Great VIDEO @ActonInstitute – @DrSamuelGregg on threats faced by religious believers around the world

Here is a sample of the content of Acton University.


Samuel Gregg, Director of Research at the Acton Institute, delivers the opening plenary lecture of Acton University 2017 at DeVos Place in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. Gregg’s lecture focuses on the very real threats faced by religious believers around the world (and especially in developing nations), and the pressures that are increasing on religious liberty in western nations, which are often rooted in modern understandings of “tolerance.”

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  1. Fern says:

    Thank you Father for posting this video. I wish we could see all of the Acton Institute videos.


  3. Semper Gumby says:

    Thanks Fr. Z, never heard Dr. Gregg speak before. Many good points here.

    To paraphrase one: “Secularists view the purpose of life as merely the satisfaction of any and all human desires. However, individual freedom is not to be extended to Christians. State power is to be used against Christians who say that authentic freedom is to be found in the Truth- a Truth knowable by faith and reason. Christianity must be repressed for secularist “individual fulfillment.” And “tolerance” is to be deployed against Christians to marginalize Christianity.”

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