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Fr. de Souza responds to responses about “reconciliation” of newer and traditional Forms of the Roman Rite

UPDATE 26 July: Joseph Shaw of the LMS posted a response to Fr. de Souza’s response to us, who responded… etc.  HERE ___ Originally Published on: Jul 25, 2017 @ 11:14 Some discussion about the “mutual enrichment” hoped for and promoted by Benedict … Read More

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On this day… “Getting Francis Wrong”

Here is something to ponder.  HERE On this day in 2013 I posted: Over at First Things I saw a piece called Five Myths About Pope Francis by William Doino Jr. What are those myths? 1. “Francis is the anti-Benedict.” … Read More

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My View For A While: Parental Edition

Off I go for a brief southern sojourn.  But first, the joy of airports at Zero Dark Thirty and cramped flights. Did I mention “cramped”? Delta’s definition of “comfort” differs from that which most of us understand. To experience “comfort” … Read More

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WDTPRS – 7th Sunday after Pentecost: circumventing God’s plan

In the traditional Roman calendar this Sunday is the 7th Sunday after Pentecost. Today’s Collect survived the cutting and pasting experts of the Consilium to live on as the Collect for the 9th Sunday of Ordinary Time. COLLECT (1962MR): Deus, … Read More

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point made in the sermon you heard during the Holy Mass in fulfillment your of Sunday Obligation? Let us know.


22 July: Feast of St. Mary Magdalene

Today is the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene.  I hope you have some madeleines today, even though they don’t have much to do with her. Last year, in the Ordinary Form calendar of the Roman Rite, St Mary Magdalene’s annual … Read More

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New Book of Benedict XVI’s collected sermons on the priesthood

This has gone immediately on my wishlists. It seems to be slated for publication on 1 August. Some of his books include an appendices of sermons. It will be great to have them in one volume. Get copies as gifts … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Z meets Tracer Bullet, Private Eye

I’ve been busy with the Challenge Coin project.  More have gone out to friends and donors, two yesterday, a couple more today. It’s been awhile since we heard about the doings of Tracer Bullet, Private Eye.  I think the last update … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Z rants: Card. Sarah’s proposals for “mutual enrichment”

I mentioned the firehose effect of onrushing news in another post.  There are strong debates going on over many important issues right now.  One of those which most interests me has been stoked by the 10th anniversary of Benedict XVI’s … Read More

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FEAST DAY! 21 July 1773 – Clement XIV suppressed the Jesuits!

It is a great FEAST today. Today, 21 July, in the year of grace 1773, Pope Clement XIV of happy memory, issued his Bull by which he suppressed the Jesuits. I have all sorts of Papa Ganganelli gear which you can order … Read More

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Who’s behind Spadaro, et al?

Over the last few days it feels like the news is coming in at firehose volume and force. And, from the onset, I’ll just say now that the moderation queue is ON. A lot of the firehose sensation has to do … Read More

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20 July 1969 – Man on the Moon

Speaking of videos… today is the anniversary of Neil Armstrong walking on the Moon, 20 July 1969. That experienced is indelibly burned into my memory. Here’s video mentioning the event to celebrate the 1969 Moon walk anniversary and to celebrate … Read More

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Eastern Worship v. Western? Fair and unfair comparisons.

I ran into a couple videos online, one entirely unfair but mildly amusing and infuriating, the other more edifying and instructive. They both make a “comparison”, though shallow, of Orthodox and Catholic liturgical worship. First, infuriating and amusing and unfair. … Read More

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Female altar servers up, ordinations down

In once-Catholic Austria, now female altarettes outnumber male servers.  HERE Nearly a quarter century after the practice of female altar servers became licit, 55% of Austria’s 45,000 altar servers are girls, according to statistics published by the Archdiocese of Vienna. … Read More

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Discount promo code for the famous “Combat Rosary”

Some of you have mentioned in email and comments here that the famous Combat Rosaries, carried by the Pontifical Swiss Guard, are just expensive enough that it is hard to buy them for groups, etc. I worked out something with Fr. … Read More

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The curious omission in @AntonioSpadaro attack piece: Reagan’s “Evil Empire”… MISSING

Jesuit Fr. Antonio “2+2=5” Spadaro, in his attack on Americans, especially American conservatives, in Inciviltà cattolica, along with his coauthor from Argentina, left a curious omission. Spadaro tars two American presidents with the brush of “Manichaenism”. At times this mingling of politics, morals and … Read More

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VIDEO – Sun Reflection and Moon Shadow

I am thinking ahead to the total solar eclipse that will be visible across these USA in the next month. I found a spiffy video at Astromony Pic of the Day.  This is very cool. Explanation: What are those lights and … Read More

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Parry and riposte over Jesuit James Martin’s defense of homosexuality

You have probably seen commentaries on the recent book of homosexualist activist Jesuit Fr. James Martin concerned with “building bridges” between the Church and homosexuals. It might help to put some of the major players into a single post. Martin’s … Read More

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Austen Ivereigh, liberal ex-editor of The Bitter Pill, attacks Fr. Z on Twitter

Spotted on Twitter: Soooo… Fr. Z is an RC integralist who prays like an evangelical fundamentalist. Ivereigh used to be the editor of a magazine.  He has clearly allowed his reading skills to get rusty. Oh, right.  He was editor of The Bitter … Read More

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200 years ago: Jane Austen – RIP: a date of “note”

200 hundred years ago today, one of the great writers of the 19th c. died.  Jane Austen. I read today that the UK unveiled a new £10 note, printed on polymer, at Winchester Cathedral where the novelist is buried. A … Read More

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