D. Fort Worth: New Extraordinary Form parish erected!

This is from a reader…

Fr Z, thanks for all you do. You are one of the top 3 reads every day for me.

Bishop Olson recently erected a personal parish for those who ‘remain attached to the celebration’ of the EF. I was not aware of this. HERE [The parish was formally erected on 1 August.]

I attend St Elizabeth Ann Seton in Keller and I think you would
heartily approve of Monsignor Hart, with his extensive homilies on contraception, abortion, gay ‘marriage’ etc. First parish I’ve attended that uses graduals and introits and chant, though it is Novus Ordo. Recommended if you ever come down, though right now we’re in the blast furnace days.

A few years ago I attended the EF Mass at St Mary of the Assumption with my father on my birthday (as my gift), who remembered it fondly from his childhood. I have no memory of it from my youth.

Having read your blog, I knew to Say the Black and Do the Red.


You are welcome!

I would like to visit someday soon.

And I hope the people there are deeply grateful and that they will pray for their bishop incessantly, and that they will show their gratitude to him and to God by constant spiritual and corporal works of mercy.  Let them win people to membership in their new parish through the beauty of sacred worship, clear doctrine and exemplary charity.

The New Evangelization advances a step.

¡Hagan lío!

That said, there are a couple phrases in Bp. Olson’s decree which struck me as unusual.

First, speaking of those who “remain attached” to the traditional forms is not very accurate.   Many of those who attend are young and many new people are attending the Extraordinary Form.  Of course once they learn of it they “remain”.

Also, the phrase about people who “bind themselves exclusively” to the Extraordinary Form.   This leaves me scratching my head, because many people who might want to belong to such a parish and who prefer the Extraordinary Form also attend reverently celebrated Masses according to the Novus Ordo.  They would also happily attend the Divine Liturgy of Easter Catholics – Ukrainian, Maronite, Ruthenian….

So, I hope that the Extraordinary Form spreads through the whole region.

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  1. Maltese says:

    What is cool about the extraordinary form of mass is that it is progressive inasmuch as it continuously re-invigorates the young faithful.

    This is a form of rite which took centuries to build: the rubrics weren’t created overnight. So, when we pray this mass, we stand in solidarity with the greatest mystics, saints and doctors of the Church over the centuries.

    Here in Santa Fe, NM, it was a group of St. John’s College students (not a Catholic university), who convinced then Archbishop Sheehan to allow the extraordinary form of mass at the tiny San Miguel Chapel (the ‘oldest’ church in America), where mass is said to this day (2pm, Sundays).

  2. I guess this means that we will lose some people from Mater Dei (the FSSP parish in the nearby diocese of Dallas) that live in the Fort Worth area, but this is good. From what I have heard from some people at Mater Dei, many have been waiting for this to happen for a good while.

    [Let’s NEVER use the word “lose” again. No, this is only a plus for everyone! If another church opens up and people spread out, then fill your church again!]

  3. tgarcia2 says:

    True CTG, but sort of surprised they drive out there when Fr. Longua did go out there to say Mass on Sundays (I’m sure the others did too).

    As to the statement about “bind themselves exclusively” since when I briefly attended Mater Dei, whenever I mentioned (other forms of worship that I’ve attended or would like to attend to expand my knowledge) Divine Liturgy – Ukrainian, Maronite, Anglican and Norvus Ordo I got the “never will attend” or not a true Mass (for the NO) from some. Oh well.

    Hoping for success out in Ft. Worth!

  4. Gerard Plourde says:

    The reference to people who “bind themselves exclusively to the Extraordinary Form” may be directed to those who currently attend Masses celebrated illicitly by the SSPX. [Could be.]That organization lists Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church as being active in the Fort Worth area. Like Bishop Morlino, Bishop Olson may be preparing to more clearly spell out the irregular status of the Society to the faithful of his diocese and to accommodate those at risk through attendance at illicit Masses and reception of invalid sacraments (Matrimony and Penance)..

  5. RAve says:

    Is this the same bishop who took so much heat for the Fisher-More College kerfuffle? If so, perhaps that kerfuffle wasn’t based in anti-trad animus?

  6. momoften says:

    When the Bishop erects a personal parish specifically for the Extraordinary Form, they do not
    celebrate the Ordinary Form at all?

  7. Athelstan says:

    Hello Mooften,

    When the Bishop erects a personal parish specifically for the Extraordinary Form, they do not
    celebrate the Ordinary Form at all?

    That’s correct. That said, there are cases which can cause confusion on this point. In Seattle, the FSSP personal parish shares, I believe, a church with a diocesan parish, so both OF and EF Masses are celebrated there, albeit by different parishes and clergy. In Minneapolis and Scranton, FSSP parishes were erected with the understanding that a diocesan priest could come in to offer an OF Mass on a regular basis at the church. But it is not the FSSP priests who offer it.

    Hello RAve,

    Is this the same bishop who took so much heat for the Fisher-More College kerfuffle?

    It is.

    Hello CTG,

    I guess this means that we will lose some people from Mater Dei

    Probably . . . but as you must know, Mater Dei is bursting at the seams on Sunday, with plenty forced to stand. Many people are forced to travel some distance to get there, since so few TLM’s are on offer in the region; now those on the west end of the metro area won’t have so far to go now, if they wish. And at the rate Mater Dei has been growing (through new members as well as procreation), I don’t doubt the numbers will be made good before long.

  8. GrumpyYoungMan says:

    RAve, my understanding is that the kerfuffle had little to do with the EF itself and more to do with the use of priests not loyal to the Magisterium and other disciplinary infractions with college administrators/faculty. This is, of course, based on reports and articles I’ve read, and not personal involvement.

    His Excellency has attended Mass in the EF several times in FW, and if his beef was with the old rite, I doubt he would have shown the support that he has thus far. :-)

  9. SaintJude6 says:

    Athelstan is absolutely correct. This will be such a blessing to those who are making the drive to Mater Dei from the Ft. Worth area. Our ushers really have their work cut out for them right now, trying to come up with enough seats for those who need them. It’s not uncommon for large families to get broken up into two or three pews. We were squashed like sardines for this past Saturday’s Mass.
    God Bless Bishop Olson!

  10. SaintJude6 says:

    Does it seem to you like we get one new baby every week? I think Mater Dei has more boys named Dominic than an order of Dominicans.

  11. Tiber Swimmer 2012 says:


    Bishop Olson is the same Bishop which SSPX sympathizers (Rorate Caeli) were lambasting a few years ago. Much of the misinformation they promulgated was duly corrected by Dr. Taylor Marshall who taught there before resigning. I suppose you could contact Dr. Marshall directly for honest and forthright answers to that incident.

    Tiber Swimmer

  12. Skeinster says:

    The community in Fort Worth is not new, by any means. The FSSP priests in Dallas have been faithfully celebrating the evening Mass at old St. Mary’s for decades. We are so happy for them
    to have their own parish at long last! Though we will miss some familiar faces at Mater Dei.

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