The Three Days of Darkness – 2016

The Three Days of Darkness took place again this year in L.A.  I was actually in L.A. at the time, but I didn’t have a chance to get down there and participate.  Darn.

Here is a video of a typical Darkness Days “Liturgy”.

I am for once glad that they use the vague word “Liturgy” throughout, since “Mass” seemed inappropriate.

Be sure to take in the crowd choreography at about 24:15

I don’t know what’s going on from about 35:40.  But I didn’t understand Laudato si’: The Movie either.

And if you are looking for liturgical dance, 41:15 with the Karo Syrup music we have all learned to loathe so much.  What makes it great is how seriously they take it all.

48:45 – things get really weird, pantheistically weird, in the “penitential rite”.  We have, apparently, committed sins against “Brother Tree” with our ecological sins.  Watch the people try the choreography. Take the time to listen to the bizarre ramblings.

The sacrilege doesn’t end there. “Offertory” about 1:40:00

Another Darkness “Liturgy” … HERE I’m sure you an find your favorite moments on your own.

Ditto… HERE… the closing “thing”. The first 8 minutes might make your eyes and ears bleed. No, really. The Gospel is a sort of High School reader’s theatre bit – 29:15 And then there’s 1:49:00 following.

“But Father! But Father!”, some of you are bleating, “You are judgmental and you pollute the earth and harm Brother Tree and Sister Turtle and Cousin Effluvium. This liturgy is what Vatican II wanted! It’s… in there. It is! This is what Pope Francis is leading us to! Oneness with creation and no more sinning against the Earth. That’s the real sin, being against ecology, and … and…you don’t get it because you hate Vatican II!”

All I’ll add is that, as I watched, I had the odd sensation of my IQ dropping point by point and estrogen invading my brain through the video feed.

May all the saints and angels preserve us.

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  1. CradleRevert says:

    Yeeesh….if you’re going to commit sacrilege, at least get your choreography in sync.

  2. oledocfarmer says:

    Again I ask…how long has Archbishop Gomez been gloriously reigning? You know, he, a numerary priest of Opus Dei, formed in the love authentic Liturgy according to the spirit of St. Josemaria Escriva?

    How can he allow this nonsense to continue? Is it because, as ever rumored, that chancery offices are effectively ruled by those not given the mandate to rule by Holy Mother Church? Or is it simply human respect? I am bewildered by many things going on these days. I don’t recognize my country, I less and less recognize my Church. But this situation in L.A. takes the cake.

  3. NBW says:

    I thought things would get better with Archbishop Gomez, but I see they stay the same. I am sorry for all of my L.A. brothers and sisters who have to endure this nonsense.

  4. Bthompson says:

    I thought the post-Communion reflection was nice: Non tibi, Domine, non tibi, sed ludis nostris da gloriam

  5. majuscule says:

    I read the announcements at our Sunday Mass. I read them cold because our priest arrives just before Mass and hands them to me to put at the lectern and I never have time to look them over.

    I was announcing the up coming events when I encountered the note that the Religious Ed teachers would be out in front of the parish church (not our mission church) raising money (I forget if it was a raffle or just plain begging) to enable them to attend the Three Days of Darkness gathering in LA. I stumbled over the words as I realized what this was and previous years video images instantaneously flashed through my mind!

  6. SpesUnica says:

    I could imagine…barely…something like that “Penitential Rite” being used as an examination of conscience at a retreat, maybe. Even then, it would be laughably hokey. I just *don’t* understand how people still think this is appropriate at Mass. And what. The. Heck. Does any of that have to do with Religious Ed? From the few shots of the congregation shown, it looks like the average age of those in attendance is, well, on the higher end. Seems to be Franciscan priests running most of this? Or were they imported and handed a script, and were too cowed to object?

  7. LarryW2LJ says:

    No thanks, Fr. I’ll take your word for it without watching the video. Being frustrated enough with the way things seem to be going inside our beloved Church, I don’t need my HBP going up any more.

  8. departing contestant says:

    Well, that is 10 minutes i will never get back (thanks Fr. for the readers digest version prompts) and images that will last forever. Great

  9. JamesM says:

    Dr. Joseph Shaw of the LMS in England wrote a piece about “Liturgy Shaming” the other day. I think it is worth a read.

