Hillary Clinton supports Planned Parenthood

Just a reminder of what you all know.

The other day she said that the baby parts videos were disturbing. She now repeats that she supports Planned Parenthood, big business abortion, founded by Margaret Sanger to get rid of undesirable people.

Today the Senate votes.

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  1. benedetta says:

    This has nothing to do with “Republicans” or even “women’s health” and everything to do with how difficult it can be when one political party enters into a relationship with a corporate entity charging taxpayers half a b-b-b-b-Billion dollars for what is essentially a pork interest of the Democratic party, and a macabre one contrary to humanist values at that. Look, we closed Gitmo because of the torture. We defunded. We should close PP because of the torture. Divest! Get out of the baby killing enterprise altogether.

  2. acardnal says:

    They didn’t get the 60 votes needed. 53R -46D. Bill failed to pass.

  3. benedetta says:

    acardnal, the House will be taking up the question as well after the break.

  4. Mike says:

    The creeping progress of the culture of death that affords nominal Catholics the luxury of voting for a Hillary Clinton without troubling their consciences is arguably the most noxious fruit of the specious, damnable “Spirit of Vatican II” and its enablers.

    Take a bow, ladies and gentlemen.

  5. Dennis Martin says:

    They would not have called the vote unless they were sure it would fail. If it had any chance of succeeding, they would have postponed. This was intended as a show vote to give pro-life-in-name-only Republicans a chance to say they voted to defund PP. McConnell has no intention of defunding PP. I called Mark Kirk’s office anyway. Haven’t heard how he voted–whether a fake vote in favor of defunding when he knew the vote would fail (but would permit him to say, see, see, see, I voted against the appalling butchery) or a genuine vote in favor of funding PP which is his real first love and what his suburban base constitutency wants.

  6. Dennis Martin says:

    And even if Congress were to defund PP, Obama would -it by (unconstitutional) executive order and McConnell and Boehner (Weasel 1 and Weasel 2) would roll over and play dead. Because it is clear that he cannot be held to account for his unconstitutional behavior, he is free to do absolutely anything he wants. Congress has surrendered the power of the purse. For all his vast abuses of power, Obama is less to blame for the death of the American republic than is Congress.

    What was once a constitutional representative republic is now riding a swirling spiral down the drain of history.

  7. Dennis Martin says:

    correction: Obama would re-fund it by (unconstititutional) executive order

  8. Dennis Martin says:

    The Sanger quote needs to be verified. That she held beliefs like this is certain, but if you google for human weeds exterminated you get a WikiQuotes article that has a huge pile of Sanger eugenicist quotes, but this particular one is listed among the falsely attributed Sanger quotes at the end of the article.

    So in the interest of avoiding egg on our pro-life faces, someone needs to research this and, if it’s a false attribution, find a genuine one to use in its place.

  9. Cranky Old Man says:

    True enough, there is virtually no possibility of de-funding Planned Parenthood this fiscal year. Still, this is not an eternal, self-perpetuating appropriation. As this fiscal year runs out and a new one begins, there will be another opportunity to get PP’s stained hands out of the fisc merely by not appropriating any money for PP in the new budget. In short, it may be a long and ugly year, but let us now begin to do the work necessary to make sure that the new budget contains no PP funding. Surely Margaret Sanger’s spiritual heirs cannot summon up the 218 votes in the House and the 51 or 60 (those rules are very complex, n’est-ce pas?) votes in the Senate to force the appropriation to be included for another year.

  10. Clinton says:

    It’s important to note that the $500+ million taxpayer dollars handed over to PP each year
    is only the federal pork sent towards butchering babies. PP also receives considerable
    state and municipal funds. I believe that in Louisiana Governor Jindal is looking into
    cutting that state’s PP funding, and I hope other states and cities follow suit. Certainly,
    pro-lifers should be calling and writing state and city officials to see if that can’t be made
    to happen.

    I agree with Dennis Martin’s appraisal of the situation in the comments above– today’s
    vote in the Senate was just more DC kabuki theater. But at least the pro-abortion pols
    have been seen to defend the indefensible yet again.

    One facet of this issue that bothers me, and one that I haven’t seen addressed much in the
    discussion surrounding PP’s possible de-funding, is the fact that PP funds political
    campaigns and a series of pro-abortion PACs. I believe that last year PP spent around
    $18 million on federal elections alone. Were a church to contribute to a pro-life politician’s
    campaign, there would be hell to pay. Yet PP, which receives taxpayer dollars, can
    freely take those dollars and purchase political influence. Perhaps that is a big reason
    why so many politicians are so resolutely pro-abortion: they’re getting a taste off of the
    taxpayer dollars they send to Planned Parenthood. I would love to see legislation
    forbidding recipients of such massive taxpayer subsidies from using those dollars for
    political purposes. Maybe that is legislation that might make it into law.

