My View For Awhile: UP Edition

I am in Northern Michigan.  

I’ve seen exotic things.

Here is a special hat, apparently having deep cultural significance.

A priest friend says this is really important in the UP.

I found LATIN on a traffic sign.

And this place prompted an amusing comment…

I’m minded of the proper response we must make to censorious anti-Catholic protestants who accuse us of worshiping Mary.

“We don’t worship Mary.  That’s absurd.  We worship statues of Mary.  Even our statues worship statues of Mary!”

Having departed my clerical friends domain I hastened slowly to my next destination.  

I am meeting friends before heading “down state” to Acton U.

They’ll meet me shortly, but in the meantime which drink is mine?

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  1. Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island? Beautiful place! Was there once for an INSITE (International Network of Somewhere In Time Enthusiasts) convention.

    (the hotel played a central part of the movie)

    Enjoy your UP sojourn.

  2. acardnal says:

    Keep an eye out for the ghost of Christopher Reeve.

  3. mburn16 says:

    Horse and buggy, or bicycle for you, father?

    [I had gear, so a carriage it was.]

  4. Charivari Rob says:


    That is all

    Well… also, don’t pick fights with the mosquitos. they make’em big up there. [I’m from Minnesota.]

  5. greenlight says:

    “We don’t worship statues anymore. We worship felt banners now!”

  6. george says:

    Enjoy your time up there, Father! My brother and I just left the Keweenaw yesterday with some of our kids and headed back downstate to where we live. The UP is beautiful country!

  7. CradleRevert says:

    If I had to guess, that looks like a gin and tonic. If I’m not drinking beer, that’s definitely one of my go-to summer cocktails.

  8. Hank Igitur says:

    stay away from the fudge, it is sickly sweet there

  9. Charivari Rob says:

    [I’m from Minnesota.]

    Professional courtesy?

  10. Rich says:

    I’d say that one wouldn’t go on such a trip just to end up having a gin and tonic, so the honey roasted peanuts must be your drink. How’s that for deduction? [Hmmm… back to the classroom with you, sir. There are GTs and there are GTs. This was one of them! And… thus we renew the age old question: what is the plural of Gin and Tonic?]

  11. graytown says:

    The Mackinac Bridge was once the longest suspension bridge in the world.
    One poor soul died in its construction.

  12. momoften says:

    You should have absolutely beautiful weather. We’re over in the pinky area of the mitten of Michigan, Traverse City. Have a safe trip and hope you enjoy your down time-and Acton time!

  13. Volanges says:

    Thanks for the hat picture. I had a flashback to my paternal grandfather and my uncle who both sported those felt caps, Pepère while working at the sawmill and Uncle Paul while he worked on a section gang for the Canadian National Railway.

  14. mysticalrose says:

    “Even our statues worship statues of Mary” is seriously the funniest thing I have ever read. I literally laughed out loud and so did my husband!

  15. ChadS says:

    Father, if you are on the island for the firing of the cannon from the fort at the end of the day I would suggest being there. Last summer I was there for the firing and as the only observer there they allowed me to help clean out the cannon. Plus, the historical interpreters employed in the fort were quite knowledgeable and easy to talk to.

  16. jilly4life says:

    Charivari Rob- Fr. Z mentions he is from Minnesota to the warning about picking fights with the mosquitoes because the Mosquito is considered our State Bird…

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