling says:

    Profound, beautiful, but…
    Pope Francis rejects false religiosity. “The rule is simple: only that which brings you to Jesus is valid, and only that is valid that comes from Jesus. Jesus is the center, the Lord, as He Himself says.” [EWTN]
    Joe Biden
    Nancy Pelosi

  12. future_sister says:

    This makes me even more joyful and proud to be a vlogger for the New Catholic Generation. Here’s our website.


    RebornPure is such a grace to us and I am so glad that she started this movement to unite together young Catholic vloggers to teach the beauty of the Church. One of the other vloggers on that site, ChurchTriumphant, a young convert from China, has a video from his first TLM that may be of interest to you guys.

  13. Sonshine135 says:

    “Don’t change the Mass…Let the Mass change you.”


  14. Sword40 says:

    Before I left the OF Mass for the EF, I had several priests tell me that we could use Latin ordinaries during Lent only, because the Mass was supposed to be more reverent then. ????????
    Give me the EF anytime.

    Oh, yes I think this video was EXCELLENT. I have shaed it with many friends.

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