  11. While I am all for getting government out of the business of funding Planned Parenthood, the reality is that with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett in the organization’s back pocket, it would probably be just a symbolic victory. If we don’t make more of an effort to defund (boycott) these two billionaires and all the other private companies that contribute to Planned Parenthood’s success, tanking away the government funding won’t make much difference. It has to be attacked from all angles.

  12. ckdexterhaven says:

    “Thank you Planned Parenthood, God bless you.” -Barack Obama April 26,2013

  13. Dienekes says:

    Somewhere Josef Mengele is grimacing.

  14. gramma10 says:

    satan is on a rampage. People are ultra deceived and blinded to truth.
    It’s all about the almighty dollar, power, control, pride, narcissism etc.
    For human beings not to be repulsed by the planned parenthood agenda baffles me. The really do not want to know truth. Many did not see the videos. Out of sight out of mind???
    We are similar to the Romans, Greeks etc. we will fall also.
    Seems as if many people are like the guy in Silence of the Lambs.
    I did not see it but heard of it. We have grizzly murderers out there and they are being ignored.
    We are all vulnerable and better watch out. Life is cheap these days.
    “For evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing!” We better do something——and fast!
    I read about a priest who did an exorcism of a whole town.
    I say let us do that for each state and country. We need it badly.

  15. jflare says:

    “…the reality is that with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett in the organization’s back pocket, it would probably be just a symbolic victory. If we don’t make more of an effort to defund (boycott) these two billionaires…”

    I wish I thought we could do that. Trouble is, I don’t expect Coke or a furniture store to suffer sales losses from our howls about abortion, but Berkshire (Buffett) owns shares in both. Then too, most of us probably use some version of Windows to run our computer…and read this blog. Gates may not head or direct Microsoft anymore, but I’m confident he still earns money from it.

    While they may not be concerned about maintaining market dominance as a means of protecting a sacred cow of funding abortion, neither do they worry much about losing our business over the matter.

  16. Kerry says:

    One wonders if Hilary’s words “At this point what difference does it make?” , regarding the Benghazi terror attacks, (caused, of course, by another “hateful video”), was a quote from Margaret Sanger. Or, and this a genuinely terrifying thought, the opposite of the greeting, “Well done thou good and faithful servant…”

  17. DonL says:

    “The Sanger quote needs to be verified…”

    Does such matter? We live in a nation where 55 million innocent lives have been snuffed out by the acts of a handful of politically appointed lawyers who dared to utter such diabolical mush as “emanations from penumbras” as authority.
    Baby body parts will be minor compared to the holocaust coming as a result of Obamacare’s advising old people of their obligation to die and the multi-national entity’s agenda of AGW and its goal of population reduction.

  18. Dennis Martin says:


    Your insouciance is troubling. Look, we are on the same side. We both want to discredit Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood and expose them for the eugenicist/racists they are.

    However you will not achieve this if you attribute to Margaret Sanger a quotation that anyone can discover by a simple Googling has been challenged. Now, the Wikiquotes discrediting of this quote may itself be false. I don’t know.

    But if the quote attributed to her here was in fact not written or spoken by her, then, for the sake of the effectiveness of the pro-life cause, you ought to care a lot. Surely she said or wrote something very much like this at some point. I have not doubt that she was a racist eugenicist. But if I am to convince skeptics, convince the public, that that’s what she was, I will not succeed at that by attributing to her a vile statement she never made. Find another, almost or equally vile statement that’s truly from her and use it.

    I don’t have the time to research this. But by Googling I discovered a dubium. That needs to be resolved
    precisely because the murder of 55 million innocents is a gross evil.

    Just because we are incensed at the terrible evil does not mean we should turn a blind eye to how to be effective in our persuasion. And if this vile quote indeed is falsely attributed to her, it not only does not help our cause, it damages our cause.

    So yes. It. Matters.

  19. Toan says:

    Yeah, I would love to see the source of the “Colored people are like human weeds” quote. If she said it, we pro-lifers should repeat it whenever anyone says anything about Planned Parenthood. If she didn’t say it, we shouldn’t attribute words to her that she didn’t say. That would be…you know…lying, which defiles the speaker.

  20. The Cobbler says:

    Father, did you hear about this one yet? Apparently the courts aren’t content now to tell us what to do, but have decided they can tell us what we believe: http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/opinion/oped/bs-ed-little-sisters-20150803-story.html

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