  10. benedetta says:

    The drop in IQ correlates with the intensity of liturgical dancers’ PermaSmiles TM…

  11. benedetta says:

    You know, there’s just nothing like a Three Hour Tour I mean liturgy…

  12. Manducat in the hat says:

    The “church” of rebellious women and effeminate men.

  13. MrTipsNZ says:

    We should really, really pray for these people that they come to their senses. Esp. Fr Dan Horan who looks and talks like an elder councillor off Logan’s Run……..

  14. JabbaPapa says:

    Notice that the Category of the video is “Entertainment”.

  15. Vy says:

    I was looking through the speakers of that day, and one of them is Betsey Beckman. Aka the woman leading liturgical dance at St. Patrick Church in Seattle…

  16. juergensen says:

    I made it to “ministers of movement” @ 25:14.

  17. JabbaPapa says:

    “ministers of movement” ????????

  18. Grumpy Beggar says:

    “We have, apparently, committed sins against ‘Brother Tree’.”

    Well, I guess that settles it then : Most of the dogs in the world are probably going to Hell.

  19. Manducat in the hat says:

    Sins against brother tree? I think we used Brother Tree to fuel Sister Bird’s cookout.

  20. yatzer says:

    I was surprised to see that EWTN was going to broadcast this travesty. I had thought they were beyond that sort of thing. Guess not, at least not any more.

  21. JabbaPapa says:

    urrrgh the “homily”

  22. JabbaPapa says:

    “cosmic DNA”

  23. Luvadoxi says:

    In the interests of finding something good, I rather liked the recessional hymn (or “closing song” or whatever). But now I can’t get it out of my head!!!

  24. SanSan says:

    How much longer Lord?

  25. HeatherPA says:

    EWTN was going to actually broadcast this?!?


  26. JARay says:

    I am truly horrified. I never, ever, thought that things could get as bad as this.

  27. Geoffrey says:

    I believe Archbishop Gomez is scheduled to celebrate a Pontifical Mass in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite. Talk about extremes!

  28. iPadre says:

    It’s as if Benedict XVI never existed. Makes you just want to vomit, but green vomit so we don’t offend them.

  29. ScholaLady says:

    “ministers of movement.” Lord have mercy, indeed.

  30. Ceile De says:

    Maybe this is causing a bowels of mercy movement?

  31. FrAnt says:

    For the life of me, I cannot understand why people are leaving the Catholic Church. /sarc.

  32. Grateful to be Catholic says:

    Presider Fr. Dan Horan at 19:45 encourages all to pay particular attention to the “ministers of liturgical movement.” But Pope Benedict explained emphatically that dancing has no place in the Latin Rite. This exhibition demonstrates why.

  33. Bob B. says:

    Fr. Horan is the Vicar of Faith Formation and he used to be the Superintendent of Catholic Education for the Diocese of Orange, too. Can you just imagine?
    EWTN is located on the lavish diocesan headquarters grounds of the Crystal Cathedral, so you’ll not hear a discouraging word around there.
    And you thought Cardinal Mahoney’s influence was gone?

  34. Bob B. says:

    Sorry, wrong Fr. Horan, I was thinking of Gerald. My apologies.

  35. Kathleen10 says:

    This isn’t Catholicism. It’s Gaia and Pantheism and Feminism and other isms, but not Catholicism. It’s like in Haiti when Catholicism gets mixed with voodoo, you get a hybrid. The weird thing about these gatherings is how hokey they are, yet nobody there seems to notice. It’s actually pretty unsettling in an eerie way. Are there any masculine men there at all?
    Scripture talks about this when it says “They will no longer listen to sound doctrine but will have itching ears and turn to fables”. There is also something in Scripture about one’s intellect being affected by sin so that one doesn’t think clearly anymore. (This explains leftist political ideology pretty well too.)

  36. Ann Malley says:

    “But Father! But Father!”, some of you are bleating, “You are judgmental and you pollute the earth and harm Brother Tree and Sister Turtle and Cousin Effluvium. This liturgy is what Vatican II wanted! It’s… in there. It is! This is what Pope Francis is leading us to! Oneness with creation and no more sinning against the Earth. That’s the real sin, being against ecology, and … and…you don’t get it because you hate Vatican II!”

