Of Masses Pontifical (D. Providence) and Solemn (D. Sacramento)

It will not be stopped.

This is a little late in the posting, but I thought you would like to see a couple success stories.

First, my friend Fr. Jay Finelli, “iPadre”, sent photos of a Pontifical Mass celebrated by Bp. Matano of Rochester at the request of Most Rev. Thomas Tobin, the local bishop, in the Cathedral of Providence.  Fr. Finelli writes:

We had our Solemn High Pontifical Mass yesterday. All went well. The cathedral holds 1,500 people and it was almost packed tight. … I was deacon of the Mass. Far from perfect, but Bishop’s Gelineau and Mulvee told me I did a fine job. [Let us not make the perfect the enemy of the good!] Thanks to my week at St. John Cantius. [Aren’t they great?] I could not have done it without that week.

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Also, after the West Coast Marian Procession there was a Solemn Mass with the Missale Romanum of St. John XXIII.

A multitude of Catholic faithful from all over California and other states participated at the 6th Annual Great Marian Procession West Coast last May 3, 2014. The three mile processional walk started at the East Lawn Memorial Park and ended at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in downtown Sacramento, California where a Solemn High Mass in the Extraordinary Form was celebrated with His Excellency, Auxiliary Bishop Myron J. Cotta, in choro. The Mass was sung by the Choir and Choristers of St. Stephen the First Martyr Parish, which has been entrusted as a personal parish to the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP). The next Annual Marian Procession West Coast will take place on May 2, 2015. For future updates, be sure to visit http://www.BringMary.com.

Attached are few photos taken from the event. The rest can be viewed on our blog post, which includes full-length videos of both the Procession and Solemn High Mass


Fr. Z Kudos to the good people in Providence and Sacramento.

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  1. dbonneville says:

    Correction: It was Bp. Matano of Rochester. Bp. Tobin requested the Mass but Bp. Matano celebrated it.


    [Thanks for the clarification!]

  2. dbonneville says:

    Also, I’ve never heard so many crying babies in one place (Providence) – a blessed noise if there ever was one!

  3. OrthodoxChick says:


    I was at the Mass in Providence as well. Hadn’t been back to the cathedral since we had our high school graduation Mass there with Bishop Gelineau in 1987. But I’ve never experienced a solemn High Pontifical Mass before in my life. It was stunning! The music was soaring and just incredible. So prayerful! And yes, the sound of the babies was wonderful to hear. And the turnout was amazing. I don’t recall the cathedral having been that packed even on our graduation day. Fr. Finelli and all involved did a great job. Dear Lord, please let this be the beginning of more to come and not just a novelty.

  4. HighMass says:

    How we long for a High Mass in our area…..believe me the barriors are still up and road blocks all over the place….but in the end we pray that all will be more open to Holy Mass in the E.F.

  5. Gratias says:

    Every new Catholic that attends a Traditional Latin Mass learns that there is something different available to the spirit. Some get hooked instantaneously, but the main difficulty is to convince new people to come take a look of a TLM. This is why these events are so important.

    Effort and money are needed to rescue the Church.

  6. cpttom says:

    Bishop Matano is my bishop. A good and humble man. Here in Rochester Diocese, we are watching the light of a new dawn break after a long night (about 30 years long). He is always serious, well spoken and knowledgeable about the faith and tradition. A true prince of the Church.

    It is our hope to invite the bishop down to the Southern Tier of the diocese for a Vetus Ordo mass, we have 4 scheduled (one this Sunday matter of fact! details here ) anyway, this is a very good sign indeed.

  7. Uxixu says:

    Beautiful. I pray for a Solemn High Pontifical Mass in southern California, especially at Our Lady of the Angels.

  8. StJude says:

    the Cathedral in Sacramento is absolutely stunning….its a masterpiece.

  9. BigRed says:

    Here in the diocese of Burlington we miss his Excellency Bishop Matano. He celebrated Mass in the Extraordinary Form on the Marian Holy Days.

    Providence is his hometown.

    Since his transfer to Rochester we have been without a shepherd. Pray for us.

  10. lsclerkin says:

    Ora et labora!!!!

  11. Priam1184 says:

    Long live the Missal of Saint John XXIII!

  12. JamesM says:

    We are having our first High Mass in about 3 years this coming Ascension. We are lucky enough to have regular Low Mass and the occasional Missa cantata.

    There are two problems most parishes face when trying to organise a High Mass :

    1) Finding a deacon and a subdeacon!
    2) Finding singers!

  13. acardnal says:

    JamesM, I think you mean Solemn High Mass.

  14. JamesM says:

    No, I mean a High Mass.

    There isn’t actually any such thing as a Solemn High Mass. High Mass is just a term in English for a Missa Solemnis.

    Some people incorrectly refer to a “Missa cantata” as a High Mass.

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