Your Assumption Mass Reports

Do you have photos and reports about Extraordinary Form Masses for the Feast of the Assumption?

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  1. DianeKor says:

    Assumption is always glorious at Assumption Grotto. Here is my post with some pics, and links to more photos, along with Fr. Perrone’s audio homily on SoundCloud from the 7:00 PM Mass.

  2. Discerning14 says:


    Here is an image of the procession before the Missa Cantata yesterday afternoon.

  3. There’s nothing to report, for there was no Mass proper to the Assumption offered at the parish I was near. There was a 5pm anticipiory Mass for Sunday though.

  4. pseudomodo says:

    At the homily it was explained to us that the woman of the apocalypse was NOT the BVM.

  5. majuscule says:

    Our little church is a Sunday-Mass-only church. But there happened to be a retreat for a pro life group there on Saturday–our priest is their chaplain. He offers private EF Masses when he can and so the Mass for the retreat was a TLM for the Feast of the Assumption. The rest of the day consisted of talks about the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, prayer, confession and benediction. A lovely day!

    The mid-1950s church still has communion rails and a table altar that is easily moved out of the way for ad orientem Mass at the back altar (where the tabernacle is and has always been). We attempted a sung Mass and had experienced EF altar servers (whose story of how they found us is interesting but too long to go into here!). The church is rustic–wood not marble–but it fits its wooded setting. Many of the people attending the retreat were not regular EF Mass goers but I think the small church gave them a more intimate experience than they would have in a large church.

  6. Andrew D says:

    On Friday there was a beautiful Extraordinary Form Mass here in Philadelphia at the Cathedral Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul. The Mass was a Solemn High Choral Mass and was sponsored by the Mater Ecclesiae parish in Berlin, New Jersey. Music was Schöpfungsmesse – The Creation Mass by Hayden-Gatti; celebrant was Rev. Robert C. Pasley, KCHS of Mater Ecclesiae. I estimate there were probably 300-400 people in attendance which was a beautiful sight.

  7. Sonshine135 says:

    St. Ann Celebrates 60 yrs.

    Bishop Peter J. Jugis was in choir and is a strong supporter of the TLM in the Charlotte Diocese. My family was at the Mass and it was extremely beautiful. My daughters attended St. Ann Elementary School, and I credit Father Reid for the conversion of my family towards the path of a more serious Catholic life.

  8. n1tr0narc says:

    Last Saturday was a glorious day of double celebration for our TLM apostolate, the Societas Liturgiae Sacrae Sancti Gregorii (SLSSG), which was founded 6-years ago on the Solemnity of the Assumption.

    We celebrated a Missa Cantata with Rev. Fr. Timoteo Ofrasio, S.J., S.L.D., with the Franciscan Sister of the Immaculate in the Schola, and 6 of the SLSSG altar server at the Lower Church, Christ the King Parish, Greenmeadows, Quezon City, Philippines.

  9. SanSan says:

    San Mateo pro lifers had a beautiful retreat beginning with the Holy Latin Mass, prayer, confession and benediction. A lovely day!. All day our conference was on the “life of Mary”, beautifully taught by a most Holy Priest Father Joseph Previtali.

  10. SanSan says:

    The Vigil for Our Lady was a day of Adoration, the Rosary, Benediction and beautiful incensed Mass at St. Timothy’s Parish in San Mateo.

  11. I read the Mass, and for the homily I read the ‘Sunday Sermons of the Great Fathers’ as I am offshore. I love being able to do that, as I get to participate in the liturgical life of the Church, though somewhat removed, while on a boat for long periods of time!

    Also, I ask you all to pray for the repose of my mother’s soul, whose birthday was August 15. She died 4 years ago on the feast of St. Pio of Pietrelcina. Her name is Regina Hunt! Thanks!!

  12. majuscule says:

    SanSan and I attended the same retreat, described above. I’ve had a feeling that we knew each other!

  13. Sconnius says:

    We brought my grandparents to the Mass at St. Mary’s of Pine Bluff, and they absolutely loved it. The whole way home Grandpa was telling my wife and our two kids about how he was an altar server for Masses like this when he was a little boy.

  14. Vince K says:

    High Mass at 11:00am at Immaculate Conception in Omaha. Father preached about how the Immaculate Conception is usually depicted in art as the Assumption because 1) it would be difficult to depict the Immaculate Conception and because the Assumption is the culmination of God’s working through Mary and her many fiats. He noted how Mary is usually depicted without a veil in Assumption depictions because she is about to be crowned as Queen in Heaven.

  15. JeremyB says:

    While not surprising that the FSSP parish in Minneapolis celebrated the Feast of the Assumption, we were blessed to have a Pontifical Mass at the Faldstool with His Excellency Bishop Cozzens.

    All Saints

  16. Veritatis Splendor says:

    Ours was an Ordinary Form, but it was also a solemn mass for Simple Profession of the Dominican Province of St. Joseph. The prior provincial was there, as well as 16 other Dominican Priests, 2 diocesan priests, and a bishop celebrating in choro. Other priests and religious were in the congregation as well. I saw at least three diocesan, a Franciscan friar, a group of some sort of Franciscan sisters/nuns, and about 15 young Dominican sisters. The mass setting used was the Dominican Chant Mass V, which was amazing. One of the new novitiate class took lots of pictures, though the picture taking stopped for the Mass of the Faithful/Liturgy of the Eucharist.

  17. Evergreen says:

    Annunciation Catholic Church in Houston, TX, offered two Extraordinary Form High Masses for the Feast of the Assumption, one vigil Mass at 7:00 PM on Friday, and an 11:00 AM Mass on Saturday, which I attended. It was the first such mass offered by Fr. Felix – Pastor of that parish, and it lasted an hour and 45 minutes. God bless Fr. Felix! He is a courageous, faithful priest who gives fearless, relevant and substantive homilies.

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