    With all due respect, if any of the sheep are bleating the above it is directly linked to having been beaten away from real food for decades and derided as schismatic, Medieval, elitist, and/or whatever it took back in the day to wean the flock off of real meat in favor of the new and improved Foodini substitute that has zero nutrition and enough saccharine to choke the nations.

    We should, in truth, treat those attendees like unwitting crack addicts, given such a wide variety of free alternate-reality samples that returning to earth – well – what’s that?!!!!

  37. acardnal says:

    Christ Cathedral – formerly known as Crystal Cathedral – is not located in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles but in the Diocese of Orange (Calif.). EWTN does have their west coast studio located on the grounds there. This Religious Educ. convention took place in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles though. Admittedly, I am puzzled about ArchBp. Gomez’s (priest of Opus Dei) allowing this to take place.

    Perhaps I overlooked it, but I am not aware of EWTN broadcasting this. It’s not mentioned on their website that I could find nor have I seen any advertising for this.

  38. clarinetist04 says:

    Are they allowed to write their own liturgies? If a priest is not allowed to make stuff up as he goes during a regular holy Mass, how are they allowed to come up with this stuff?

    The oboist has a lovely sound.

    And notice, nary an altar boy in sight.

  39. Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda says:

    I have enough near occasions of sin with which to contend in my life, Father.

  40. eulogos says:

    But Father, but Father- At one time I had lots of estrogen, and it never made me like this sort of thing, not ever! Not even oxytocin ever made me lose my brains and good taste to this degree. Please find another hormone to blame!
    Susan Peterson.

  41. ThankyouB16 says:

    I was very angry when I saw this.
    Then laughter.
    Then a voice in my head: “You shouldn’t make fun of other people’s religions.”
    Then sadness.
    Then anger again.
    With all the talk about the “independent Catholic media” and the entire community of bloggers like “us” : do we not have any clout? Muscle? Can anything be done to “expose” this scandal? To cry out, “ENOUGH!” and make it stop already?
    If these Masses do not contain “liturgical abuses”–nothing does.

  42. rbbadger says:

    I was a seminarian at St. John’s Seminary in Camarillo some years ago. I do know the priest who is responsible for the Three Days of Darkness. He lived down the hall from me. I ended up leaving a couple of years in, though I later returned to formation and am now a transitional deacon.

    Sister Edith Prendergast, RSC, who was responsible for this congress for years and years, and who often brought as speakers such high-profile dissenters as Archbishop Rembert G. Weakland, OSB and Sister Joan Chittister, OSB, retired last year. I am not sure who exactly is responsible for planning the liturgies, but obviously they enjoy some sort of archepiscopal favour. The scandal continues on without end.

    I am very grateful for the liturgical formation I have received in my current seminary. It is refreshing different from what I received in California. Here, I have been taught that the rubrics mean something. The Church has put them there for a reason and it is not up to us to decide whether or not to follow them.

  43. acardnal says:

    I was able to locate the Closing Mass of Feb. 28 on EWTN’s website HERE . I will send them an email about it because I don’t think EWTN’s founder would be pleased.

  44. Dave N. says:

    “Things will improve when Cdl. Mahony retires.” (2010)
    “Things will improve when Abp. Gomez comes in.” (2011)
    “Things will improve when Abp. Gomez has had a chance to settle in.” (2012)
    “Abp. Gomez prefers to ‘work behind the scenes.’ Change is coming.” (2013-14)
    “Things will improve after Sr. Edith Prendergast (former Grand Pobess of the REC) retires.” (2015)
    Things exactly the same as they always were and ever shall be (2016-?)

  45. New Sister says:

    I was shocked to see this got covered/broadcast live on EWTN (what is going on with EWTN?? Mother Angelica never would have sanctioned this…)
    NB: big thank you/applause for the “environment ministers” before Abp Gomez’s final blessing.

  46. New Sister says:

    Correction – was the closing Mass that aired on EWTN (“presided” by Abp Gomez), was about but not quite as nutty

  47. Dave N. says:

    Much of EWTN’s radio programming was broadcast live from the REC during the event. Contrary to some remarks above, the REC takes place physically within the Diocese of Orange (where EWTN now has West Coast studios, and apparently, a cozy relationship with the diocese) but under the auspices of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and Apb. Gomez.

  48. acardnal says:

    Dave N., I stand corrected on the location of this Congress.

