NYC EXILE – DAY 3: Of Solemn Mass and Spanish Rice

A ghost was lain in Newark today.  In the magnificent Catholic Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, which once Episcopalians were permitted to use to celebrate and raise John Shelby Spong, there was a Solemn Mass in the Roman Rite after a pilgrimage to the Holy Door for the Year of Mercy.

We trekked to Newark to participate.   I am kidding about a bit when I bring up Spong, of course, for he is relevant to … almost nothing, I suppose, except for an occasional verse in Fr. Ferguson’s parody songs.  The important thing is that, after decades, the Roman Rite returned to Sacred Cathedral… the Mass around which, for which, by which the Cathedral was designed. What a church!

It was a pilgrimage, for the Holy Year, so there was a solemn entrance through the designated Holy Door.  The Gloria, Laus et Honor was sung, the door was knocked with the processional Cross and opened.  In went the procession.

I’d say about 400 people were present.  No doubt there will be photos from different sources.

After Mass it was off to lunch.

We went to Spanish place.  The proprietor is from Galicia, which is where the Society of Jesus the Priest which serves in Madison is founded.


On the way back to the City… for a nap!

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  1. CharlesG says:

    The Roman Rite returned to Newark Cathedral? I believe our Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI stated that there are two forms of the one Roman Rite, the Ordinary and the Extraordinary Forms. So that does not seem accurate.

    [Summorum Pontificum is a juridical document. Juridically, there are two forms of the one Roman Rite. Juridically. I’m not so sure about other ways of making distinctions.]

  2. Darren says:

    It was a most beautiful Mass, following the procession through Branch Brook Park praying, chanting the rosary (holding up traffic a couple times on the streets around the Cathedral Basilica).

    I just wish I could have gone to one of my favorite Spanish restaurants afterwards! But alas, I had to head back down the shore for something else after.

  3. NoraLee9 says:

    I received an extreme verbal flogging this morning when hubby and I realized that we missed this yesterday. The pics are beautiful. Thank you Father, for attending when I could/ did not.

  4. Charivari Rob says:

    Right on, CharlesG!

    Father – How were the cherry blossoms in the park? …or is it too early or late for those? I saw some of the advance publicity for the procession and the Mass, and apparently they changed from the originally-planned route through the park.

    The Basilica Cathedral is a beautiful church – the pictures (nice as they are) don’t do it justice.

    I am VERY glad to hear you had good Spanish food while there. Well, “good” is nearly redundant thanks to the “while there” part. Ironbound, I trust? Many happy memories of wonderful meals in that neighborhood.

  5. Darren says:

    Charivari Rob: This was near the end of the cherry blossom season. I didn’t notice much during the procession through the park (although I wasn’t really focused on that).. but we did march along a route that normally has quite a few cherry trees.

    They moved the meeting place, but it ended with two processions, one from the original and one from the new start point. They arrived at the Cathedral about 10-15 minutes apart.

  6. JamesM says:

    Was Mass celebrated by the ICKSP?

  7. Lucas says:

    JamesM: Yup, the Canon from the local chapel in West Orange said Mass.

    NoraLee9 : We forgot as well :\ Sitting around this afternoon it dawned on, I was super annoyed that we missed it.

  8. Charivari Rob says:

    Thank you, Darren.

    When I read of the route change I suspected it was made to allow folks to start and end at the Cathedral instead of having to make their way back to Heller Parkway at the end of the day.

  9. techno_aesthete says:

    “I’d say about 400 people were present. No doubt there will be photos from different sources. …”

    [Nice photos. But the photographer makes the great error (as so many do) of not posting photos of the congregation, people participating at these beautiful Masses. There’s more to the Mass than just the liturgical eye-candy. The congregation was large and reverent and diverse. People need to see that!]

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