Child violators get a pass from liberals when they are “gay” right activists

From NewsBusters:

Pedophiles Are Not National News — When They’re Gay Rights Pioneers

The PJ Tatler recently reported on the case of Larry Brinkin, for many years an “icon” on the Human Rights Commission in San Francisco: “A former high-ranking San Francisco government employee convicted of felony possession of child pornography will continue to receive his government pension because, according to city regulations, evidence of ‘moral turpitude’ is required to revoke a pension yet viewing violent kiddie porn does not qualify as moral turpitude.” (Emphasis theirs.)

Michael Chapman of also noted shocking racist remarks in Brinkin’s e-mails about “nailing” black toddlers. [NB] The media that loves riffing on pedophile Catholic priests have done nothing on this pedophile story. But 25 years ago, Brinkin was hailed as a gay-rights hero for instituting the “domestic partnership” rules in San Francisco.

Apparently, the liberals only publish the materials that fit their smug narrative of progressivism on the march, with no villains on the Left. A Nexis search shows that on July 5, 1989, The Washington Post published an almost 4,000-word Brinkin appreciation by reporter Cynthia Gorney, which began:


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  1. incredulous says:

    Enough. This evil must be confronted at every opportunity and our resolve to face it down and crush its ugly head must become stronger than the most heroic saints that ever lived. This calling is becoming clearer by the minute.

  2. Massachusetts Catholic says:

    Where is SNAP?

  3. PostCatholic says:

    Back briefly to call bull. You’ll find articles about this on HuffPo, SF Examiner, SF Weekly, SFGate/Chronicle, and all local media affiliates in San Francisco. It’s big news in the places where his name was and is known.

  4. Magpie says:

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: you gotta stop buying newspapers except faithful Catholic ones. And throw away your television.

  5. Suzanne Carl says:

    Yup, and now a judge has ordered a school to allow and transgendered teen to use the the bathroom of his/her choice.

    None of this will end well.

  6. Kathleen10 says:

    In the school where I work were added two very flamboyant men who will now work with elementary school children, many of whom have parents who are not capable of paying attention to who is around their children. It is very, very disturbing, but this was inevitable. The drive is to get into schools and do…God knows what. Laws now state that “gender expression” is a protected class. You can’t discriminate in hiring. I’m sure applications are up because it’s all about pushing the envelope, getting into schools to get near kids.
    It is almost impossible to discuss this and remain civilized. It is really necessary for every decent human being to protect as many children as we possibly can, especially in our vicinity, our state for example. These perverted people, so evil and vile they speak of sexually assaulting a child, are beneath contempt and are cancers. This is the line in the sand. It has to be. We all deserve hell if we do nothing to protect children who are prey to animals like this one. And to think that there is a professor right now at Johns Hopkins University who defends these actions against children and is trying to gain sympathy for pedophiles. These people are not fit for decent society, and there is nothing Christian about what I think of them. In my opinion they should all be neutered and in prison so they cannot harm another child, at the least.

  7. Netmilsmom says:

    Magpie, keep your television, get a Roku.
    Then Choose what you pay for.
    EWTN is on there.

  8. Tradster says:

    Whenever a liberal friend or relative starts spewing the typical “gay tolerant” nonsense that people’s homosexual behavior is normal, I ask a simple question: if you saw two male dogs or two female cats going at it, would it strike you as normal? Stops the conversation every time!

  9. lmgilbert says:

    To me the story in its righteous indignation seems very naive. Did the Allies expect help from the Axis Powers in WWII? -yet we expect the MSM to undermine one of its pet causes, the homosexualization of our civilization.

    Until we get it straight in our heads that our struggle is not with flesh and blood, but with the principalities and powers of darkness, we will continue to be shocked, shocked, shocked. On the whole the mass media are today the primary sales force for the world, the flesh and the devil. This is news? This is shocking? At this point our naivete is astonishing and really unforgivable.

    At the Last Judgment Someone is going to ask why Magpie’s suggestion did not thunder from every pulpit in the West beginning many decades ago. By our pusillanimity we have allowed ourselves to become collaborators in our own destruction.

    How many parents express fear of “the culture” even as they are on the way to Target to pick up an even bigger entertainment center to import that very culture into the hearts and minds of their children. In brief, we have become absurd.

  10. Priam1184 says:

    In the long dark journey that mankind went through before the Incarnation homosexual behavior was everywhere. And where homosexuality thrived so did slavery and the domination of the weak by the strong in every facet of life. In that regard nothing has changed. If our civilization has chosen to go down that road then we should at least know where we are heading. Pray the Rosary every day.

  11. Our model gay couple in Australia – who bravely fought institutionalised homophobia to adopt a young boy, and were interviewed by our leftist national broadcaster, which interview was preserved in their archives for anyone to view online until very recently – turned out to be more than anyone expected.

  12. Kerry says:

    “Men have forgotten God. That’s why these things have happened”, (from A. Solzhenitsyn’s Templeton address of 1983).
    What would the homosexual lobby say, were an accused priest to reply, “Hey, I don’t really believe any of what this clothing represents. It’s a disguise; I’m one of you.” Might he be raised on high, the newest oppressed champion of the cause?

  13. MrTipsNZ says:

    The thing is, in reality, the Catholic Church is more than qualified to comment on this issue. The Bride of Christ has had to endure for over 50 years the ravages of those within Her walls who have sought her downfall – and none have been more insidious than those whom have injured the most vulnerable, the children through abuse etc. So the Church knows only too well what happens when the wrong people are given authority over them.

    And when people say they should be weeded out or removed from those positions, we’re homophobic? Phooeey to them I say, a correction is overdue and coming.

    Philippa Martyr: that’s awful. The ABC should be held to account, they must have had some idea surely?

  14. frjim4321 says:

    Obviously disgusting.

    However he did earn his pension and he is entitled to it.

    If he requires a fine or imprisonment, find let the justice system go to town on him.

    Funny, this particular “news” source didn’t give any info about anyone else have their pension revoked for cause.

    Even the priests who abused children kept their subsistence in many cases.

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