  49. Matthew says:

    Those people are nuts.

    If they only knew what my dog does to brother tree and sister fire hydrant.

  50. trespinos says:

    “Things will improve when Cdl. Mahony ages out of the voting Cardinals list.” (Feb. 27, 2016 DG)Wait, there we actually may see improvement — at the next Conclave, that is.

    I join with those who have expressed disappointment that Abp. Gomez has not apparently seen fit to try to clean up this mess. And EWTN is due to receive an email from me about their bad judgment in carrying the REC.

  51. baileymxd says:

    My parents were watching the closing Mass on EWTN while on the phone with me. I appreciated the interjections they made, interrupting conversation. Even the tamed down nonsense made an effect on them, such as “oh, I’m pretty sure no one is allowed to do that during Mass.”

    I always think large Masses are a bit hokey, since the music is generally dumbed down, distribution of Holy Communion is treated like an assembly line, the increase of excess noise, and the lack of kneeling and reverence from the majority of the congregants is prevalent. But this takes the cake.

  52. Maltese says:

    “Cosmic family of creation” @ 1:29. Reminds me of the Teilhard de Chardin “Cosmic Christ.” What I like about the TLM Latin rite and the SJC rite of the Orthodox faith is that they look at the mystery of Christ, not the amorphous “mystery of the universe.” Leave the latter to scientists. In the liturgy, let us “lose” ourselves to the mysteries of faith, and not use the liturgy as a platform to preach modernistic ideology. We should be good stewards of the world God created, sure, but to focus more on creation than the Creator is blasphemy.

  53. Mojoron says:

    I couldn’t hear the sound so I tuned in YouTube to watch. At least this year they didn’t have the Dancing Deacon. I’m sorry you weren’t able to attend.

  54. FrAnt says:

    How is this different from a priest riding a hover board up and down the nave of the church after Communion? Yet he gets suspended and an Archbishop is involved in this and nothing is wrong.

  55. Semper Gumby says:

    Well, it’s good to see that the shamans, animists, and fire-bowl dancers have somewhere warm and dry to go on the weekends.

  56. TNCath says:

    I was amazed and ashamed that EWTN saw fit to broadcast this. In finem citius.

  57. acardnal says:

    People should email EWTN at and voice their displeasure.

  58. GrumpyYoungMan says:

    Around 45:30 it appears there are several wymyn wearing Roman collars. Kyrie eleison…

  59. RobertK says:

    I wonder if this Franciscan knows how to offer the Extraordinary Form of the Mass?.

  60. majuscule says:

    Someone up-combox ^^^ said they didn’t see any altar boys… I could swear I saw two, clad in cassock and surplice, at the very beginning in the crowd before any of the action began.

    Well, I just went back to review it and I thought I had not been seeing correctly. There were girls wearing albs (down in the lower left corner of the video). But lo and behold, at just about exactly 1:00 I am sure that what I saw was one cassock and surpliced male. Perhaps he had wandered into the wrong venue…

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  62. RobertK says:

    We really need to send these videos to Cardinal Sarah. And hope and pray he puts and end to this sacrilege once and for all.

    [So? Do. It.]

  63. Elizabeth M says:

    I clicked. I skipped. I clicked again. I admit, it is much like driving and seeing a car wreck ahead. My reaction is the same in these cases, slow down, look and say a prayer. What are they doing? How could this have happened?
    What time is confession?

  64. Geoffrey says:

    I second sending this to Cardinal Sarah. Is there anything official that prohibits “liturgical dancing”? I recall Cardinal Arinze condemning it, but it wasn’t in an official instruction of the CDWDS.

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  67. Kathleen10 says:

    I contacted EWTN and expressed my extreme displeasure. I shared with them one cannot help but notice a change in tone over the last two or three years. (hm, what changed?) They are looking more and more like NewChurch now, and have lost their salt. I distribute EWTN pamphlets and posters to my church, actually former church, and have done so for a few years. I have noticed the posters, once vibrant and extremely Catholic images, traditional images of perhaps the crucifixion, have become watered down to the point they are bland and couldn’t be identified as Catholic. It is as if whoever selected the image did not want to “offend” someone with Catholicism or a crucified Jesus. For Christmas the image, for the second time I believe, was an ad for an animated children’s story about St. Nicholas, and this Easter’s poster was a distant shot of three crosses and Christ, if it is him at all, is in the complete dark.
    What a huge loss for faithful Catholics, to see EWTN go marching after the world. Thanks Doug Keck et al.

