Brick by Brick in Victoria

This is good news for the Diocese of Victoria… Canada, not Texas.

Cathedral site HERE

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  1. msc says:

    That is great to see–for a very long time worship at the cathedral in Victoria was about as bad as it can get (I won’t get started on its long-time Bishop Remi De Roo [retired 1999], a relentlessly modernizing liberation theologian with new agey inclinations).

  2. Ocampa says:

    Hopefully we can continue to lay those bricks down here in Texas, too.

  3. Aman4allseasons says:

    Great news! Fr. Santa Maria Watson is a great ally of tradition in Vancouver – he celebrated his first Mass in the extraordinary form at the local FSSP parish there, a few years back.

  4. mepoindexter says:

    Was that the guy who thought it would be a good idea to invest diocesan
    money on race horses?

  5. Unwilling says:

    With expectations like msc (above) I was astounded to see this notice, though I now live 3000kms away. Online, however, I find the Cathedral now has daily Rosary, Adoration, and lots of Confessions. So maybe this is on a trajectory being set by the new (2 yrs) Bishop Gordon.

    The “traditional” parish in Victoria is still O.L. Queen of Peace for regular EF masses. The June 21 EF event in the Cathedral seems to be primarily a musical one, rather than liturgical. Even in its darkest days (from late 60s on) under Bp De Roo, when the cathedral was painted all garish colours outside and the carved wooden pulpit had become a bar in somebody’s rec-room, the Cathedral was often let to the University faculty of music to stage “concerts”.

    I hope this is a solid brick or even a trial balloon.

  6. Unwilling says:

    mepoindexter In fairness to truth, Bp De Roo invested in some real estate in the USA that was to have been developed for a track which fell through and he had signed liability clauses that racked up millions (about $10M). But the error that led to his “early retirement” was his not discussing/clearing the investment with the required Vatican officials.

    However, but, on the other hand, compared to the spiritual harm he did in his diocese and across Canada, the fiscal fiasco was a forgivable error.

  7. Cdn Catholic says:

    Last night I attended a Solemn High Mass at St. Ann’s in Winnipeg. A newly-ordained Canadian-born FSSP priest, accompanied by a number of seminarians and some others, is traveling throughout Canada and celebrating Mass in various cities in thanksgiving. Absolutely wonderful.

  8. Cdn Catholic says:

    Correction, it was a High Mass, not a Solemn High Mass, but it was wonderful. Got the blessing and the cards.

  9. Mary Jane says:


    And that is a lovely mass setting by Palestrina (what Palestrina mass isn’t though!). We sang that mass setting on Easter Sunday morning at our FSSP parish.

  10. Mary Jane says:

    Wonderful, I meant to say. Typing from a smart phone…eek.

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