Amusing, in a nauseating, slimy way.

Any time I come into even tangential contact with MSNBC I feel the need for a shower.

This, however, shows just how blinkered those blighters are.  From

MSNBC host shocked to learn Pope Francis opposes abortion

For liberals, abortion is the closest thing to a religious sacrament. [I would say that abortion is a liberal ‘sacrament’.  It is certainly the feminist liberal ‘sacrament’.] But the fact that Pope Francis — a man said has received a “strange new respect” from liberals over income inequality — opposes abortion seemed to come as a shock to one MSNBC host, Newsbusters reported Wednesday.

On Wednesday, thousands turned out to participate in an annual event known as the “March for Life,” despite snow and frigid temperatures. Pope Francis sent a message of solidarity to the marchers, telling them he was there in spirit if not in person.

“I join the March for Life in Washington with my prayers, may God help us respect all life, especially the most vulnerable,” he said in a tweet.

But that didn’t sit too well with Chris Jansing, host of MSNBC’s “Jansing &Co.,” who “sniffed” at the thought Pope Francis supports the Catholic Church’s long-held belief that abortion is immoral and wrong, and said his views are “reflective of ways in which the church certainly has not changed.”

“Earth to Chris Jansing: The Catholic Church is and always will be pro-life. No amount of pushing from the liberals at MSNBC will change that,” Newsbusters’ Jeffrey Meyer wrote.


Just how thick are these people?

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  1. teomatteo says:

    “Just how thick are these people?”
    Thicker than the scum in the shower of a frat house.

  2. acardnal says:

    “reflective of ways in which the church certainly has not changed.”

    Truth never changes.

  3. Vincent. says:

    We knew her as Chris Kapostasy when she was on the local news in Albany.

  4. pseudomodo says:

    Chris Kapostasy?

    At first I thought that was a pun or a joke or a play on words…

    Yikes! She’s real! And a catholic to boot!

  5. catholic_at_nd says:

    Her Wikipedia page says she’s a Catholic:

  6. djc says:

    Fr Z, this is a serious point I make—-do not ever watch, even for a minute, MSNBC. They despise believing Catholics.


  7. anilwang says:

    Just how thick are these people?

    Don’t underestimate them. They’re not thick at all. They know full well what the scoop is. They just feign ignorance to use that ignorance as an opportunity to attack and make their opponents on the defensive and be ashamed.

    It’s an old technique, that unfortunately has been quite effective in getting Catholics and Catholic political leaders ashamed of Church teachings (e.g. anything relating to sex). (Casablanca “shocked scene”)

  8. NBW says:

    MSNBC is a vast waste land of distorted news stories. Jansing did a story on the Gosnell case; the other reporter was much more emotional than Jansing. So sad.

  9. Nathan says:

    Concur with anilwang. They know full well that the Catholic Church will never change her teaching. What is important here is manipulation and power. This is accomplished by controlling what most people receive as information.

    Case in point, this tweet yesterday from Jennifer Bendery of the Huffington Post: No signs of a pro-life rally on the National Mall today, except for this sign honoring life — in the garbage. Of course, she tweeted this just before 4pm, almost 2 hours after the march had left the National Mall.

    This is, IMO, along with the MSNBC twaddle, deliberate manipulation of the message and outright lies to make people think that 1)the Church can change her teaching, and 2)that change is inevitable.

    In Christ,

  10. Dimitri_Cavalli says:

    The pope and the Catholic Church are pro-life? Who knew?

    Too many liberals live in a perpetual state of being “surprised” often by the obvious (such as when Pope Benedict XVI opposed gay marriage in his final Christmas address) and then morally outraged.

    Let’s also remember that pro-abortion Catholics are rejecting Vatican II. The pastoral constitution on the Catholic Church in the modern world, “Gaudium et Spes” (December 7, 1965), one of 16 Vatican II documents (funny how people forget this), condemned abortion in two places and also artificial contraception. See

    So it’s not just Jew-haters and Society of Saint Pius X members (who dishonor a great pope by co-opting his name in dissent) who “reject Vatican II” or the “Vatican II reforms.”

  11. Gregory DiPippo says:

    Optime Pater,

    I am in complete agreement that MSNBC is just revolting, and manages, somehow, to become 100x more so whenever it says anything about the Church. BUT, video of this does not seem to be available, even on their own website. (I looked.) So I wonder, did she really “sniff” at this? Or did she just point out an obvious truth, one which much of her liberal audience is trying very hard to deny; namely, that there are certain things about the Church which are never going to change, and that Pope Francis is not the heretic that they want him to be. The Spectator ran a very good piece about this recently, subheadline: “Trendy commentators have fallen in love with a pope of their own invention.”

