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WISCONSIN: Churches specifically targeted with restrictions as other buildings open. ACTION ITEM!

This. Where I am, after the county said that churches could open up to 25% capacity, like many businesses such as gyms and movie theaters, they then reversed their rule and will now force churches to have only 50 people, … Read More

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Australia: New legislation – priests must violate the Seal or face jail

It believe it is more important now than ever that we return to the old-fashioned confessionals with a complete physical barrier between the penitent and confessor, with a window having a fixed grate and a curtain or something to obscure … Read More

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Great VIDEO @ActonInstitute – @DrSamuelGregg on threats faced by religious believers around the world

Here is a sample of the content of Acton University. Description: Samuel Gregg, Director of Research at the Acton Institute, delivers the opening plenary lecture of Acton University 2017 at DeVos Place in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. Gregg’s lecture focuses … Read More

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PHOTOS: 1 July – Pontifical Mass at the Throne for Persecuted Christians @MadisonDiocese

On 1 July, His Excellency Most Reverend Robert C. Morlino, by the grace of God and the Apostolic See Bishop of Madison (aka The Extraordinary Ordinary), sang a Pontifical Mass at the Throne in the Roman Rite’s traditional form. Holy Mass … Read More

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Opposed to same-sex “marriage”? Burn in Hell!

The MSM and entertainment industry take pains to portray homosexuals (whom they include in their TV shows at a higher percentage than represented in the population watching the shows) as cool, with it, sophisticated, more balanced and poised than their … Read More

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