A special gift to seminarians who attended Pope Francis’ Mass (HINT: Card. Sarah Alert!) )

Robert Card. Sarah, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments, is amazing.

Here is some encouraging news from a seminarian.

I’m a seminarian for the Diocese of ___. Seminarians and religious were inside the Basilica [in Washington DC] for the Mass [with Pope Francis] and we all got an interesting special gift: a copy of Cardinal Sarah’s GOD OR NOTHING. Hundreds were handed out. Thought you might be interested. Please don’t use my name or diocese.

Pic of Apostolic Nuncio Vigano’s inside  (specially printed) greeting attached.

Here’s the inscription.


To my mind, the fact that the Papal Nuncio gave this book to the seminarians is especially encouraging.

I’ve added Card. Sarah’s book to my wish lists, regular and Kindle.

Also, Cardinal Sarah has contributed to…

Christ’s New Homeland – Africa: A contribution to the Synod on the Family

This is the Ten Africans Book™!

Christs New Homeland Africa

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  1. Tony Phillips says:

    Encouraging, yes.

    What’s discouraging is that seminarians and priests still have to remain anonymous when expressing orthodox views. Understandable, sensible, and prudent, but sad all the same.

  2. Further good news: Word has it that every seminarian in the Archdiocesan seminary for Los Angeles also was given a copy of that book.

  3. momoften says:

    Great book, reading it now. Perfect for the seminarians.

  4. ChrisRawlings says:

    I am reading it right now. The moral and spiritual clarity of the man is astounding. The speech he gave at the World Meeting of Families was a homerun, too.

  5. Benedict Joseph says:

    Given the light of all that has transpired since March 2013, and in light of the Danneels’ revelations, I’m going to chalk this one up to one of those unabaiting initially comforting but ultimately disappointing ambiguities of the present season. Just because the wind changes for a moment does not mean we are to be spared the preferred climate change, of a theological nature, scourging us and with which we are about to really get slammed.

  6. juergensen says:

    Anyone know how many Mexican and Middle Eastern immigrants Argentina is accepting?

  7. acmeaviator says:

    I’m with Mr. Phillips on this – when those promoting orthodoxy are targeted as the problem, especially those who are dedicating their lives to service in the Church, I cannot help but continue to feel that there is much yet to be overcome.

  8. Kathleen10 says:

    Thank you, Fr. Z.
    I see it how everyone here sees it. It seems wonderful, but is it. Who knows.
    We are learning more every day. I haven’t heard about the UN address.
    October will be illuminating.
    Sunday will be the last blood moon in the tetrad. It will be a Harvest Moon and a “big” moon, 14% larger in appearance than is usual. It will be visible to much of the US.

  9. stephen c says:

    The late Paul Augustin Cardinal Mayer (whom I never met but to whom I am grateful for personal reasons that would be too long to explain here) was a predecessor of Cardinal Sarah in his current position. It is no small thing, to slightly paraphrase one of the Inklings, I forget which, to live in a time of great bishops. (I am guessing all cardinals are bishops but not all bishops are cardinals… maybe I am wrong).

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