  68. Kathleen10 says:

    Actually, I resigned and told them I would not distribute their materials any longer.

  69. Sonshine135 says:

    I will not watch, as I am trying to avoid the near occasion of sin. If it is as you described, it is bordering on sacrilegious, pagan worship.

    Have peace! Over the next 20 years or so, I have faith that this garbage will be relegated to small pockets of resistance. The young seminarians in my diocese are for the most part, hard-identity Catholics.

  70. APX says:

    Even if there isn’t something explicitly condemning liturgical dance during the Mass, there is still a litany of liturgical abuses that are explicitly condemned.

    Based on the number of canes, walkers and grey hair, I don’t think these will be able to last much longer.

  71. APX says:

    On a more positive note, at least they’re still using gendered terms like brother and sister and haven’t dipped into politically correct terms for Brother Tree and Sister Bird, etc yet.

  72. At 48:45 …sounds like a snake, a rattle snake.

  73. sw85 says:

    Relevant to this, here’s Dr. Joseph Shaw on the value of public “liturgy shaming”:

  74. “I believe Archbishop Gomez is scheduled to celebrate a Pontifical Mass in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.”

    Why not as the principal “liturgy” at this so-called religious education conference? Let the liturgy be actual education (as well as worship) for the conference participants.

  75. KCFleming says:

    I only skimmed through the videos, so maybe I missed it.

    What was the time-stamp for the Golden Calf?

  76. Thomas Sweeney says:

    Someday, Oh Good Lord, when? there will be a Nurenburgh Trial, for all the Bishops who forced us to lose our ability to worship God with dignity.

  77. benedetta says:

    Look at it this way, the organizers got their little digs in, in a three hour liturgy (who could stand that?), they forced people to dance gagnam style with the liturgical Ministers, and they had a presider who couldn’t be more of a dissenter from basic teaching. Fine. Note though that he quotes from Genesis, the same Genesis that sets forth that “male and female He created them…”, and, note well the terrific presence, even apart from the asexual liturgical ministers, of families, fruitful families, fathers with mothers, husband and wife, with children, particifying in all the Three Days of Darkness liturgical events. Also, no giant puppets (we win).

    I blame the Hollywood/entertainment industry for forcing people to endure what is really just three hours of stadium entertainment in lieu of the sacral. There’s a reason why this is L.A., and there’s a reason why the director of the Passion preferred (?) the TLM.

  78. RobertK says:

    [So? Do. It.]

    Cannot seem to find an email address for Cardinal Sarah. Just telephone and mailing address. Would need an email address so video links could be sent. Who knows if he gets all his mail or how long. His mail is probably screened. Just because the Archdiocese of Los Angles is the largest in the US. doesn’t give them the right to allow these liturgical innovations. The Franciscans really need to take a good look in the mirror as to what they are teaching, and how they are expressing the Catholic faith. I’m all for new Catholic groups, orders, etcc, not being allowed to use the Franciscan rule in the future. there are plenty of other rules out there for Catholic groups to follow. To many groups seem to follow the Franciscan rule and charism over the others.

    []His Eminence
    Robert Card. Sarah
    Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship
    and Discipline of the Sacraments
    Palazzo delle Congregazioni
    00120 Vatican City

  79. benedetta says:

    The serious issue underlying all the gaiety and hilarity of this sort of thing is that the people in attendance here are teching children. A parent has to ask whether they would be comfortable with someone here teaching their children about the Mass, the catechism of the Church, how to witness to the Faith in a world which actively rejects the Faith and persecutes believers. Good liturgy doesn’t mean that there isn’t joy, far from it, but there is an order to things which opens to that joy, and to beauty, which children are entitled to experience. For people who try to force others to “dance” at a “Mass”, what are they saying to our children about praying the Mass? This is crucial. In a large archdiocese, there are great numbers of souls at risk when the significance of the Mass is minimized at the service of making ideological points just for their own sake.