    I’ve met Chris Jansing, and she doesn’t really seem like the type. Maybe someone who saw the actual program can clarify?

  12. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    I don’t suppose if, say, Mr. Cuomo in a burst of caesaropapism called a council to create an anti-pope who would be ‘ideologically sound’ enough to be permitted to visit New York, it would have much traction…

  13. AVL says:

    Wow, seriously? That takes the cake.

  14. Adam Welp says:

    Wait…what? The Pope really is Catholic?

    In other breaking news: Bears from around the country are reporting that they still defecate in the woods. Story at 11!

  15. frjim4321 says:

    I think both MSNBC and FN need to be taken for what they are; neither are serious news outlets, they are both idealogy-driven commentary outlets. Neither are worth being taken very seriously. I watch a good deal of both since I want to know as much as I can about the enemy and like the next guy I’m drawn to the spectacle of a tragic accident.

    I can resonate with our Reverend and Dear Blogmaster regarding the “sacrament” of abortion for the bleeding left edge wherever I see dear Rachel pining away about it; she really does seem to present abortion as something sacred to her. Yes, let’s put it on the calendar, I think I agree with this take at least 85%. She’s right about a lot, especially her take on Bush Jr., but on the abortion issue she goes way past pro-choice to being pro-abortion.

    Regarding the “meat” of this post: But that didn’t sit too well with Chris Jansing, host of MSNBC’s “Jansing &Co.,” who “sniffed” at the thought Pope Francis supports the Catholic Church’s long-held belief that abortion is immoral and wrong, and said his views are “reflective of ways in which the church certainly has not changed,” we’re expected to rely on the Examiner’s spin on what really happened. Also, the quote is actually a correct and true statement. The examiner piece is mainly an interpretation of the tone of what the host said rather than what he actually said.

  16. incredulous says:

    We are fighting Satan himself. Abortion is a sacrament? A pro life agenda is “revolting”? As stupid, as bad a Christian and as depraved as I am, even I can recognize the source of this one.

    Bottom line, they call this a war on women? Well, women are waging a war on babies. Who’s the aggressor in this war? Certainly not the babies. Who is chivalrous? The women killing the babies or the men AND women waging war on these killer women?

    Enough pussyfooting. Call a spade a spade. Who should win? Babies or killer women?

  17. JonPatrick says:

    incredulous I think we need to have some charity here concerning “women waging a war on babies”. Most of the women who believe they need to get an abortion are not doing it for ideological reasons, in many cases they are being pressured into it by their families, boyfriends, etc. The only ideologues in this case are the Planned Parenthood leaders and politicians who promote “choice” and they come in both sexes.

  18. Justalurkingfool says:


    I think you are naive. I am being charitable.

  19. Sonshine135 says:

    And in other news……. all who live in darkness continue to stumble.

  20. acricketchirps says:

    4321: I think both MSNBC and FN … are both idealogy-driven commentary outlets.

    I think Fr Jim just means he’s to the left of Fox and MSNBC is to the left of him. Most readers knowing about where the redoubtable Fr. Jim stands on the issuse can put it into perspective.

  21. frjim4321 says:

    Incredulous, I think you might have taken my comment out of context.

    The expression “abortion as a sacrament” was not my idea; I was simply largely ratifying a concept put forth by our congenial host.

  22. frjim4321 says:

    Actually, acricketchirps, what I meant was what I said, and not what you inferred. Although I appreciate the adjective.

    Also, since I practically never hear anything on FN with which I would agree but often hears things that seems reasonable to me on MSNBC it would seem that your take is not quite accurate. I obviously do not approval of Rachel’s practically religious adherence to pro-abortion sentiment though I find her frequently to be on target.

    To our Dear and Congenial Host: I just had a thought … since some readers seem a little bit scandalized by the appropriation of the term “sacrament” for abortion, might I suggest the slightly less off putting “religious adherence,” because it seems to make the same point without being quite as jarring?

  23. frjim4321 says:

    “hears” = “hear”
    still waiting for WordPress to provide a grammar checker

  24. Dimitri_Cavalli says:

    Aren’t you guys a little hard on MSNBC? The “To Catch a Predator” and various “Lockup” re-runs are entertaining television.

  25. robtbrown says:

    The evening programming on Fox News is mostly commentary, but the separate news gathering operation has some pretty good people. Ed Henry, Carl Cameron, Chris Wallace, and John Roberts all have solid backgrounds.

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