Must see video about solidarity, friendship.

One of the alert readers here picked this up from Badger Catholic.  I, too, had to share it.

Great message.  (And it involves Guinness!  What’s not to like?)

Powerful images and sounds.

Marshall McLuhan famously concluded that the “medium is the message”.

If only we could figure out how to harness this medium more effectively.

Some of those Catholics Come Home commercials were pretty good, weren’t they.

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  1. acardnal says:

    One of the best ways to evangelize is to be a friend.

  2. mamajen says:

    In general Catholics really fail at media. It’s frustrating. That said, I think Catholic Vote has put forth some fantastic videos–their first video during the 2008 campaign in particular was moving and inspiring:

  3. ChristianO says:

    The Guinness ad put me in mind of the bit at the end of Prince Caspian where Reepicheep the mouse petitions Aslan to restore Reepicheep’s maimed tail (“the honour and glory of a mouse”), and Reepicheep’s lieutenant Peepiceek and the other mice-soldiers step forward with swords drawn in case Aslan declines, ready to cut off their own tails rather than shame their captain by bearing an honour denied to him.

    I agree with Mamajen that has made some great strides in using this medium. I particularly enjoyed the series of video spots commissioned by for their “Life: Imagine the Potential” campaign. The second video in that series was my favorite (watch it here: The creative minds at Grassroots Films – the independent film production company that contracted to create the video spots – deserve credit for the brilliance of that ad campaign (you can visit the company’s website at The USCCB should not only hire Grassroots Films; if you ask me, the bishops should be keeping them on retainer. As Fr. Z suggests, we have a lot of ground to make up in figuring out how to put this medium to effective use for the good of all.

  4. alexmfarmer says: have just started making their own animations, but in the mean time they continue to organise videos by topic, made by absolutely anyone, which could be useful for apostolic purposes. They also do a lot of work adding Spanish subtitles to English language videos.

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