  80. benedetta says:

    Masses like this are played out in microcosm in wealthy suburbs across America, and Latin Masses tend to swell in their wake; intelligent parents with a conscience about their children’s futures and their accountability to God in all of that quickly remove themselves and their children from “liturgies” like this in happy clappy wealthy parishes in suburbs so that the soul of their children may live and have a future. When one surveys these places, the extended family of happy clappy liturgy enthusiasts, even catechists or people holding high power in parishes, they have fallen away in droves. It looks like a powerful spectacle with a concert venue filled with catechists required by the archdiocese to be there in order to teach in the parishes, but when you follow up there is a serious dark side that many parents just wouldn’t sacrifice their children to, not in a million years.

  81. boxerpaws63 says:

    I wish Catholic were Catholic. Our health aide has been informed that attending a Byzantine LITURGY is on my bucket list.

  82. benedetta says:

    Parishes who offer expensive and elaborate liturgies like this one also tend to have on leadership team people who offer a facade and are not ultimately trustworthy with the future of people’s souls. But, they are extremely wealthy and so they will get power to harass and menace and not so veiledly threaten others to silence them, while neglecting the obvious that needs to be done in their own backyard in order to protect minors and others who need serious protection from the powers that be. They tend to let those go rampant, out of courtesy to the gravy train, while bullying innocents into silence or supposed “repentence” which is the most barf worthy, putting things in pseudo-faith terms.

  83. benedetta says:

    I would want to protect minors from this and its effects, and, especially, when the powers that be come down on little or innocent things like a ton of brinks whilst perpetuating the double standard, looking away while the real criminals work their horrid schemes and victimize others.

  84. Golatin5048 says:

    I just find it funny that they have people designated on platforms throughout the arena as “Ministers of Movement”. Has this become a new minor order they haven’t told us about?

  85. DisturbedMary says:

    I don’t blame you for having a testosterone moment. I’m 71 and wondered where all my estrogen went. Now I know.

    [Surely stuff like what was perpetrated in LA has, over time, made adult men not want to go to church.]

  86. AveMarisStella says:

    I attended the RE Congress this year, for the first (and last!) time. They announced at the close that the woman in charge of the “ministers of movement” AND the man in charge of music for the liturgy are retiring, even though they are both quite young. Archbishop Gomez is making other changes, but is doing so slowly. The Mass at which he presided–the only liturgy I attended–was apparently far more subdued than all the others. Granted, it was still painful (using ASL during the Communion “meditation” song in lieu of dance, and then dancing at the recessional hymn, but at least the final blessing had been given so it didn’t really count as part of the liturgy…and the way they read the Gospel, good grief!). But changes are coming. More slowly that we would wish, true, but it is getting better. So there is hope. Perhaps in another ten years I will be brave enough to give it another try.

  87. Ann Malley says:

    @eulogos and @DisturbedMary

    Thanks for highlighting the sorry use of estrogen stereotype. I think the term Father Z may be looking for is dopamine which is too often confused with the hormone estrogen that, sorry, gives us the stereotype of the Mother Bear.

    Sadly, it is just such stereotyping from men – and priests – that has led to the unwarranted biases about the TLM and reverent liturgy. It’s not women who want lame liturgy. So let’s not perpetuate the myth and disaffect people – that’s kinda what started the whole devolution into rainbow parades and unicorn shows. Could it be Testosterone?

    Real women with estrogen want real liturgy and men who navigate reality, not just the convenient, must be a woman thing. But like DisturbedMary, I won’t fault you, Father, for your Testosterone moment. Not this time anyway ;^)

  88. For those wanting to send Cardinal Sarah this material, may I gently remind people that such things as DVDs exist, and aren’t very hard to “burn” on a computer.

    May I further suggest that you include a detailed letter, written very dispassionately (no rhetorical arm-flapping or dudgeon, high or low), in proper Joe Friday style. And it wouldn’t hurt if you described, calmly, the specific problems, and as our genial host did, give the approximate time-stamp for easy viewing.

  89. Luvadoxi says:

    The sad thing is this ruins our appreciation for true stewardship of the earth, in the same way that Hitler ruined Wagner. My favorite hymn since childhood has been “For the Beauty of the Earth.” I was wanting it sung at my funeral. But I don’t want anyone to get this pantheistic message. I want a Catholic funeral that will knock people’s socks off!

