Disgusting: “One Priest’s Plan to Queer the Catholic Church”

A disgusting site called VICE (please don’t go there) has a story:

One Priest’s Plan to Queer the Catholic Church

The priest in question is Jesuit… Jesuit… James Martin, SJ.

It’s an interview.


Meanwhile… Clement XIV Swag HERE

Where’s that prayer I wrote for Jesuits?

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  1. Boniface says:

    For those here who are unfamiliar, “queer” is a horrible term used as a verb by pro-homosexuality academics (“Gender Studies” types) meaning to focus on or interpret literature or cultural phenomena as one would use a Freudian or Marxist approach. Im not willing to look at that website, but it sounds like they’re not even using their own term correctly.

    I think we need to pray for, have great compassion for, and befriend those individuals who suffer with homosexual issues in order to help them to freedom from slavery to any sin (in case they are committing sexual sin, that is), but fight the rainbow-flag waving “gay” political machine with a fiery sword of total resistance and by complaining to, and boycotting corporations that push it. We must resist further efforts to normalize it, if for no other reason than charity for the poor souls being dragged to hell by its lies and deceptions.

  2. JustaSinner says:

    Let him try, Vice. The spotlight that he will generate will be the light that helps us spot the degenerates. Win-win in my book. St. Xavier, I pray that you reign in your Soldiers of Christ. They’ve gone AWOL and joined the other side…

  3. If I meet a Jesuit I am tempted to say, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz who asked, “Are you a good witch or a bad witch?”, “Are you a good Jesuit or a bad Jesuit?” When I meet a new Priest, Deacon etc. I trust, but verify. If there seems to be rotten fruit in their basket I stay away and I do what St. Francis de Sales said, “It is an act of charity to cry out against the wolf when he is among the sheep.”

  4. Peter Stuart says:

    Not sure I see much difference between Martin’s agenda and the agenda of the most recently elevated US cardinals. Their church is not my Church.

  5. Bthompson says:

    Looks like someone should have paid more attention during the Office of Readings today…

  6. JMM says:

    Ugh, went on the internet to find at least a synopsis of the article. Ended up on the Vice website. Once again…..always listen to Father. Wow.

  7. TNCath says:

    I stumbled across the site before you warned us not to read it. Fr. Martin seems to be the de facto nuanced segway for change on this issue. I think it’s just a matter of time before there will be a showdown over this not-so-discreet attempt to “normalize” homosexuality within the Church as secular society has already done so. Unfortunately but not surprisingly, I don’t yet see anyone with a pointed hat on either side of the Atlantic publicly subjecting to his efforts. Why must the Church always wait for an issue to become an almost irreparable crisis before it addresses it? I often think the Church needs to have Barney Fife advising her to “Nip it in the bud” before these things get out of hand.

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  9. Clinton R. says:

    And yet, is this not what Pope Francis wants? Given the men he elevated to the cardinalate, namely Kevin Cardinal Farrell, is not the aim of the Pope to soften the Church’s teaching on the sin of homosexuality? I see no evidence to the contrary. Beyond his infamous “Who am I to judge?” comment, Pope Francis has consistently scolded faithful Catholics for their “rigidity”, and their resistance to the “God of surprises”. Naming the notorious Fr. James Martin as a consultant to the Secretariat of Communications makes his agenda crystal clear. Robert Cardinal Sarah has been an extremely rare example of what true ministry to homosexuals should be; leading them to a life of holiness.

  10. iamlucky13 says:

    I violated the advice, because with the topic having been brought up, it seemed useful that somebody should have some idea what was said (or allegedly said – Vice.com is not a bastion of journalistic integrity) by a member of the clergy.

    The article is written by somebody who indicates the consider themselves Catholic and that their parish is holding several “pride month” events that sound less like ministry to same sex-attracted Catholics and more like promotion of the pride month message. He makes a blunt implication that most Catholic priests are actively looking to persecute Catholics who experience same-sex attraction, so only at parishes like his own are SSA Catholics able to pray freely.

    He mentions Fr. Martin’s latest book, then posts an email Q&A. The responses are typical ambiguous stuff about accepting same sex attracted Catholics within the Church and about how he feels the Church fails or resists the duty to do so. To be clear, he does not make any statements promoting homosexual activity itself, claiming a right to be active and receive the sacraments, or anything about gay marriage. Likewise, as expected, he says nothing about the Church’s teaching that homosexual activity is morally wrong and that all are called to live chastely according to their state in life, and makes a bunch of non-specific accusations of alleged mistreatment of SSA Catholics by their pastors.

    To his credit, he did suggest those don’t feel “included” not be antagonistic by doing things like holding fiery protests in front of their cathedral, but discuss their concerns respectfully with their bishop.

    Basically, Fr. Martin’s comments are similar to what he usually says, so there is no further need to visit the site and provide them with the ad-revenue they’re seeking.

  11. Aquinas Gal says:

    I’m praying the rosary for the intention that Our Lady will defeat the “gay heresy,” for that is what it is, a denial of the truth of the sacrament of marriage.
    Though Fr Martin may not actively promote “gay marriage,” there’s no doubt that he supports it.
    Here is part of an interview he gave, reposted on Joseph Sciambra’s excellent site (he has reverted to the Catholic CHurch after repenting of his homosexual way of life). Note the last line about changing doctrine:

    Interviewer: How can one respond to persons citing Leviticus and Corinthians texts condemning homosexuality?”

    Martin: All these Bible passages that people throw at you; I think really need to be understood in their historical context. I mean Leviticus and Deuteronomy and even the stuff from the New Testament where Paul talks about it once or twice, has to be understood in their historical context…certainly in Old Testament times, they didn’t understand the phenomena of homosexuality and bisexuality as we do today.

    “In his long ministry, his three year public ministry, Jesus says nothing about the topic.”

    “I want to say for the record, I don’t think the media made too much of this [the 2014 Synod interim report]; this was in fact a change…this was a big change: ‘welcome,’ ‘partners,’ ‘precious love…’”

    “…of course doctrine develops, obviously we can change our teaching on these things.”

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