Of a “gay Mass” sermon, the Poles, and a useful marriage resource for priests

A the UK’s best Catholic weekly, the Catholic Herald, there is a piece you readers of the Fishwrap might want to peruse.    The writer points to a sermon recently given by His Eminence Vincent Card. Nichols of Westminster at a so-called “gay Mass” at London’s Jesuit Church in Farm Street.  The Cardinal explains that “mercy”, which is increasingly (purposely?) misunderstood by many in this pontificate,  does not cancel out or trump divine law, rules, etc.   Have a look HERE.


I took special note that the CH piece mentions The Five Cardinals Book™, Remaining in the Truth of Christ: Marriage and Communion in the Catholic Churchedited by Fr. Robert Dodaro, OSA.

This important book emerged simultaneously in five languages just before last October’s controversial Extraordinary Synod of Bishops on matters touching the family.  All sort of odd things happened in and around the synod hall last year.  The The Five Cardinals Book™ certainly played its role in helping some members of the Synod to stand firm on established Catholic teaching in the face of those who wanted to introduce revolution.

The Five Cardinals Book™ is now being translated into many other languages.   Just yesterday I saw the new Polish edition.  The Polish Bishop’s Conference itself participated in its publication.  I suspect that the Polish bishops were ready to roll their sleeves up because they recognized the attacks on the doctrine that their own St. John Paul II so clearly offered in his pontificate’s Magisterium.  Not only that, but supporting The Five Cardinals Book™ is simply the right thing to do.  The book is marvelously useful.

Book Polish

To this last point – the usefulness of The Five Cardinals Book™ – I have an interesting story.

I learned yesterday that some Italian priests – Italian priests, mind you – have started to use The Five Cardinals Book™ as a resource in their preparation of couples for marriage!

This is a great idea.   The first chapters, which outline the whole project of the book and then delve into the biblical and patristic dimensions of marriage questions are, I was told, of particular use to these Italian priests.  These diligent priests recognize what a great tool The Five Cardinals Book™ is for their pastoral ministry.

So, Fathers, if you weren’t all that interested in the stratospheric discussions and controversies surround the last and upcoming Synod of Bishops, stir yourselves up for something that could be a resource for your work in the parish.

You should have a copy of Remaining in the Truth of Christ: Marriage and Communion in the Catholic Church which contains five essays of cardinals, of the archbishop secretary of the Vatican congregation for the Oriental Churches, and of three other fine scholars.

This is a tool for the New Evangelization.

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  1. Bosco says:

    Dear Father Z.,

    I note the Catholic Herald article to which you have created a link reports the following:

    “This evening Mass is sometimes referred to as “the gay Mass”, though of course it is no such thing. But it is a Mass at which several members of the gay community and their friends are present.”

    Aside from how this Mass historically came to be denoted (if informally) as “the gay Mass” is one thing; notwithstanding, I wonder how well a Mass would be attended if it came to be widely known as “the public adulterers Mass” or “the drunkards Mass”, etc.

    One would wonder if people would be discouraged from attending such Masses if they were so known in the community and an attendee was neither an adulterer or drunkard.

    Ecclesiastical outing.

  2. SanSan says:

    I bought “Remaining in the Truth of Christ: Marriage and Communion in the Catholic Church” for all my local pastor’s. I hope they put it to good use like the Polish priests did.

  3. Giuseppe says:

    Farm Street had a beautiful OF Latin Mass on Sundays at 11. I went there ~8 years ago on a trip with my parents.

    Not sure if they still do it, but it was the first time I heard the OF in Latin.

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