  90. Luvadoxi says:

    When Mass becomes a near occasion of sin, is it every fine to miss it as a last resort? Is it still mortal sin? The divine law is to keep the Lord’s Day holy. Genuinely wondering. I’ve been dutifully sticking it out, but it caused me great psychological, physical, and spiritual damage. I just hope this can be my purgatory. I’m serious.

  91. marthawrites says:

    So sad! I could only watch snippets. This priest gave a three-evening Parish Renewal at our church a couple of weeks ago. There was no sign that he would jump off a cliff soon afterward.

  92. Nicholas says:

    If you are the Thomas Sweeney of OLQA in Newport, you need not have total fear of the liturgy. Michael Williams and I, Nicholas Shaler, will be showing the Youth Ministry people there some chant if we get the chance.

  93. benedetta says:

    Where does the money come from for such a spectacle? All those miked up singers and dancers, with costumes and apparatus? And if you want to offer a parish based schola you get the pastor scold “Do not pay any musicians”!! Yes, sir!

  94. leftycbd says:

    How about taking it back from within?

    A courageous priest should sign up next year to do a talk on Summorum Pontificum, and also celebrate a TLM in the many smaller venues that exist at the Anaheim Convention center where this event takes place. Invite all TLM goers from SoCal, and pack the place. If the organizers reject the request, contact Bp. Gomez and possibly Baron.

    I went to the conference several times in the 90s when I lived in Northern Cal. There were always a gem or two of good talks. It appears the major Liturgies have not changed though.

  95. benedetta says:

    ^ I wouldn’t assume that this hasn’t been tried repeatedly already. And, programming at diocesan level which tactically allows a few “gems” to slip through is only a favored ghetto-ization tactic by dissenting elites who reign supreme. After trying the obstruction and exhaustion they finally permit one or two things after enormous cost and back and forth.

  96. Cincinnati Priest says:

    My mother taught me, in many circumstances, if you can’t find something good to say about something, best not to say anything at all. So I am (rather desperately) trying to find something good, or at least tolerable, about the performance (I mean “liturgy”). Here it is: the star performer (er, “celebrant”) was actually wearing a decent-looking chasuble. I would wear actually wear something like that, and in fact have one similar to it. The alb with the swoopy arms and ridiculously oversized cowl? Not so much.

  97. Cincinnati Priest says:

    Correction to above post: “I would actually wear …”

  98. benedetta says:

    Do the organizers of this “religious education congress” not comprehend that right now, in ways large, life threatening, and small, there is widespread persecution? The times are sobering, and at Lent, no less, they present baby boomer guys smilingly dancing with flower pots (what real man you know dances, like that?) while our brothers and sisters in Christ, even in this country suffer humiliations, torture, harassment, for their faith in the Gospel. This is not going to prepare the next generation for what they will face, to help them to persevere and to serve others through persecution. Get real. Last year I jokingly suggested that the audience (and it is an audience) get to particify in the mad dance. And guess what happened? Stalk other Christians much r e congress?

    Yeah last digs last laughs last hurrah for that crapola. Revealed what that’s about. Pull the plug and use the money for something worthwhile. Our kids deserve the full Gospel, and prayer and not this ideology on parade.

  99. Mariana2 says:

    “Grumpy Beggar says:

    “We have, apparently, committed sins against ‘Brother Tree’.”

    Well, I guess that settles it then : Most of the dogs in the world are probably going to Hell.”

    ROFL. My dogs regularly sin against Sister Pavement (Sidewalk for those of the American persuasion), not to mention Brother Lawn and Poor Sisters Sides-of-Buildings.

  100. benedetta says:

    The time is already here when we have to face the facts: liturgical abuse is nothing less than spiritual abuse. What parent wants spiritual abusers teaching their children? Catechists ought to boycott this event, en masse. A viable alternative, such as solid, orthodox, online classes, ought to be offered for catechist certification at the very least. This whole confab should be shut down, out of respect for the next generation of Catholics who deserve good, quality, abuse-free teaching.

  101. EAS says:

    Expecting Archbishop Gomez himself to deal with this seems a bit too hopeful. After all, his “Liturgy” – i.e. pontifical Mass – at the end of the RECongress isn’t that much better. Can’t provide the link right now – but the title is something like “Final Mass 2016”, same uploader. And yes, it too features liturgical dancing etc. Music and dance really do not blend well with the liturgical garbs in that video – not to mention the inherent dignity of the Sacrament.

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