NEW MUSIC CD from the Benedictines of Mary! – UPDATE – AUDIO SAMPLES

UPDATE:  All proceeds from the CD will go to building projects that the nuns have.  HELP THEM BUILD!

At CRUX there is a piece about the sisters.  Check it out.


Many of the nuns, ranging in age from 18 to 92, don’t even know of the commercial success of their albums.

The mixture of silence and song is part of the 1,500-years-old Benedictine way of life. It is a spiritual path born out of the Catholic faith that has given the church many saints, including its founder, St. Benedict.

The nuns in Gower milk cows, gather eggs, make vestments and nurture the souls of weary priests. One of their particular specialties is hand-making church vestments.


ORIGINAL: Published on: Apr 27, 2016

I hope that you have all obtained and enjoyed the music CDs from the wonderful Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles.  These nuns can sing!  They have music discs for Lent and Advent, Easter, for Mary, etc.  Now..

Let’s have a listen to a few samples…


USA HERE  and UK (not yet)

And while you listen, wash up with SOAP from the nuns in Summit (they are building too) and drink COFFEE AND TEA from the monks in Wyoming (and, yes, they also are building)!  Then make donations to our vestment project and, maybe also to me!


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  1. St. Epaphras says:

    Thanks for showing this. I bought it. Love to hear these nuns sing!

  2. Auggie says:

    I ordered it today. Thanks for alerting us to such beautiful things, Fr. Z.

  3. JonPatrick says:

    I ordered the CD when I first heard of it, and it arrived Saturday. Beautiful. Especially the various versions of the Tantum Ergo. Also 2 of my favorites the Panis Angelicus and Holy God we Praise they Name.

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